Why Write a Letter?

Postcards and especially postcard folders were (and are still in some ways) the most wonderful souvenirs to send and behold. They were almost always designed following the same template, but always with a slightly different twist. There is something very comforting about their design and display. And here are sets and tabletop standees from the Curt Teich & Company producer of some of the most commonly used in mid-century America.

The Curt Teich Postcard Archives Collection was deposited in 2016 with the Newberry Research Library from the Lake County Discovery Museum in Wauconda, Illinois, which housed it since 1982. The Collection is widely regarded as the largest public collection of postcards and related materials in the U.S. It is estimated at 2.5 million total items and more than 500,000 unique postcard images. The core of the collection is the Records of the Curt Teich Company, which includes more than 360,000 images produced by the company from 1898 to 1978.

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