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Every business needs an online presence. A blog or a website is necessary, and it is preferable to have both at once. Social media is optional, although some would have you think otherwise. The principle purpose of your social media, if you have it, should be to help boost theRead More →


Writing is a tonic that can help to bring about change. Photo by Nyssa Paige Ask almost anyone you know how they are, and the response is likely to be: “busy”. Our inboxes are bursting with emails. Appointments and social events keep stacking up. Source: How To Write Your WayRead More →

Random barn cat taken during the golden hour Source: Blogging and cat photos go together like peanut butter and chocolateRead More →

Ecommerce store owners understand the importance of marketing and developing a strong web presence. They create beautiful storefronts, invest in advertising campaigns, and build email marketing sequences to attract and win over customers. Source: 8 Brilliant Blogs Run by Ecommerce Stores (And What You Can Learn From Them)Read More →

The post 252: What Thomas Edison Can Teach YOU about Profitable Blogging appeared first on ProBlogger . 11 Things Thomas Edison Can Teach You About Profitable Blogging If it wasn’t for Thomas Edison, you’d probably be sitting in the dark feeling quite bored. Source: 252: What Thomas Edison Can TeachRead More →

When it comes to a photographer’s online presence we tend to think of social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook — or YouTube for those who create videos on a regular basis. It seems, though, that the lowly blog sometimes gets overlooked. Source: 6 Strong Reasons Why Photographers Should HaveRead More →

Check out the Top 10 Best Stock Photo Sites For Bloggers in 2018. Looking for amazing, free, high-quality stock images for your site? Check this list for the best sites to use. Source: Top 10 Best Stock Photo Sites For Bloggers in 2018Read More →

In this article, we are going to look at some tips that will help you create a strategy that will help take your blog to the top . Whether you are writing a blog to support an essay writing service or you are just sharing stories about your life, youRead More →

As designers we find inspiration everywhere. When we’re out and about, in books and magazines, galleries and exhibitions—and, of course, on the internet. But to save you wading through the rough to find the diamonds, we’ve put together 50 of the best design blogs that you have to check out inRead More →

Over the years, blogging has become an attractive profession that helps people to earn some good income by spending a few hours inside their home. The success stories in the industry have brought many new bloggers into it. While some of them just love sharing their insights and experiences, someRead More →

netiquette the finer points

Netiquette is a colloquial portmanteau of the words network and the internet; it is an informal word implying the rules of correct, acceptable and polite behaviour online. Netiquette is the manual exercise and regulation of our online society.Email, social media and communicating online has been around long enough that one would think that most people would be adept at this form of communication.Read More →

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These days, every business owner needs a low-cost, good-looking, feature-rich, and professional website to expand his/her business rapidly. As a result, the number of websites built with the WordPress CMS is increasing with each passing day. To create WordPress websites, one has to select a good theme.Read More →

Aldus Manutius - pioneer of printing

The type in which this sentence is written is called “italic”. Aldus Manutius the man who invented it died almost 500 years ago and his type is still in use.  Today publishing a manuscript is almost instantaneous, a new best seller can be placed on Amazon and I can buy a copy minutes later.  To look at the books which came off the Venitian presses of Aldus Manutius is a strange experience.Read More →

The two categories of learning styles are divergent and convergent thinking. These are roughly analogous to the right brain left brain modes which have been widely researched and publicised in recent years.Read More →

I remember watching “Vision Quest” at the George Street, Cinemas during a stopover in Sydney travelling home to Canberra from boarding school in Brisbane.  It was released in Australia under the title “Crazy for You”.  It did not rival the box office success of the “Karate Kid” at the time however it was a more accurate picture of teen life.  I remember wanting to see it as I heard that Madonna had a brief appearance singing, “Crazy for You.”Read More →

planned obsolescence

Apple last week published a letter to customers in which it apologised for the ‘misunderstanding’ generated around the slowdown of the iPhone and offered discounts for users who want to change the battery of their phone.  It is the revelation that is marking Apple’s year-end and was revealed by a 17-year-old Tennessee High School student.Read More →

Curated Design News from around the World. A daily eclectic mix of some of the best design news from around the world.Read More →

Grammarly is an assistive writing application that identifies over 150 writing errors including incorrect punctuation, spelling word usage and even sentence structure. Writing is a skill that can be, practised and perfected. As I am primarily self-employed, it is difficult for me to get comprehensive feedback to improve my writing.Read More →