Garcia Tamjidi Monograph

Garcia Tamjidi ’s newest piece of work is not a building or an interior, but a book. Source: Garcia Tamjidi Monograph AdvertisementsRead More →


Her first published book, it explores a magical forest full of opportunity for play and exploration. Running wild in the jungle, following footprints amongst the trees and finding treasures. (photos above © Love Print Studio, illustrations © Maria Dek) x x x Source: A Walk in the Forest…Read More →

Photography books in bookcase

5 Books on Photography for Creative Discourse Share Tweet Not all the time we are confident of our skills as a photographer. We’re sure you’ve questioned yourself many times regarding the purpose of your passion and what it entails. Source: 5 Books on Photography for Creative DiscourseRead More →

worn dust jacket

First of all, half of Dean’s argument relies on the notion that the name “dust jacket” ought to be taken literally: 1. Dust jackets don’t actually repel dust. … 2. Dust jackets are no easier or harder to clean than fabric hardcovers. Source: Don’t Hate on the Dust JacketRead More →

Lust for Light Book

Liz West Once only used to illuminate a painting or photograph, light is now commonly used as the medium itself—glowing brightly from neon tubes, programmed as an interactive installation, projected to create an intangible feeling of warmth, or flashing as an LED spectacle. Source: Lust For Light: A New BookRead More →

Book Review - Facilitating Collaboration

This book provides principles and examples for successful facilitation in large organisations, industry groups, and innovation networks. Facilitation is a key activity and skill across the board, in large companies, industry associations, startup networks, international conferences, special interest groups, policy advocacy movements, and non-profit organisations.Read More →

Hiroshima artbook illustrations

I just came back from my week visiting Hiroshima including the island of Naoshima (Art Island). Departing from Okayama, it has been an incredible journey and one of the things you encounter when you are traveling in another country is the art & design (as a designer for the least).Read More →

A to Z: Marvels in Paper Engineering,

The Movable Books Society, a non-profit organization of pop-up book professionals and enthusiasts, recently released a collection of pop-up cards dedicated to the alphabet. The letter-filled tome, titled  A to Z: Marvels in Paper Engineering, features designs from 26 paper engineers and celebrates the Society’s 25-year history. Source: 26 Paper EngineersRead More →

Design for Children: Play, Ride, Learn, Eat, Create, Sit, Sleep book by Kimberlie Birks coming from Phaidon in Oct 2018. nice! #63345 problem! Source: Design for Children: Play, Ride, Learn, Eat,…Read More →

When it comes to inspiration and learning, graphic designers are constantly spoilt for choice. There is a wealth of literature at our fingertips, all waiting to be devoured and enjoyed, so we can improve and refine our graphic design skills. Source: 50 Essential Books Every Graphic Designer Should ReadRead More →

I couldn’t be more excited to share with you the first of a series of New York guides… Brooklyn! For the last few years my brother and his wife have lived in New York, first in the East Village and then for a few years in the leafy Brooklyn neighbourhoodRead More →

Pretty epic brand book — part history, part strategy, and part guidelines — that showcases the identity work by Collins for vitaminwater in collaboration with their creative team. Visit link Source: Linked: vitaminwater Brand BookRead More →

Contributed by Stephen Coles Source: License: All Rights Reserved . A winner of the 2016 50 Books | 50 Covers competition. Juror Notes: “A spatially playful exploration of typography against a dynamic picture plane, all of it still remarkably legible.” —Jessica Helfand Source: Impossible ModernismRead More →

In 2013, I was on top of the world. I became a WSJ best selling author. I made more progress with my career in 6 months than I had in all the years prior. By the summer of 2014, I was in a dark valley, my crucible, or what IRead More →

In recent years there has been a resurgence in reading, thanks in large part to eBooks and the accessibility that they have afforded readers worldwide. No longer do we have to carry around bulky books that wear and tear and only have a limited amount of reads in them. eBooksRead More →

Japanese Steel: Classic Bicycle Design From Japan presents a comprehensive account of the most prolific period of Japanese bicycle design: the great export years, from the Tokyo Olympics of 1964 into the 1990s. This book features bicycles and the stories of the designers, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs who made them; howRead More →

Source: Cookbook for Woodcuts Provides Recipes For Easy-Bake Midcentury IllustrationRead More →

10 Keys to Yourself August 8, 2018 by Avil Beckford Introduction: Key to Yourself & Golden Keys to a Lifetime of Living by Venice Bloodworth It is important to look at the work you did years ago to see how far you have traveled. I read Key to Yourself byRead More →

A further book featuring cats by Joan Cass (1901-1994) and illustrated by William Stobbs (1914-2000), this is ‘The Canal Trip’ published in 1966. Source: William Stobbs IIIRead More →

Long before people were creating color palettes from beloved films or matching food to their Pantone colors , Emily Noyes Vanderpoel was revolutionizing color theory. The Victorian collector, artist, and scholar published  Color Problems: A Practical Manual for the Lay Student of Color  in 1901 as a breakthrough manual for examiningRead More →