Antoine Cordet’s Eerie, Mixed-Media Portraits

French artist Antoine Cordet’s ghostly acrylic and oil paintings appear as portraits that have been tampered with, whether out of disdain or abstractions arising from memory. Despite the seemingly despondent expressions of its subjects, the paintings are given an unexpected energy from these touches.Read More →

Renan Viana is a brazilian artist and photographer based in Sao Paulo

Renan Viana is a brazilian artist and photographer based in Sao Paulo. With the help of miniature figures, he creates amusing and offbeat scenes by combining objects that are used daily. Eggs, cakes, shoes or powder, Renan uses everything he finds to make his humorous works.Read More →

The art of 'British' pulp fiction

It is mostly viewed as American representational art but as the following article reveals it was also used in British crime novels.Read More →


New paintings by artist Katherine Fraser. Taking inspiration from fables, “Far From The Tree” explores what it means to control your own own destiny. See more images below or on display at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia starting tomorrow and running until April 21. Read the article on > Simon isRead More →

Villanueva viola virtuoso

She is one of the best Viola solists in the world and she has not reached the age of 30.   She has been one of the first violist to perform in Iran and her skill has been filling concert halls around the world. Read More →


I have been using the Google Arts and Culture application on my iMac for two years.  Over the last couple of months, it has taken the smartphone world by storm.  A new feature that is not actually front and centre on the app allows users to take a selfie and compare themselves to great works of art.  Read More →

Emiliano Gironella is a Mexican artist that works in a number of different artistic disciplines. His work has been exhibited, respected and recognised throughout the world. His body of work is described as powerful and affecting and touches on issues of violence and social injustice in Mexico.Read More →

Fractals are intricate geometric structures created when patterns (or pieces of patterns) are altered and duplicated at ever-diminishing scales.  Besides having a tremendously important effect across a range of sciences, fractals make a stunning picture on your tablet. Even simple shapes can quickly grow complicated when they are altered again and again.  A close look can reveal endless variations of the same design theme.Read More →

Japanese flower arrangement

The arrangements of flowers offer far more than a pattern employing flowers and foliage neatly distributed in an appropriate container.
Not only is it a form of relaxation, but flower arrangement reawakens an awareness of nature upon which a philosophy – that of restraint and simplicity — is based.Read More →


Mosaic — the ancient art of putting together tiny pieces of natural stone or tile — glimmering across civilisation since the beginning of time.  Mosaic gods and goddesses spill across the floors of ancient Pompeii; in Byzantium thousand of gold shards, centuries old, still radiate; and mosaics drape the pavements of many cities across the world.  They are beautiful pieces of art, paintings in tile that give energy and motion to space. However, for me, they are an antidote to my technology dominated the world.

Mosaics, after all, appeal to the senses, with the light playing off the various angles of coloured pieces and a wonderful rough texture that invites a hand to be placed on a work created by another hand.Read More →

If you’re yet to go, make it happen. Visiting NGV International’s most ambitious and varied offering to date is, at the least, a tri-weekly to-do for me – it’s that good! Read More →

Kelmscott Press

William Morris Born March 24, 1834 Known for Wallpaper and textile design, fantasy fiction / medievalism, socialism Notable work Textile and typographic desgn “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or beautiful.” That was the rallying call of the nineteenth-century designer, William Morris, aRead More →

La Belle Angele

I love the story behind this painting.  Paul Gauguin was staying at Pont-Aven, in Brittany, in the summer of 1889 and painted there his famous portrait of “La Belle Angele.” La Belle Angele, wife of Satre, Mayor of Pont-Aven, never saw her portrait until it was finished, when she remarked to the dismay of the artist:Read More →

Futurism screenshot

Futurism was an art movement consisting of painting, sculpture, and literature that flourished from 1909.  It was established by Italian, poet, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and inspired by Cubism.  Marinetti coined the term Futurism for the art movement that he founded.   He intended it as a celebration of modernity and aRead More →

These beautiful hand-drawn birds were taken from two books by Mary and Elizabeth Kirby; Beautiful Birds in Far-off Lands and Birds of Gay Plumage. Read More →

This morning I took time out of my busy schedule to have a wander around the sumptuous Vaux-le-Vicomte one of the many Chateaus around Paris. This trip was sponsored by the Google Art project, and after setting up my iMac deskspace, I was there within under a minute. My WifeRead More →

Dada - Equillibre Hannah Hoch

As a designer, I am passionate about the history of art and their influence on ‘visual design.’  In art history, Dada is the artistic movement that preceded Surrealism, it began in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1916 by a group of mostly painters and painters.  Dada artworks challenged the preconceived notions of what art meant.  Many Dadaists felt that the way to salvation was through political anarchy, the natural emotions, the intuitive and the irrational.Read More →

Van Gogh Starry Night

Van Gogh is one of my favourite artists. The painting “Starry Night” is one of his most beloved.   It is an authentic landscape and a projection of Van Gogh’s inner being.  Vortexes of deep azure spin around stars and a crescent moon.  A giant green, black cypress tree blows in the wind. Read More →

GOOGLE STREET VIEW is an excellent way in which to find street art.  I also believe that the camera is placed a little higher than one can get standing in the street allowing a different perspective in which to view them. If you would like a hand with a design project,Read More →

Ukiyo-e woodblock print of a cuckoo and azaleas by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai

Ukiyo -e, translated as “pictures of the floating world,” has indeed captured wisps of the natural beauty that one sees around us every day. The phrase “floating world” derived from a Buddhist notion of the transience of earthly life.  To a devout Buddhist, our time on earth though experienced asRead More →