netiquette the finer points

Netiquette – it is not life and death but it still matters

Netiquette is a colloquial portmanteau of the words network and the internet; it is an informal word implying the rules of correct, acceptable and polite behaviour online. Netiquette is the manual exercise and regulation of our online society.Email, social media and communicating online has been around long enough that one would think that most people would be adept at this form of communication.

Aldus Manutius - pioneer of printing

Aldus Manuitus – pioneer of printing

The type in which this sentence is written is called "italic". Aldus Manutius the man who invented it died almost 500 years ago and his type is still in use.  Today publishing a manuscript is almost instantaneous, a new best seller can be placed on Amazon and I can buy a copy minutes later.  To look at the books which came off the Venitian presses of Aldus Manutius is a strange experience.

Are you a convergent or divergent thinker?

The two categories of learning styles are divergent and convergent thinking. These are roughly analogous to the right brain left brain modes which have been widely researched and publicised in recent years.

Vision Quest – It’s what HAPPENS in those 6 minutes

I remember watching "Vision Quest" at the George Street, Cinemas during a stopover in Sydney travelling home to Canberra from boarding school in Brisbane.  It was released in Australia under the title "Crazy for You".  It did not rival the box office success of the "Karate Kid" at the time however it was a more accurate picture of teen life.  I remember wanting to see it as I heard that Madonna had a brief appearance singing, "Crazy for You."

planned obsolescence

The iPhone and ‘planned obsolescence’

Apple last week published a letter to customers in which it apologised for the 'misunderstanding' generated around the slowdown of the iPhone and offered discounts for users who want to change the battery of their phone.  It is the revelation that is marking Apple's year-end and was revealed by a 17-year-old Tennessee High School student.

Blog headline – the ‘what’ and the ‘how’

Curated Design News from around the World. A daily eclectic mix of some of the best design news from around the world.

Grammarly – Personal writing assistant

Grammarly is an assistive writing application that identifies over 150 writing errors including incorrect punctuation, spelling word usage and even sentence structure. Writing is a skill that can be, practised and perfected. As I am primarily self-employed, it is difficult for me to get comprehensive feedback to improve my writing. Grammarly excels in providing feedback. … Continue reading Grammarly – Personal writing assistant

Daisies close-up

I’d Pick More Daises – (or take their photo)

If I had my life to live over, I'd dare to make more mistakes next time. I'd relax, I would limber up. I would be sillier than I have been this trip. I would take fewer things seriously. I would take more chances. I would climb more mountains and swim more rivers. I would eat … Continue reading I’d Pick More Daises – (or take their photo)

Ikko Tanaka – Graphic Design blend of East and West

Ikko Tanaka Born January 13, 1930 Education Kyoto University Known for Graphic Design Awards JAAC Special Selection, Mainichi Design Award, Minister of Education Newcomer Prize, Tokyo ADC Members' Grand Prize, Mainichi Art Award, Purple Ribbon Medal, and the New York ADC Hall of Fame Prize. Tanaka has exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Mexico. … Continue reading Ikko Tanaka – Graphic Design blend of East and West

African Masked Weaver

Usability Best Practices for Web Design

Usability is a website that is easy for users to find the information they need when they need it.

The Elements of Style

ATTENTION ALL ENGLISH speakers, you may be misusing the English language without even knowing it.  When you use the word "however" do you mean "nevertheless"? This common mistake and many others are pointed out in this little e-book that I purchased off iTunes for $0.99. Little did I know that Stephen King and EB White … Continue reading The Elements of Style

Tag line graphic with movable letters

The Sticky Tagline

A well-written tagline is a useful and valuable piece of marketing. Unfortunately, most taglines are not well written. A tagline created with care and thought is an easy way to communicate what is different and special about your brand. In the age of Twitter, a tagline is a perfect fit for the quickness and speed … Continue reading The Sticky Tagline

Red Earth – New Book from International Author Tony Park

I have just added an additional book page for my client, Tony Parks website. Tonys 13th African novel, Red Earth has been released in various formats in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the UK. Tony is doing a limited tour of Australia to promote the release of Red Earth, and you can find all … Continue reading Red Earth – New Book from International Author Tony Park

Inviting a Guest Blogger – Why I should care?

  Share the love invite a Guest Blogger...Guest blogging is a common practice among bloggers, in which one is asked to participate as a guest on someone else's blog. Or one invites guest blogger to post on their blog. The invitation of a guest blogger adds value to your blog and will increase the interest … Continue reading Inviting a Guest Blogger – Why I should care?

Web Design Trends 2016

As a dynamic field of web development, web design has its trends and tendencies. When you open a website, at first, you perceive it visually, and only then get acquainted with the contents. An experienced web developer not only writes efficient and flexible code but also follows the most profitable trends of the present day … Continue reading Web Design Trends 2016

Rain Animation – Raining in Newtown

What's New - Rain Animation I adapted this rain animation plugin widget from the team at MuseFree. It has been so hot today I channelled Matt Damon and I became the Rain Maker. I changed the background colour to white and changed the colour of the rain to match the building illustration.The font is FS … Continue reading Rain Animation – Raining in Newtown