Dig into digital illustration with Procreate

While there are plenty of digital painting and illustration apps out on the market today, one that regularly rises to the top amongst the creative crowd is Procreate. With an intuitive interface and (let’s be honest) a cheap price tag, this iPad app is one of my favourites and itRead More →


The risk of having your phone, data, or even your identity is stolen is all too real. As we live our lives increasingly online, it pays to take precautions to protect your privacy and stay secure. There are a lot of good, built-in features that you can take advantage ofRead More →


Medical Reminder — an app to keep track of medications taken, to remind you about taking the pills and the notification system about taking the medicines by your loved ones ❤️ A lot of people are taking medicines or supplements daily. Source: Medical Reminder — UI/UX case studyRead More →

Wordpress Page Builder

A while back, only artists and creative professionals used to have portfolios. However, the trends have changed these days. Now, EVERY professional could benefit from having one. It doesn’t have to be about showing pretty pictures of your work. Source: Hottest 5 portfolio builders you’ll want to check out todayRead More →

Font Studio App screenshots

If you want to give your interface a happy and joyful mood and make it look visually appealing, then you have come to the right place. Yes, you guessed it right, here we are about to tell you why typography is important in today’s world and how you can makeRead More →

Mental health illness is known as the ‘disease of the 21st century.’ The World Health Organisation estimates that globally 1.1 billion people suffer from mental health illness in some way, be it depression, anxiety or psychosis. Because of lack of awareness and poor means of access to diagnosis in someRead More →

Orientated to enjoy the dramatic views across Western Port Bay, this holiday modular home in Shoreham, Victoria provides all the essentials for a beachside getaway. Photo courtesy of Modscape. The modular house is arranged over two levels with a timber clad box atop a black metal base. Source: Shoreham byRead More →

Want to create a presentation on-the-go , or a financial analysis during your journey? While smart phone may be too small for this purpose and a laptop would a little too big, the thing that can really help you is an iPad. There are so many apps that can helpRead More →

A new design tool called Picular is built around an unlikely data source: Google image search. Picular is a new color search tool that lets you enter any search term and presents you with a slew of options, basing all of its color choices on what pops up first inRead More →

From heavy hitters like Apple, Google , and IBM to growing startups, everyone seems to be implementing design thinking to drive innovation and results. But how? Design thinking isn’t just a session where everyone gets together in a room and thinks really hard about design solutions. Source: 9 design thinkingRead More →

Web designers always have a lot on their plate. They need to come up with concepts, pitch their ideas to their clients , execute those ideas and keep a check on the latest developments in the field. And a handy smart device like iPad proves really helpful for them toRead More →

New York Public Library and Mother turn Instagram into digital bookshelf “Insta novels” function allows Alice’s Adentures in Wonderland to be read on the platform, which is combining animations with text from the entire novel. The New York Public library has used Instagram to bring digital versions of classic booksRead More →

Evernote today rolled out a redesign, in which it swapped out its familiar colors for a refreshed look. It appears to be a relatively simple look, but when the Evernote team pulled back the curtain for us, it was anything but. Specifically, Mads — Evernote’s elephant mascot — has morphedRead More →

This is a paid advertorial with Corian® Design. A lot of people find just getting started on a design project can be the hardest part. I know I’ve been asked many times, “Where should I start?” I always advise to start with the things you love as your inspiration andRead More →

Royal College of Art graduate Hannah Rozenberg has developed a digital tool that calculates the underlying gender bias in English architectural terms, to help create more gender-neutral environments. Rozenberg’s graduation project, Building Without Bias: An Architectural Language for the Post-Binary, centres around an online calculator that allows you find outRead More →

Today, the entire world has undoubtedly gone mobile as more people access data and information via digital devices, tablets and smartphones. Apps are commonplace for shopping, connecting with people, navigation and managing data. Source: 4 Strategies to Ensuring the Success of Your Mobile AppRead More →

Smart homes are the latest innovation in residential architecture. In their broadest sense, smart homes offer the seamless integration of new technology within the domestic sphere in order to produce a more pleasant and efficient way of life. Source: There’s an app for that: new smart homes | News |Read More →

If you’re an artist, designer or illustrator looking for a new tablet or tablet PC then you’ve got a lot to weigh up. A model’s price, size, screen resolution and stylus pressure sensitivity can all make a huge difference, so take a look at our list of the best tablets for creatives,Read More →

Pixel perfect design is that you are creating a design with pixels in your mind and implementing the same design down to every pixel on the screen as the referenced design. Making a website that is perfect to a pixel level requires time and effort, so here are 18 FreeRead More →

Just about the time you’ve mastered a new technology, something else comes along. It’s a never-ending story. You might be trying to establish yourself as a guru with respect to every new website design trend. However, the burnout could be your eventual reward. Source: Save Time In 2018 With TheseRead More →