Hi there - 3 balloons poster

You pretty much need social media graphics to make your social feeds really pop these days. But what do you do when you have zero design experience? Fear not! There’s plenty of social media graphics tools out there that are super-easy to use, allowing artists, creatives, and makers sans PhotoshopRead More →

Play urban street designer with Streetmix

Streetmix is a nifty online street designing tool that lets you play urban transportation planner. Design, remix, and share your street. Add bike paths, widen sidewalks or traffic lanes, learn how all of this can impact your community. Source: Play urban street designer with StreetmixRead More →

Fitbit user interface

When your product deals with repetitive tasks, it’s hard to keep users excited about it. That’s where UI comes into play. Let’s talk about elements that make an interface more emotional. About the author — Alice Кotlyarenko , Smashing Magazine There’s a trickling line of ones and zeros that disappearsRead More →

2 pink and one white balloon held with three female hands

You pretty much need social media graphics to make your social feeds really pop these days. But what do you do when you have zero design experience? Fear not! There’s plenty of image creators out there that are super-easy to use, allowing artists, creatives, and makers sans Photoshop savvy toRead More →

The software options for digital artists are many and varied. There are plenty of tools on the market aimed at helping you to create unique pieces of digital art or mimic traditional effects. In this post, we’ve rounded up and reviewed the best digital art and illustration programs around, toRead More →

Whether you’re a UI/UX designer or a digital artist, you should know that colour is crucial to the final product. But finding the right colour scheme is tough and usually involves a lot of trial & error. With Ambiance, you can auto-generate colour schemes right from the COLOURlovers API, all at the click of a button!Read More →

Advancements in technology are increasingly being used to help those living with mental health problems. Virtual reality (VR) has been trialled in helping people tackle anxiety-related phobias such as a fear of heights , while apps such as Woebot and Wysa use text-style chatbots to speak with those who areRead More →

MIND mapping is a method for outlining thoughts visually. You can draw mind maps on paper, but they become even more useful when created in an app. MindNode, for iOS devices, makes mind maps look professional. Photo MindNode, an iOS download, has a minimalist interface that starts building a mindRead More →

User-centred design in health IT tools is a relatively new phenomenon, but one that is growing increasingly common, especially as end-users continue to gripe about convoluted workflows and inaccessible data. Creating health IT tools that offer an intuitive, streamlined interface that encourages meaningful interaction could be the key to reducingRead More →

  Screen time has earned its title as the enemy in recent years, and in many cases rightfully so. But while a mindless Insta-scroll isn’t gonna do your mental health any favours, there are ways to find relief on the screen. What if we used the devices we can’t seemRead More →

Google’s Art & Culture Experiments are always a source of joy–like its recent viral selfie feature, which matched your face to your long-lost twin in fine art. But the app also provides more useful tools, like its latest, Art Palette. Source: Google’s Latest Experiment Is Like Reverse Image Search ForRead More →

Excellent use of colour theory in design is one of those things that separates the great from the average. While subjective and nuanced, colour is a powerful tool that can define the emotion and tone of a digital experience. For something so important, my own workflow around colour was severelyRead More →

Picular Google search results for the term 'Ocean"

Swedish digital studio Future Memories has launched a brilliant new tool called Picular that lets you search for colours by analyzing the top 20 Google Image search results for that keyword. For example, if you search for ‘ocean’, Picular analyzes the top 20 Google Images for ‘ocean’ and lists theRead More →

When I typed in my apartment, I watched in horror as the visualization showed my entire neighbourhood being vaporized. The circle of radiation poisoning reaches for nearly six square miles around my house–many of the people within that area will perish from radiation poisoning within the next few weeks. Source:Read More →

A new Firefox browser extension uses clever design to keep Facebook’s sticky fingers away from the rest of your web-browsing data. While it can’t stop Facebook from learning about you when you’re on Facebook, the extension uses a so-called “container” to prevent Facebook’s cookies and trackers from following you whenRead More →

Meet Teacode! media player graphic

TeaCode [embedded content]   TeaCode is a powerful app, created to write code super fast. Additional information TeaCode Better than snippets. Easier than macros. 😎 TeaCode extremely speeds up 🚀 code writing. It provides powerful variable-based language. The app comes with over 80 built-in expanders. Creating new ones is extremelyRead More →

What is Material Design? Material Design is a design language created by Google. According to material.io , Material Design aims to combine: …classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.Read More →

Earlier this year, Google ’s Arts & Culture app ignited a viral storm with its ‘art selfie’ feature – social media feeds were awash with selfies of users and their fine art doppelgängers. More recently, Google announced a follow-up experiment: Art Palette , which invites users to select a colourRead More →

  Many of you visit the holiday family, which means that you share food, tell stories and exchange gifts. In fact, many of you may give family members this year phones or tablets. If you are a regular here, you are probably also a resident gadget expert, an honour thatRead More →

Is your toolkit all that it should be? A new year is a great opportunity to consider whether a particular device, software, tool or app could aid your career over the next 12 months. It’s easy to get stuck in your ways, and assume there’s only one way of doingRead More →