Don Bugito Takes A Prehistoric Approach On Snacks

Chile-lime crickets with pumpkin seeds, coconut toffee-brittle bugitos and dark chocolate covered crickets are only part of the snack collection offered up by Don Bugito. Designed by Paloma Nieri and Carla Eráusquin, the packaging features vibrant bursts of color with Mexican symbolism on the front and a quick rundown of the flavors of the back.

“Don Bugito, is a snackeria based in San Francisco (USA) that makes snacks from insects and native ingredients from the American continent. Their inspiration begins with the culture, the ingredients and the Mexican prehispanic kitchen, as well as their ancestral beliefs for having a more natural lifestyle.”

“It was important to elevate the role of insects, just as it was done in prehispanic times. It was also important to give it a friendly personality because it is probably a non-conventional snack for most people.

To redesign the brand and packaging, we leaned on the Mexican culture, full of colors and stimuli. We were inspired in the typical flag pennant banners made from cut paper that are used in festivities and popular Mexican events and we captured an ancestral scene that has “Bugito” ad its protagonist. This technique along with intensity of the colors helped us to combine the traditional with the modern to generate a connection in the Don Buguito universe.”

Art Direction: Paloma Nieri
Graphic Design: Carla Eráusquin
Illustration: Carla Eráusquin
Location: Lima, Peru

Source: Don Bugito Takes A Prehistoric Approach On Snacks


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