Bauhaus weaving texture

As curator Ann Coxon explains, it is somewhat unconventional to place a loom at the entrance of a major Tate retrospective. “It’s very surprising to have a show that is predominantly textiles at Tate Modern,” says Coxon. “We’ve shown work by Sonia Delaunay, for example, but you start with paintingsRead More →

Clay Canoe Ceramics

Clay Canoe Ceramics caught my attention on Instagram and I was sucked in. There is something about their exact but organic feeling shapes. I was also impressed with some of their glazes that feel like watercolours. Some of their forms are very reminiscent of forms found in mid-century modern design.Read More →

Ceramic sculptures by En Iwamura

through an iterative series of formal studies, Japanese sculptor en Iwamura investigates the relationship between an object and the space it occupies. en Iwamura has referenced the philosophy of ‘ma,’ which explores how objects within a space serve to sculpt the interstitial void to create the ‘essence’ of the space. the artist’s sculpted objects, in turn, sculpt the space which surrounds them. the occupation of the object within a space influences a viewer’s relationship with that space. the simplicity of the objects defines this experience. a rhythmic surface texture which is methodically swept across the surfaces of the gently curving volumes implies new seams and directionality. in some instances the artist personifies his forms with subtle, expressive features. images courtesy of en IwamuraRead More →

Scott Listfield's apocalyptic future paintingsScott Listfield's apocalyptic future paintings

“I’ve been watching a lot of David Attenborough lately. You know, Planet Earth, Life, Blue Planet, and other BBC nature specials,” says Scott Listfield, an artist we’ve featured previously. “The more I watch them, the more I feel a connection to the animals I see on screen. Source: Scott Listfield’sRead More →


The sea, the scents of an island and contemporary art, to be explored on foot amidst the rustle of the Mediterranean maquis. On Porquerolles, off Hyères in Provence, artwork sinks into nature and is almost overwhelmed by it. As Édouard Carmignac, French investment banker, fund manager and long-time collector, tellsRead More →

Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Der grosse Weg / The big way, 1955. Resin on canvas. Belvedere, Vienna

Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Der grosse Weg / The big way, 1955. Resin on canvas. Belvedere, Vienna Source: Friedensreich Hundertwasser, Der grosse Weg / The big way, 1955….Read More →

illustration Michael Halbert feature

Scratchboard Illustrations by Michael Halbert Using mostly black and white to create his pieces, American artist Michael Halbert produces incredibly detailed scratchboard illustrations with an engraved woodcut look. “For simplicity, I call myself a scratchboard illustrator, but a more accurate name for what I do would be ‘pen and inkRead More →

Four eyed woman laneway, Newtown

This mural is hidden in the doorway of a laneway in Newtown.Read More →

Jean Paul Langlois - pop and pulp art

A selection of work by Métis artist Jean Paul Langlois from Vancouver Island, currently based in East Vancouver. Informed by pop and pulp culture, particularly Westerns, 70s sci-fi and Saturday morning cartoons, Langlois plays with ultra-saturated colours and motifs as a way of grappling with a sense of alienation from his own cultural backgrounds — both indigenous and settler.Read More →

Julien de Casabianca wheatpaste mural

Last month, artist  Julien de Casabianca  was invited to create huge wheatpaste mural at the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art in Tennessee alongside an exhibition and workshop. Julien’s seven-story mural features a melancholic girl pulled from William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s 1886 neoclassical painting “Au pied de la falaise” (At the Foot of The Cliff) which is included in the museum’s collection.

Read More →

Italian photographer Giuseppe Mastromatteo’s photography

Italian photographer Giuseppe Mastromatteo’s work focusses on the body and in particular faces, exploring the concept of perfection. His surreal images are mix reality with retouching, taking advantage of digital technology to reproduce humanity in impossible and illusory dimensions.Read More →

Recent work by Lauren Matsumoto

Recent work from Brooklyn-based artist Lauren Matsumoto (previously featured here ). Exploring our relationship to the natural world through a mixture of painting, drawing and collage, see more images below. Source: Artist Spotlight: Lauren MatsumotoRead More →

Dutch Museum, Amsterdam collection of stolen artworks

A project to return artworks stolen from Jewish families by the Nazi regime and its collaborators has discovered 170 such pieces in Dutch museums, including a painting in the royal collection. Of the country’s major collections, only the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has yet to complete its search, despite a team of five experts working on it daily since 2012.Read More →

Hindu child mural Newtown

Mural of Hindu child on side of wall Darley Lane, Newtown.Read More →

Wilting glass flowers

At first glance, these flowers look totally normal, just some fresh and wilting flowers. However, if you take a close lRead More →

A photograph of a poppy installation for the Guardian newspaper

Poppies: Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red captured the public’s imagination like no other art installation, so it is fitting that it will form part of national commemorations to mark 100 years since the Armistice . Two sculptures from the artwork – Wave and Weeping Window – will goRead More →

I ’m one of the team who put together The Renaissance Nude exhibition, opening at the Royal Academy in London next March. This week we were bemused to read in the press that we had imposed a “makeshift gender quota” on the nudes we chose to display, in the wakeRead More →

thunderstruck9 : Viktor Timofeev (Latvian, b. 1984), from Redblack (Cyclical Nature) , 2007-2009. Gouache and watercolour on paper, 9.5 x 13 in. (via sushigirlfriend ) thunderstruck9 : Viktor Timofeev (Latvian, b. 1984), from Redblack (Cyclical Nature) , 2007-2009.Read More →

Ruby Throated Hummingbird India-based cut paper artists Nayan Shrimali and Vaishali Chudasama have set out to construct 365 miniature bird species by the end of 2018. To form each work, the pair begins by cutting feathers, beaks, and talons from layers of paper and then using watercolor to produce furtherRead More →