Wayprojects Branding

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WAYPROJECTS is a project management brand led by Piotr Jarzyna who specialises in IT processes. ‘Project management is not a linear nor constant idea with a strict set of rules which apply to every project. It is about creating a system which solves a problem. A key visual derives its strength from that idea and is … Continue reading Wayprojects Branding

Updating the Quaker Oats Man

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The current issue of Illustration magazine recounts the story of how the iconic image of the Quaker Oats man was created. Illustrator Robert Bonfils recalls being hired in 1965 to paint an updated version of an earlier one by Haddon Sundblom (1899-1976):

The Beautifully Unbranded Botanical Design of Superfly

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Talk about a perfect summer drink! This delightful design from B&B studio will instantly take you somewhere tropical, and the unbranded look only gives it a stronger shelf impact. We chatted with Shaun Bowen, Joint Founder and Creative Partner, B&B studio, to find out more about how this beverage from Firefly came to be, creating … Continue reading The Beautifully Unbranded Botanical Design of Superfly


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  We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information you’ve provided to them or they’ve collected from your use of … Continue reading Concerto

Google Is Turning Ads Into Games You Can Play

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Google is introducing a new type of mobile ad in its AdMob advertising platform: games. The idea is that users will play these built-in games in the hopes of unlocking something special inside of a game they’re already in. It’s a glimpse of the way advertising is evolving on a web dominated by it. advertisement … Continue reading Google Is Turning Ads Into Games You Can Play

radical road branding

Radical Road – Branding

First seen on Packaging of the World. Produced, Commercial Work Client: Radical Road Brewing Co.  Packaging Contents: Craft Beer Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle Brewery Carves its Own Path with Award Winning Bottle Shop Below the cliffs of Edinburgh's Salisbury Craggs sits the Radical Road.

holographic images

20 Mesmerizing Holographic and Iridescent Packaging Designs ( thedieline)

Move over Millennial Pink because there's another favourite in town. Holographic foil and all things iridescent are becoming mainstream and packaging is starting to embrace this trend wholeheartedly. Be still our shiny hearts, we've picked out 20 mesmerizing holographic and iridescent packaging design

malfy gin branding

Malfy Gin! Beyond The Delicious Gin Con Limone, How Beautiful Are The Gin Rosa And Gin Con Arancia? That Blood Orange Co (Notcot)

Malfy Gin! Beyond the delicious Gin con Limone, how beautiful are the Gin Rosa and Gin Con Arancia? That blood orange colour is gorgeous!

Noodle Branding

8 Noodle Branding and Packaging Designs For National Eat Your Noodles Day

March 11th was "National Eat Your Noodles Day" and in order to celebrate this belated unofficial holiday we've rounded up 8 awesome examples of noodle packaging and branding design.

The beginners guide to branding

Free eBook – The beginners guide to branding

You probably hear the term branding being tossed around a lot. But what exactly does it mean? In brief, branding refers to the elements that define the image, ethos, and tone of your company and its products.

Bajamar bottle branding

Bright and Bold Ecuadorian Brews ( thedieline.com)

"Bajamar's brand language and name reference its hometown's location, identity and port culture. With a colourful, marine and sunny natural landscape, Guayaquil's industrial and modern ports provide a singular visual contrast. A combination that perfectly serves Bajamar's merger of modern and artisanal aspects,