Félicité Landrivon (Lyon, France)“The visibility and promotion…

Félicité Landrivon (Lyon, France)

“The visibility and promotion of female designers is something Félicité holds in high regard, as despite having developed a distinctive style, it is often assumed that she is male. “I guess I have my own way of combining words, fonts and images because my work is often identified even without a signature. Some people think I’m a guy even after seeing my name on my page – I know it’s a weird name that sounds like an alias but I’m always bummed that they just assume it’s a man’s job,” she tells It’s Nice That.

Félicité’s style is characterised by an air of mischief and fun. Her designs, often jam-packed full of imagery, typography and colour, place an emphasis on “legibility and copiousness” with a nod to underground and vintage material. Among a long list of inspirations, Félicité references 60s and 70s counterculture press, punk minimalism, psychedelic zines, anonymous design, amateurism, vernacular fonts, oddities, clumsiness and dogs. “I love dogs… hence the moniker Bridage Cynophile (“dog unit”) that I randomly use on social networks or radio shows,” she explains.” (source)

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