Source: Electric and Vivid Collages by Kaylan M AdvertisementsRead More →


Photograph of Vincent van Gogh (January 1873) (image via Wikimedia) AMSTERDAM — Originality in art is a slippery criterion. Imitation seems antithetical to it. Yet art never exists outside its context of conventions, traditions, and antecedents. Source: Writing from Arles, France, van Gogh told his brother, “I’m in Japan here.”Read More →

A new art museum, billed as the world’s largest dedicated to digital and interactive art, opened in the Odaiba district of Tokyo on June 21. Called the Mori Building Digital Art Museum: teamLab Borderless, the institution is a collaboration between the property developer Mori Building Company and the interdisciplinary artRead More →

Klas Herbert Ernflo’s Intriguing Imagery The work of Swedish multidisciplinary artist Klas Herbert Ernflo is striking: simple forms render complex ideas, and in his latest work—a series of 18 panels—it almost seems as if he has rendered the tapestries of old mythologies anew. Source: Klas Herbert Ernflo’s Intriguing ImageryRead More →

UK-based paper artist Lisa Lloyd creates dazzling birds , floral arrangements, and feasts from multicolored layers of precisely cut paper. Her three-dimensional functions are most often motivated by naturally occurring colors and patterns , which can be evident in the geometric shapes and layered textures found in her works’ feathers,Read More →

Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It The art of dance Ernesto Perez: behance The post Let’s fly, photography by Ernesto Perez appeared first on Ego – AlterEgo . Source: Let’s fly, photography by Ernesto PerezRead More →

Australian artist Matthew Quick continues to use humour to disrupt expectations and now images of power (click here for previous posts). While often associated with the rise and falls of Empires — as well as conveying notions of beauty and national pride — Quick’s paintings work to undermine such authorityRead More →

Artist Lynell Jinks isn’t your ordinary father. He spends hours every morning drawing on his kids lunch bags to give them an extra special treat at lunch time. He’s done it for a number of years, but it was only when Former President Barack Obama posted it on instagram thatRead More →

Boston Artist Honors Freddie Gray with New Abstract Piece Steve Locke’s huge exterior installation, Three Deliberate Grays for Freddie (A Memorial for Freddie Gray) , will be on display at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum starting June 26. Source: Boston Artist Honors Freddie Gray with New Abstract PieceRead More →

Patrick Brennan Contributed by Rob Kaiser-Schatzlein / Earlier this year, painter Patrick Brennan had a show at the artist-run gallery Essex Flowers . The title, “Drifter,” referred to the previous year of his life, when he gave up his studio in Greenpoint to spend time in England, Ohio, and Bahrain.Read More →

In Europe’s capital of fashion, art has a history of escaping the spotlight. Milan remains Italy’s financial capital, and more importantly, its liaison between Europe’s modern lifestyle and the more old-fashioned traditions of the peninsula. Source: 5 Galleries Defining Milan’s Contemporary Art SceneRead More →

Yang Se Eun is a South Korean illustrator, who started drawing cartoons from the early age of 4. She is best known for her lovely, sensual couple illustrations, drawn in Photoshop. “I do all of my drawings with Photoshop. The series schedule is tight and I have to work fast,”Read More →

Sona Papers, a well-known paper company in the country, created a unique calendar titled “Daily Dose of Art” – a compilation of 365 exceptional works of art by 365 young creative minds from all over India. Hence, making every page uniquely different and artistic. Source: Sona Papers and The SocialRead More →

Daniel Zeller, “Conversion” (2017), ink and acrylic on paper, 21 x 26 inches (all images courtesy of the artist and Pierogi) Daniel Zeller is a master of the intricately swirling, rippling, echoing line. He is a cartographer of alien surfaces — recording something between skin and machine, reptile and vegetation,Read More →

South Korean designer Kwangho Lee has inlaid cherry wood furniture with enameled copper panels made using an ancient Korean firing technique. The 25-piece Shape of a River collection, which comprises chairs, lamps, stools, vases and consoles, was presented by New York gallery Salon 94 Design at Design Miami/Basel earlier thisRead More →

  Maria Laura Benavente Sovieri makes incredible food still-life sculptures using just colored paper. She creates these grocery scenes for her advertising and editorial clients. The compositions feature a variety of eatables such as breakfast, dairy products, and even seafood (Check out that squid!). The geometric food art is deceiving.Read More →

Transformer meets swamp monster in these creepy head sculptures by Freya Jobbins . From far away, these just look like hastily made assemblage sculptures, but up close it becomes clear that they are made up of dismembered dolls, Barbies, and toys. Source: Shocking heads made of dismembered doll partsRead More →

In Ghana yellow gallon containers occupy a central position as a signal of shortage. The yellow gallon container became necessary for storing water and fuel under the serious shortages. Acutely aware of his surroundings and the prevalence of the gallons in Ghana, artist Serge Attukwei Clottey began to reimagine theRead More →

Source: Art Food: A retrospective of ceramic design that enlivens the experience of eatingRead More →