News from the Pillow Lab: What’s your style?

You know, it was only really when we set up the Pillow Lab and started doing our experiments with mixing & matching pattern and palette that I truly began appreciating the COUNTLESS ways that a bunch of pillows can be arranged.

And because everyone’s definition of what constitutes ‘fabulous’ is different, could the same set of pillows appeal to lots of completely different decorating styles? Of course they can!

Look at these five pillows from the We Love section, arranged in four very different layouts:

Who’s to say which arrangement is best? Well, YOU are, actually!

Once you get a feel for the layout and style that works best for you, and start applying the Pillow Lab’s expert tips for mixing and matching, you’ll become a whiz at this decision-making thing!

PS: I won’t call it Decorating for Dummies, but really, it’s not rocket science, is it?

PPS: My favourite look is a bit eclectic. Which one is yours?

Source: News from the Pillow Lab: What’s your style?


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