The EHD 2019 trend reporting has officially commenced. It feels like Christmas and New Years all over again.  Throughout January, we’re going to be diving into our thoughts of what’s on the horizon for all things interior design, and the first area we’re focusing on is kitchens. Now, we know the word “trend” (when it refers to a place like your kitchen) can be off-putting and kinda scary. I mean, a kitchen is full of very big/PERMANENT materials that cost $$$ and the last thing you want is for your kitchen to feel SOOO 2019 in two years, but the good news is that our 2019 predictions have some serious “forever” classic vibes going on (because who actually wants to/can afford to remodel every few years??). Let’s get into what this new year is cooking up.

Source: 9 Kitchen Trends for 2019 We’re Betting Will Be Huge

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