“Andreou Winery is a Trizina – Poros designated winery, the birth place of the ancient Greek hero Theseus. They asked us to design and name their first premium wine series. The main theme of the wine had to be Theseus and his Six Labours as one can see on theirRead More →


Mortise Design is a brand designer & illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan. He recently shared a brand identity for Sushi Junction, it’s a colourful design mixed with Japanese & Chinese cuisine. Source: Brand Identity for Sushi Junction by Lee Ching TatRead More →

Olivetti typewriter

The other day I watched a Baby Tylenol commercial that moved me to tears (I know, I’m a pretty easy target!). You see, the ad’s hero was a baby with an ear infection and while his mum tried everything to comfort her little one, the only thing that finally broughtRead More →

Kona example of corporate identity

When you’re starting out as an entrepreneur or startup, having a corporate identity sounds a bit, well, corporate. But don’t let the word deter you. It’s incredibly important to consider how your company is seen by the outside world and to develop an identity with intentionality and focus. Source: HowRead More →

Windcatcher Anniversary Sour Ale packaging

For Driftwood Brewery’s 10th anniversary we created Windcatcher, the latest in the Bird of Prey Sour Series. Windcatcher features a golden eagle, the bird of prey which sits atop the apex of the aviary world. For this design we selected an opulent, lush colour scheme of purples and gold foilRead More →

Italian Supper Club example of branding collateral

Italian Supper Club is a London-based catering company that provides its clients with the warm environment and rich found you’d find in an Italian home. The branding system is energetic and modern, fitting for a company that caters to lively events. Source: Italian Supper Club Branding & Art Direction byRead More →

Gallimate energy drinks packaging

Gallimate – Yerba Mate Tea Drinks Gallimate is an all-natural, healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks that are made with Yerba Mate tea, flavoured with agave syrup and carbonated, to create a refreshing, energizing soft drink.Read More →

Dark Bat wine branding

“La Mascota Dark Bat was released for Halloween. It had to be elegant, attractive and mysterious. The inspiration was taken from the bats that live in the vicinity of the winery which the winemaker considers his “friends”. Source: Packaging Design Inspired by a Dark Bat’s HouseRead More →

À la eco Packaging

Packaging and identity for À la eco , a pioneer in the Nordic pasta segment with a fusilli made entirely out of beans, peas and lentils. Source: À la ecoRead More →

Blood and Moon fortune telling wine

Blood & Moon, Fortune Telling Wine is an interactive wine label that is a modern day take on the traditional fortune telling “Tarot” cards. With this wine you can experience a creative reading from the cards depicted on the label, and learn more about their meanings.
Read More →

The power of storytelling through design

Brand storytelling evokes an emotional reaction, while also incorporating facts about a business. We’ve moved way past the traditional marketing technique of stating, “Our product is the best, therefore you should buy it!” Read More →

In Budapest two friends Bihari Akos and Himmel Oiver, both engineers, indulged their love of craft beer by setting out to make the country’s “craziest, freshest” artisan beer. Their creations led to going commercial in 2014, establishing the Brew Your Mind Brewery to introduce an inspired variety of craft beers,Read More →

nicethingswelike . . Daily design inspiration. Source: nicethingswelike..Daily design inspiration.Read More →

Sipsong Spirits is a series of small-batch spirits (say that five times fast) out of Northern California’s Sonoma County. Founder Tara Jasper’s hope with creating this spirit was that the consumer will slow down, hear their intuition/inner voice, or as she has deemed it, their ‘sipsong’. Source: Sipsong Spirits BrandingRead More →

Next Identity Influenced by Architecture and a Label that Embodies Craftsmanship Category: Wine, Continent: Europe, Format: Bottle, Substrate: Glass, Substrate: Pulp Carton, Substrate: Pulp Paper Admin September 4, 2018 Graphic, Graphics, Graphic Design, Graphic Communication, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Brand Design, Pack Design, Package Design, Packaging Design, Visual Identity, Illustration,Read More →

Designed by Dutch East Design , Nomikai takes your typical rosé in a can to a whole new level. Between the hard shift in colors, from white to a peach gradient, and the clean pops of navy blue for the typography and label, Nomikai should be the beverage of choiceRead More →

Maybe it was Chance the Rapper. In March, the artist called a new Heineken ad racist , and many agreed with him. The spot for the brand’s light beer featured a bartender sliding a bottle of beer past a collection of dark-skinned extras to a light-skinned woman further down theRead More →

tds – Tea Packaging Design ” The new packaging for tea should be radically different from competitors, attract attention with its original idea and leave a positive impression, such a task was expressed by the client. It was decided to make an illustration on the front side of the boxRead More →