Bo Kaap, a colorful series of fashion editorials shot by photographer Elena Iv-skaya for Lucy’s Magazine. Our frequent readers may be familiar to Elena Iv-skaya ‘s photographic work. The fashion and beauty photographer is well known for a very feminine and colorful style. Source: Colorful Fashion Photography by Elena Iv-skayaRead More →


Stanley Whitney, “Untitled” (2017), monotype on handmade paper, 47 7/8 x 71 7/8 inches (all images courtesy of the artist and Two Palms, New York) For long time I have been particularly interested in drawing, and I have written about a number of artists’ drawings and works on paper, whichRead More →

In her imagined jungles , illustrator Orane Sigal creates colorful scenes of flora and fauna. The bold, stylized plants and animals feature a vibrant color palette that cloaks everything in electric hues. The visual flatness, coupled with her color choices, make it challenging to “read” the images; you might missRead More →

Linda Miller Nicholson creates spectacular pastas from scratch, ranging from her signature rainbow fusilli to Mario Kart-inspired red and white ravioli. She works with all natural ingredients like butterfly pea flowers (blue), beets and blueberries (purple), turmeric (yellow), and parsley (green) to infuse her flour, egg, and water mixtures with eye-poppingRead More →

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. You may not be familiar with the company PPG, but you’ve probably felt its influence. It manufactures paint and finishes for the construction, consumerRead More →

F2F NewsLetter Subscribe today and get the latest information on Textiles, Fashion, Apparel. Source: Pantone unveils polyester standardsRead More →

Mireya Gartland is a photographer who lives in San Francisco: Vulnerability, innocence, balance and power are her favorite themes, the “elemental emotions” as she defines it. Her work is characterized by strong opposition between soft, organic figures and a graphic, expansive environment. Source: Immersive Shots By Mireya GartlandRead More →

Cover jacket image of On Color by David Scott Kastan and Stephen Farthing (all images courtesy Yale University Press) Books and writing about color abound these days, which should be quite unsurprising, since colors are always present in our lives. Source: The Histories of Ten Colors Through Multiple LensesRead More →

Black and white, yellow and blue, gray and almost every other shade, etc… in the pallet world these are some simple color combinations that are always a reliable option. Certainly they deserve the title of timeless and eternal classics, but that does not mean that you do not have toRead More →

We might assume that 21st-century technology enables us to produce fabric in all imaginable colors, most of them totally unknown to our ancestors. Yet none of it has ever quite replicated the striking hues achieved by dyers of centuries and centuries ago. Source: A Meditative Look at a Japanese Artisan’sRead More →

{ color texture } | image via: @elisafelixb The post Color Texture appeared first on Design Seeds . Source: Color TextureRead More →

{ color nature } | image via: @derkleineklecks The post Color Nature appeared first on Design Seeds . Source: Color NatureRead More →

Colors mean differently from all walks of life. For this week’s edition, we introduce the color Sang de Boeuf found din ancient Chinese art history. Source: Lomography – Color Chronicles: Sang de BoeufRead More →

Escola em Alto de Pinheiros / Base Urbana + Pessoa Arquitetos. Image © Pedro Vanucchi Colors and their perceptions are responsible for a series of conscious and subconscious stimuli in our psycho-spatial relationship. Despite its presence and its variations, it is present in all places. Source: The Role of ColorRead More →

A swatch fan of pantone colour matching system

The Pantone Matching System is a standardised representation system for CMYK colours, a universally accepted and acclaimed technique for selecting, matching, and communicating shades. It is employed across a variety of fields, including print media, web design, graphic design services , and digital marketing. Source: Pantone Matching System – ARead More →

If you’re a TNW regular, then you’ve probably heard us talk up the Nix Mini Color Sensor and its raging coolness before. Its ability to analyze and identify any color, then spit out the specific print and digital information to replicate that tone on a computer screen or even inRead More →

Da Man – Indonesia The colour red symbolises confidence and power.Read More →

Ernest Ludwig Kirchner uses lively colours mainly in shades of orange, green, blue and brown, and his palette included flake white, lemon yellow and Prussian blue.  Kirchner was a German artist who lived a hermit lifestyle in Switzerland.  He was considered a versatile artist.  He first studied architecture and was interested at an earlyRead More →