pamela shamshiri’s modern los angeles home.

Do you ever discover a space online and get completely bowled over? That’s pretty much what happened to me a couple of months ago while browsing Apiece Apart’s Woman series and landing on this stunner of a home. With a little more digging I completely immersed myself into the historic and beautifully restored dwelling of Commune and Studio Shamshiri co-founder, Pamela Shamshiri. Designed by modernist Rudolph Schindler, a prolific Southern California architect, the home was thoughtfully restored to its original glory to showcase a unique v-shape, intricate woodwork, and crazy beautiful natural light. Of course, Pamela brought her own design ethos to the project, injecting minimalism, richness, and purpose into every single room. I’m more than obsessed with the color palette and focus on nature!

Keep scrolling for more amazing peeks into the home.

xx, chelsea

Source: pamela shamshiri’s modern los angeles home.


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