Kinetic sculptures that break down language and time

Alicia Eggert, a 2013 TED Fellow, intends for her work to be accessible as well as layered. Through a combination of text and kinetic sculpture, Alicia’s work has maintained a witty self-aware vocabulary that acutely examines the dichotomy of language: “One word can be both simple and profound.” ( Alicia Eggert ) Time is a reoccurring motif in Alicia’s work. ‘All the Time’ features an altered clock with 12 working hour hands. ‘NOW’ has rotating red acrylic line segments that continually form, pass through, and reform the word NOW. ‘Real Time (IT NEVER STOPS)’ consists of strategically placed rotating second hands that align and fracture the phrase IT NEVER STOPS, one consecutive letter at a time.

Source: Kinetic sculptures that break down language and time


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