Deadpool is even having fun with metadata on a Trolli candy site

What: A contest site for Trolli’s Deadpool 2 product tie-in that goes for a deep dive in nerd territory.

Who: Trolli

Why we care: It’s funny enough that Trolli teamed with 7-Eleven to mark the launch of Deadpool 2 with an exclusive “tiny hands” candy, and launched a contest asking people to pose provocatively with the gummies, but then they went a step further and dropped some unexpected messages in the contest site’s metadata.

The joke is teased in the site’s title tag with, “I see you checking out my metadata. Also, Paul at the NSA, please return my 27 Dresses DVD. You can just bring it to spin class next week. Thanks.”

But it doesn’t end there.

“Oh hey. DP here. Check out my website’s giant meta description. Don’t get any thoughts, I’m not compensating for anything. Trust me. Just a bored anti-hero enjoying the sweet playground of a meta-meta-description while snacking on some Trollis. By the way, I see you keep checking out my package. Can’t say I blame you. That’s right, I’m breaking the fourth wall AND the internet. Oh dear, look at me rambling again. I shouldn’t keep you. I’m sure you have a busy day of scrolling through reddit between important meetings in incognito browser windows. You’re probably just here to take advantage of my Easter eggs anyway. Well Easter or not, my eggs are ready. Hope you like them over-hard.”

There also appears to be another secret contest hashtag, but I’ll let the real Deadpool heads figure that one out.

Source: Deadpool is even having fun with metadata on a Trolli candy site


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