Oppo unveils all new packaging identity

In addition to new tub designs, Oppo will introduce a new flavour to its lineup on May 21st, Choc Chip Cookie Dough.

Designed by Path, the London agency whose work includes Red Bull and Kingfisher, the packaging features new illustrative lettering and gold foiling, while using the original Venn diagram circles to symbolise the meeting point of indulgence and health, with Oppo in the centre.

“Oppo is temptation you never need to resist, so we wanted our new branding to capture that sense of taste, texture and naturalness you feel when you’re craving something sweet”, says Oppo co-founder Harry Thuillier.

“With flavours such as our new Choc Chip Cookie Dough, we chose a design you pick up from the shelf to represent the party in your mouth when you dig in. We felt inspired to use warm colours and ‘gooey’ designs, particularly in the lettering, which looks like drizzled chocolate. All while retaining the Oppo sweet spot between health and indulgence. Kudos to the team at Path for bringing #GoodTemptation to life!”

Source: Oppo unveils all new packaging identity


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