25 Ways To Incorporate Pink Into Bathroom Decor

Pink is considered a girlish color though it can be incorporated in many spaces besides girlish ones. Today I’d like to prove that featuring some ideas to incorporate pink into bathroom decor and do that with style to avoid a bubblegum-like look. Let’s get started!

Pink Walls

Pink may be applied to the walls, you may paint all the walls or just one statement wall in the shade of pink that you like. One more idea is pink tiles, which can also cover all the walls or just one of them, besides, it’s a great idea to accent the sink area or the shower. In such a case it’s better to go for another color on the walls and choose some bold shade of pink or mosaic tiles to accentuate the zone you want. If you wanna more eye-catchy walls, add depth to the space with black touches and trim, or go for partly pink walls and partly black or cream molded panels. One more way to get bold walls is rocking partly pink and partly wallpaper walls considering that the wallpaper print should coincide with the pink part somehow. You may also go for a completely pink bathroom with pink walls and floors and add copper or brass touches and tropical leaves in pots for an ultimate glam look.

a minimalist light pink bathroom with black touches for depth and a mirror with built-in lights

a pink painted statement wall to add a splash of color to a minimalist bathroom

a combo of glossy pink long narrow tiles and a matte black cabinet over them for a chic modern look

light pink bathroom tiles on the walls and floor plus white create a modern girlish feel

glossy light pink tiles covering the floor and walls are calmed down with warm-colored wood and white touches

blush walls and cabinets plus white marble for a modern and laconic bathroom

pink molding panels and matching flamingo printed wallpaper create a chic tropical feel

pink and black penny tiles create a bold and chic combo for a modenr bathroom

light pink tiles are highlighted with black grout and contrasting white touches

the contrast between pink walls and grey concrete is striking and the space doesn’t look too glam and girlish

pink walls, black detailing and black and white checked floors create a chic vintage space

pink tiles with a black tile trim create a glam and girlish space and a white part makes it brighter

pink mosaic tiles on the walls and matching towels paired with white details for a contrasting look

very light pink walls and a mosaic tile floor create a refined and modern look

large scale pink tiles and black ones on the floor for a catchy look and light-colored wood for warmth

bold pink printed tiles for accenting the shower zone and creating an ultimate glam look

an all-pink bathroom with tropical plants in pots and artworks for a glam girl

pink panels and a sink contrast the geometric black and white tiles and create a unique space

Furniture And Appliances

If you feel like subtle pink touches and not big changes, go for pink appliances and furniture to rock. There are a lot of pink console tables that you may use as sink stands, and you may also add pink stools or cabinets for storing towels. Modern designers also present various pink sinks you may choose from, in vintage and refined shapes and looks or in laconic and minimalist designs. One more chic idea is a pink clawfoot bathtub, which is ideal for a girlish or just vintage space, such a statement will make your space very refined at once. Get inspired!

a light pink sink console with a marble top and gold handles and knobs are ideal for a glam bathroom look

a long and large light pink console with wooden handles and a marble top for a chic glam look

a refined pink bathtub with copper clawfoot legs for a gorgeous and sophisticated space

a vintage girlish bathroom with a pink clawfoot bathtub for a chic look

amazing green printed floral wallpaper and a pink clawfoot bathtub that matches the wallpaper for a delicate look

a dusty pink sink console table adds a touch of color and interest to the neutral bathroom

an elegant and refined round blush sink plus black touches for a stylish modenr bathroom


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