12 Positive psychology posts for resilience

It is a New Year, new beginnings this time of year tends to magnify peoples loneliness.  There are many blog posts that enable people to function at their best.  This is 12 of them, enjoy;

Breathing Zone application – Meditation

Breathing Zone - sit back and relax as the animated breathing guide gently slows the pace of your breathing. Research indicates that it has been shown to lower blood pressure.I have been using the Breathing Zone application for several years.  What I particularly like about this application is that is simple, simple to use, simple to set up.

Photoshop - Using Adobe Bridge

Photoshop – Using Adobe Bridge

When you are hunting around for particular images in your stash of image files, Adobe Bridge is your new best friend. It helps save time with features that organise files so that you can actually search and find the files that you require.

The first Christmas Card – 1846

One of the first edition copies of the original Christmas card was discovered by a housewife in Essex England in 1954.  The quaint old card bears the date of 1843 and the signature of the artist, shows in the centre panel, a family at their festive board, their glasses all raised in a holiday toast.  … Continue reading The first Christmas Card – 1846

Speed Tunnel

Why it is important to optimise your website?

A website that takes a long time to load is a ‘Sick’ website. It is more difficult to solve this issue if you’re website is not built the first time correctly. Your web designer needs to have solutions that will optimise your website for speedy loading times. Optimal web performance today is no longer optional … Continue reading Why it is important to optimise your website?

Sydney to Chateau Vaux le Vicomte in under a minute

This morning I took time out of my busy schedule to have a wander around the sumptuous Vaux-le-Vicomte one of the many Chateaus around Paris. This trip was sponsored by the Google Art project, and after setting up my iMac deskspace, I was there within under a minute. My Wife has been watching the joint … Continue reading Sydney to Chateau Vaux le Vicomte in under a minute

Gestalt – design from chaos to order

As a visual designer, I am fascinated how people process visual perceptual information. The design process is about bringing order and form to our visual world. Gestalt Psychologists in the 1930's suggested some basic perceptual rules that the brain automatically and unconsciously follows as it organises sensory information into meaningful wholes. Gestalt in German means … Continue reading Gestalt – design from chaos to order

Thumbnail Drawings

Questions that my web designer should ask me?

If you are about to take that first step towards getting a website these are some questions that you may want to consider.  These are prompters and will enable to provide you and your web designer clarity about your vision for your website. What is the name of your business and can you please describe … Continue reading Questions that my web designer should ask me?