violets colour swatch

Violets – Colour Palette

The violets are one of the most recognisable flowers.  Even the scientific name of the principal type makes sense; it is Viola odorta, the sweet violet.  It is a native of Europe. Many hybrid forms exist with both single and double flowers.  Flower colours include white and shades of pink lavender, violet, purple and yellow.I call this colour swatch Violet on wood.

Wooden Prayer – Colour Palette

This photo was taken at the  Meiji shrine on a recent visit to Tokyo. Wooden prayer cards are left by visitors for good luck.I call this colour swatch wooden prayers.

Shinjuku at night – Colour Palette

After a ten days holiday in Tokyo which ended up a visual feast.  I took hundreds of photos with my iPhone the colour within this is vivid and I was interested what type of colour palette I was able to extract from it.  I call it Shinjuku.

Sandstone – Colour Palette

Beautifully textured sandstone, this palette is naturally called sandstone.

Peacock feathers – Colour Palette

In the early twentieth century in the United States, the peacock feather was a fashion fad.  It appeared in hatpins, belt buckles, fob charms, collar and cuff pins, shirtwaist sets and the eye of the peacock feather was copied onto the new spring ribbons.  I call this colour swatch peacock feather.

colour run palette

Colour run – Colour Palette

I took this photo at the Colour Run at Olympic Park about five years ago.  I always wanted to create a colour palette out of it.  I call this palette the Colour Run.  

santorini sunset colour palette

Santorini – Colour Palette

On Santorini watching the sunset becomes a ritual for tourists every evening.  Imagine that the air is warm and the only sound is the distant soft crowing of a rooster.  The sea far below shimmers in a golden haze, as it merges into the magenta sky.  Santorini seems to float in the air.  

varanasi colour swatch

Varanasi – Colour Palette

The Ganges has been drawing men and women to its banks at Varanasi for at least 3000 years.  Today, they come to offer prayers and take holy dips at a site considered one of India's most sacred.  They come to cremate their loved ones at the ghats, literally "steps" leading to the waters.  I call this inspirational palette Varanasi.

poppies colour swatch

Red Poppies – Colour Palette

"In Flanders fields the poppies blow, Between the crosses, row on row..." So went the famous lines by John McCrae, who captured the symbolism of solace that red poppies offered the soldiers in the trenches.  This colour swatch I call poppies.

dandelion on blue colour swatch

Dandelion on blue – Colour Palette

A stunning close-up of a dandelion set against the backdrop of an electric blue sky.  The colour swatch I created is called Dandelion on Blue.