A stunning new series by French photographers Sébastien Tixier and Raphaël Bourelly. Taking its name from a style of painting that pays tribute to the path of mountains and water (immobility and motion), “Shan Shui” offers two perspectives on the same territory. Source: “Shan Shui” by Sébastien Tixier & Raphaël BourellyRead More →


Healing a universal need.  Read More →

This mural always seems to have a car parked in front of it.  I took this early the other day on a walk with Toby.Read More →

“Social media is a canvas for me,” the actor Jim Carrey said on Sunday at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel, during a talk with art critic Jerry Saltz. About a third of the way into their hour-long conversation, Carrey picked up his phone and placed a call to his assistant, requesting anRead More →

Have you ever gotten zapped by a worn out phone charger or extension cord? Turns out getting electrocuted isn’t such a modern problem – someone even released a book showing all the ways you could die from it all the way back in 1931. Source: This Book From 1931 ShowsRead More →

Edward Lycett Bowl

The Faience Manufacturing Company was an American manufacturing company that operated between 1880 – 1892 in the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn, New York. There is little evidence of the remains of the Company as it failed in 1892. It manufactured earthenware vases, jardiniéres, and baskets at first. British émigré, EdwardRead More →

Hosting a Christmas party is the best! Not only do you get to invite your closest friends and family to celebrate the season with you, but you also get to decide every little detail that will make the party perfect. From the invitations to the food to the fun, yourRead More →

The  Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize calls itself “the leading international competition, open to all, which celebrates and promotes the very best in contemporary portrait photography from around the world.” The first prize winner is awarded £15,000 (~$20,000), and an exhibition of 50-plus winners goes up at the UK’s National PortraitRead More →

The chair is often treated as a purely functional object—designed for sitting and comprising of four legs and a back. We’re more interested in those that treat sitting as an adventure and have rounded up a selection of most unusual chairs by designers willing to think beyond function. Source: ARead More →

Designer, art director and scenographer Sylvester Koziolek counts many strings to his artistic bow—one that’s saturated in rich and evocative tones. In his curation, staging and presentation work across a diverse range of scenarios—from film sets to fashion boutiques and private apartment interiors—two common elements of his signature style recur:Read More →

Sometimes, the means by which a creative chooses to communicate their work can be as powerful or significant as the work itself. A simple or subtle decision can elevate a project from interesting to captivating, embodying a concept in a French fold or an exaggerated leading. Source: Mico Toledo’s VelhoRead More →

Brazilian designer, art director and illustrator Anna Boechat produced this vibrant visual identity for a music event in the city of Curitiba that features instrumental performances in parks and squares around town. “The project aims to encourage the formation of an audience, as well as democratize and disseminate instrumental music.Read More →

The candle is one of the easiest ways to add ambience to your home. Especially during holiday season, they can not only cast a soft glow in your home to give a warmer feeling, but they can also be great options of decoration. Hmm, maybe increase your appetite as well,Read More →

“My hobbie (one of them anyway)…is using a lot of scotch tape… My hobbie is to pick out different things during what I read and piece them together and make a little story of my own.” —Louis Armstrong in a letter to a friend, 1953 When he was on theRead More →

Source: Elsa Boucinha Quirky & Lovely AnimalsRead More →

Rage is an emotion that’s more commonly associated with breaking things down than building them up; it might seem more like a destructive force, rather than a creative one. But for Louise Bourgeois, the emotion was key to her artistic production. “You have to be very aggressive to be aRead More →

It’s a beautiful world we live in—and nobody knows this better than landscape photographers. Even if you already know how to shoot landscapes, there are always ways to improve so that your mountains appear more majestic and your fields more endless. Source: 10 Awesome Landscape Photography TipsRead More →

Another fascinating series from Oslo-based photographer Øystein Sture Aspelund entitled ÆON. The series is a collection of temporary installations of smoke, light, and fire set in the unspoiled Nordic landscapes. The red light contrasts strongly with the background casting an eerie glow like something from a science fiction film. Source:Read More →

Typologie is a series of publications that analyse and illustrate the production process of everyday objects. The first book in the series was published in 2017, following a successful crowdfunding campaign. After a year the authors try to repropose the same method for a double book about: the cork andRead More →

Little Girl in a Blue Armchair, 1878. Mary Cassatt National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. “Only a woman has the right to rigorously practice the Impressionist system,” Téodor de Wyzewa wrote in an 1891 article. The art critic made the claim that the French Impressionist style celebrated superficiality in aRead More →