Facebook launches high-end magazine ‘Grow’

Facebook has quietly launched a high-end print magazine in the UK and Northern Europe called Grow. But don’t be so quick to call it a “magazine.” Even though Grow is labeled as a “quarterly magazine for business leaders” on the physical cover, Facebook says it is actually marketing campaign. “Grow by Facebook is a business marketing program that shares thought leadership content directly with our clients through an annual event as well as print and online marketing channels,” Leila Woodington, Facebook’s head of business marketing for Northern Europe said in a statement. “We do not sell any advertising or charge for any of the events or content as this is purely intended for marketing communications purposes.” Still, Grow appears to have an editor in chief listed in its pages, along with roles typically found at a magazine publication like a creative director, though the welcome note was written by Facebook executive Nicola Mendelsohn, who also called it a “magazine” in her message.

Source: Facebook launches high-end magazine ‘Grow’

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