Here at 99% Invisible, we think about colour a lot, so it was really exciting when we came across a beautiful book called The Secret Lives of Color by Kassia St. Clair, It’s this amazing collection of stories about different colours, the way they’ve been made through history, and theRead More →


If you’re a founder or aspiring entrepreneur, perhaps you’re looking to round out your reading list for 2019 with a few inspiring business reads. We asked entrepreneurs to offer their book recommendations for the new year, including both recent releases and older favourites. Source: 12 books that CEOs think youRead More →

We’re publishing a third and final excerpt from Brutally Honest: No Bullshit Business Strategies to Evolve Your Creative Business, the “tell it like it is” career advice book specifically catered to designers. Written by Emily Cohen, the book compiles honest business insights and strategies the seasoned design consultant has beenRead More →

TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking Many people love TED Talks, so I thought it would be great if I wrote a post that focused on TED Talks About Reading and Books. For those of you who read The Invisible Mentor Blog, you will notice that IRead More →

On the occasion of Philippe Apeloig’s lecture “Abstract or not” at Mudam Luxembourg, Design Friends published a 24-pages catalogue in French and English. The interview was conducted by Arthur Dreyfus.Read More →

For the lunar-obsessed person: Many Moons Planner 2019 Brought to you by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, the founder of Modern Women, a series of biannual guidebooks that offered wisdom around each moon cycle and guided journaling prompts, comes the next iteration: the Many Moons planner. Source: The Best Guided Journals ForRead More →

January is a time of resolutions–and while most of them tend not to last , reading more is a resolution that pays dividends. We asked a slew of design leaders for the best books they read in 2018, and why they’d recommend them. As you kick off the first weekRead More →

“The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers” In a recent interview on NPR, journalist Beth Macy was asked about the personal toll taken by her work reporting on the ravages of the opioid crisis — work that entailed spending hour upon hour with desperate addicts and grievingRead More →

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We scoured publishers’ catalogues, looked at upcoming galleys and asked for recommendations from a few prolific business book authors to get ideas for ten leadership books to watch for in the first half of 2019. (Avosb/iStock) Jena McGregor Reporter covering leadership issues in the headlines January 1 at 1:34 PMRead More →

Dr. Jason Fox’s book How to Lead a Quest is a truly fantastic book, not only because of the really robust content in it but also because of the wonderful pirate swagger and adventurous style in which it is written. (If you missed my conversation with Jason last month, beRead More →

The Yearbook of Type presents an independent selection of new typefaces created all over the world—from larger publishers to smaller, independent typographers and foundries. Source: SLANTED — The Yearbook of Type 3 — Karlsruhe, GermanyRead More →

Need help deciding what to read next? Take a cue from these famous bookworms. Sally Field recommends “The Witch Elm” by Tana French Field is also a fan of the dispatches from the Dublin Murder Squad, and although French’s latest novel doesn’t involve the usual crew, it remains thrilling andRead More →

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A poignant and hope-giving allegory based on the true story of a refugee family. It may be an elemental property of human nature to fantasize about utopias — a fantasy all the more alluring the more dystopian one’s actual society is. Source: Three Balls of Wool: An Illustrated Celebration ofRead More →

  Judging a Book by Its Recovery Leslie Jamison’s memoiristic study of alcoholic writers Clancy Martin The Recovering: Intoxication and Its Aftermath by Leslie Jamison Little, Brown and Company $30.00 List Price When I was in a suicidal phase in my life and hiding my alcoholism from my partner, IRead More →

Either you want to learn a new tool or just want to brush up your web and UI design skills, learning from e-books is the best and quickest way to do that. Being online or readily available on your computer or e-reader device, e-books allow you to learn while workingRead More →

Ikigai , a Japanese word that means “purpose” or “reason for being,” has been adopted in American society to mean having balance in work and in life. In a recent trip to Barnes and Noble, I found five books on the “must read” shelf with ikigai in the title, andRead More →

Do you ever read something that feels like it was written just for you? That’s how I feel whenever Craig Mod writes about digital reading. His latest essay, “ Reconsidering the Hardware Kindle Interface,” doesn’t have a title that pops unless you 1) love reading; 2) know that Craig isRead More →

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With time and creativity running out, my one fail safe gift for even the most modest of design enthusiasts is a gorgeous design book. I, for one, am actually quite excited to unplug over the holidays and I’ll most certainly be flipping back through my design books for some freshRead More →

Year-end lists have a way of distilling what’s most memorable about the books we’ve read; one of those elements can be a striking cover that stays with you into the next year and beyond. So we decided to ask cover designers, those unsung heroes of publishing, to demystify the creativeRead More →

Japanese Pattern Book, probably 1870-1890. Color stencil printing. 120 samples with decorative designs. Source: Japanese Pattern Book, probably 1870-1890. Color stencil…Read More →