Source: Cookbook for Woodcuts Provides Recipes For Easy-Bake Midcentury Illustration AdvertisementsRead More →


10 Keys to Yourself August 8, 2018 by Avil Beckford Introduction: Key to Yourself & Golden Keys to a Lifetime of Living by Venice Bloodworth It is important to look at the work you did years ago to see how far you have traveled. I read Key to Yourself byRead More →

A further book featuring cats by Joan Cass (1901-1994) and illustrated by William Stobbs (1914-2000), this is ‘The Canal Trip’ published in 1966. Source: William Stobbs IIIRead More →

Long before people were creating color palettes from beloved films or matching food to their Pantone colors , Emily Noyes Vanderpoel was revolutionizing color theory. The Victorian collector, artist, and scholar published  Color Problems: A Practical Manual for the Lay Student of Color  in 1901 as a breakthrough manual for examiningRead More →

“Medallas y Monedas Romero is a company that has been in the awards, trophies, and commemorative medal industry for 40 years. In honor of their 40 years in business, MM Romero created a large event where they invited employees, friends, members of the press, and collaborators, to commemorate this companyRead More →

Just what is an infographic, anyway? An infographic, at its core, is a visual representation of information — literally, an information graphic. It’s able to convey complex information in manner that’s both engaging and time-saving. Source: The Complete Guide to Creating InfographicsRead More →

A limited edition exhibit poster using freshly cut wood type from Hamilton’s collection of end grain maple. During the late nineteenth century, illustrated hand woodcut initial caps were a fashionable and functionable typographic accent. Source: Steven Heller: Initial Caps: The Birth of Illustrated TypographyRead More →

24 much-anticipated new titles to add to your fall To Be Read list Readers, get ready. School is starting, fall is coming, and as the seasons change, so do the books. You know I adore summer reading, but I’m excited about the change of seasons. Source: 24 much-anticipated new titlesRead More →

When I was a kid, the favorite book is “ Where Is Mama? “. Today I found a pop-up version of the book and all the old good memory came back. I love pop-up book, every page turn there is a surprise! In these days, these books have evolved fromRead More →

We’ve just launched our latest book, The Growth Handbook . If there’s one perennial challenge all businesses face, it’s this: how do we grow? Whether you’re at an early stage startup contemplating life after the TechCrunch bump, or a more mature business with many millions in ARR, your company’s survivalRead More →

Understanding the complexity of color contrast for better design and accessibility This brief guide introduces UX designers to color contrast ratios and how to effectively apply this principle to your designs. This article does not delve into the complexities of choosing accessible colors for color blindness. Source: The Science ofRead More →

Cover jacket image of On Color by David Scott Kastan and Stephen Farthing (all images courtesy Yale University Press) Books and writing about color abound these days, which should be quite unsurprising, since colors are always present in our lives. Source: The Histories of Ten Colors Through Multiple LensesRead More →

Keith Smith, “Book Number 11, Up” (1969), artist’s book with photographs, drawings, prints, and transparencies (courtesy of Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York; © Keith Smith) PHILADELPHIA — Long before the ubiquity of digital technologies transformed the book, artist Keith Smith was engaged in prescient redefinition and innovation. Source: The TactileRead More →

My hope in writing Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys Club of Silicon Valley was to shed light on how and why women have been left out of the greatest wealth creation in the history of the world, and to mobilize the tech industry to enact change. Source: 5 books toRead More →

JUNE 19, 2018 SLIGHTLY MORE THAN four years after Charles de Gaulle, in the London studio of the BBC, gave his June 18, 1940 appeal for the French to maintain the “flame of resistance,” he gave an equally historic speech. From the balcony of City Hall in Paris, he praisedRead More →

Interview: Marc and Angel Chernoff . Marc and Angel Chernoff are the creators of Marc & Angel Hack Life , which Forbes called “one of the most popular personal development blogs.” Through their writing, coaching, and live events, they’ve spent the past decade sharing their ideas for how to getRead More →

There’s a lot to learn about photography, and while online tutorials and YouTube videos are great, sometimes you just need a good book to get the creative juices flowing. Through the course of a master’s degree in photography and a few years spent teaching it, I’ve read and considered manyRead More →

After launching a Kickstarter campaign , Luis Colindres has reached his goal amount and has released the Dropping Color: A Mindtrip coloring book. Colindres, a Chicago-based freelance illustrator, is most known for illustrating REZZ’s Something Wrong Here EP and debut album Mass Manipulation . Source: REZZ Illustrator Luis Colindres ReleasesRead More →

An upcoming book that delves into the best visual identity projects from some of the world’s top design studios has designers and entrepreneurs abuzz. Identity Designed: The Definitive Guide to Visual Branding brings together high-caliber projects and includes insights on how design studios work with clients, tackle design briefs, pricing,Read More →