from pokemon to lady gaga, in twenty years WOW studio has animated the world

since 1997 WOW inc. has been inviting people into the world of their clients, mastering the art of creating experiences with the sort of atmosphere that demands a similar definition to their namesake. from motion graphics to sound art, spacial installations to immersive videos, prototyping to branding, music stars to fashion designers, the japanese-born studio has collated an impressive portfolio. following on from their first major retrospective, ‘ WOW visual design studio ー WOW animates the world’, the award-winning studio is exhibiting their latest installation, render. the immersive experiment in electroluminescence uses 20 sheets of the organic display to create the perception of ‘being able to see things that cannot actually be seen’. to mark this and the beginning of their third decade, designboom sits down with WOW ‘s creative director kosuke oho to discover how things have changed over two decades and why people are still captivated by their unique sense of looking at the world. render, 2018 – an experimental installation using 20 sheets of organic display electroluminescence and footage from the the natural world such as rain, wind and lightning, as well as a three-dimensional audio reconstruction – see more here videos and images courtesy of WOW inc designboom (DB): how was WOW formed as a studio and under what objective?

Source: from pokemon to lady gaga, in twenty years WOW studio has animated the world

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