Ahead of our call for entries closing this month, we foreground a selection of visually compelling and thought-provoking photographers from 10 finalists. 1)  Judith Jones,  Rendezvous In her Twilight series, Jones evokes the dialogue between outside and inside, evoking thoughts of exclusion and isolation and returning to the theme of human frailty. 2)   Alinka Echeverria,  Anthem Echeverria aims to counter the depiction of the African continent and its inhabitants as embodying “otherness”, through a process of collaboration. 3)   Lottie Davies,  Waterloo Station Davies collects stories remembered from couples in long-standing relationships, as to how each met the other, asking them to write down their memories. 4)   Reginald Van de Velde,  Memento Mori Van de Velde’s photographs aim to preserve memories; even when there is no one left to recall them.

Source: 10 Photographers from the Aesthetica Art Prize

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