Counterpoise Plywood Chair
Counterpoise Plywood Chair

The Counterpoise Plywood Chair is a creative bent plywood chair with a flowing silhouette and a chic design While sitting, we are looking for maximal comfort, but that’s not all – a chair should be functional and stylish, too. We’ve found such a piece for you, and it’s the Counterpoise.

Counterpoise verb. Have an opposing and balancing effect on.  Taken separately, each part would be unsteady but taken together, and they function as a steady-state system. At the same time, its liquid form and texture offer a luxurious sitting experience.

Taken separately, each part would be unsteady, but taken together they function as a steady-state system. At the same time, its flowing form and texture offer a sumptuous sitting experience. As the name suggests, Kaptura de Aer designs are intended to be defined mostly by what’s beyond their materiality, thus the shape is not a final goal but hint. On this line, Counterpoise chair brings up the idea of interplay. The chair underlines a series of statics principles which were used as the basis of the design process. As a counterpart to this engineer-masculine approach, the lines that define the chair are sleek, elegant and feminine. Also, these lines are dictated by the human body proportions and shape, creating a chair that respects comfort.

Source: Counterpoise Plywood Chair With A Flowing Silhouette

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