yang ban side tables refer to traditional korean fashion, by jung-hoon lee

busan and seoul-based designer jung-hoon lee reveals a ‘yang ban’, a series of side tables inspired by traditional korean hat and accessory. made of wood and metal, the tables represent the beauty of classical korean fashion and the greatness of local ruling class dynasties. the traditional accessories called ‘gat’ — the hat— and ‘norigae’ — the ornament — have a connection with contemporary fashion which matches with the simple outfit and some jewelry based on minimalism. jung-hoon lee expresses these characteristics through his work — the pieces of yang ban consist of wooden tables with metallic bead strings. the shape of the tables came from ‘soban’, a korean traditional small side table — the designer used its stable and restrained lines to recall the graceful image of indigenous korean design. the collection is a series of contemporary furniture that expresses the beauty of the traditional korean craft and is a universally acceptable design element. yang ban soban — walnut, gold 400x400x265 mm yang ban soban — birch plywood, aluminum, rose gold 400x400x265 mm yang ban mini soban — walnut, ash, gold, rose gold 200x200x140 mm yang ban table — walnut, gold 400x400x340 mm designboom has received this project from our ‘ DIY submissions ‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication. see more project submissions from our readers here. edited by: maria erman | designboom

Source: yang ban side tables refer to traditional korean fashion, by jung-hoon lee

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