Premium Packaging Design for Spanish Wine – Monstrall

“The project 53/13 Monastrell has been without a doubt a challenge for the studio, a personal project, where the client asked us to reflect the work of his life, premium materials, premium finishes, emotion, we had to get the customer excited , for this we seek excellence, we take care of every detail and we launch ourselves to use very difficult materials to work, we throw craftsmen of the wood, of the printing, we wanted to make a project as human as possible, every detail counts, the manual numbering of each bottle made by the winemaker himself and in which wine ink has been used (monastrell grape pigments), do nothing but increase the human value and meaning of this project, the material used on the label, reflects how each of the fibers have a story to tell, when the skin bristles, the hair stands on end … is that something … excites you. ”

Source: Premium Packaging Design for Spanish Wine

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