“Infinite” spiralling staircases in Budapest captured by Balint Alovits


Balint Alovits’ photography series Time Machine features architectural staircases in Bauhaus and art deco-style buildings in Budapest , Hungary. Hungarian photographer Balint Alovits searched the city of Budapest for staircases to include in his abstract series of twisting images. “The inspiration came from my addiction to architecture and abstract forms,” explained Alovits to Dezeen. “I’ve always been fascinated by modern architecture, and also loved the geometrical shapes of art deco and Bauhaus buildings.” Alovits plays with the common representation of time as a never-ending spiral and for this reason named the collection Time Machine. “My main intention with this series was to show how form and depth can visualise and reveal infinity in an enclosed space,” he said. “I used these staircases built in the 1930s and 1940s to represent my idea.

Source: “Infinite” spiralling staircases in Budapest captured by Balint Alovits

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