Magic Pudding the adventures of a young Koala Bear


Norman Lindsay was known to all Australians as an artist of genius and as a writer he added to his laurels, “The Magic Pudding”.  Lindsay tells how Bunyip Blue Gum, a young Koala Bear, objected intensely to the luxuriant but annoying whiskers of his Uncle Wattlebury, and decided to go forth and see the world.  Then be encountered Bill Barnacle, the sailor and his friend Sam Sawnoff, the penguin.  These worthies were in the company of Albert, a pudding of most marvellous kind, and prevailed on Bunyip Bluegum to accompany them on their travels.  What followed is told in a fine tale illustrated by splendid drawings executed by an artist of rare gifts.  “The Magic Pudding” is an Australian classic that continues to delight.


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