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10 PPC Copywriting Best Practices for Extra Effective Text Ads (search engine journal)

Running PPC ads can be extremely profitable - or it can be a waste of time. What makes the difference? Much of it has to do with your ad text. Writing great copy for PPC ads is trickier than it might seem at first.

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6 Simple Writing Tips for Beginner Writers (Inspiration feed )

Writing something isn't a simple task. The responsibility of readers understanding about your content is on your shoulders. The article below shares some very important tips for beginners. The overall theme for all of these tips is make you aware of every single word that you write. 

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5 Website Copywriting Tips for Technology Companies (Business 2 Community )

Your website copywriting is a critical part of the branding and sales process. You are creating the experience for your customer that may end up forming the first impression of your company. Studies have shown you only have a handful of seconds grab a web viewer before they make a final decision.

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Netiquette – it is not life and death but it still matters

Netiquette is a colloquial portmanteau of the words network and the internet; it is an informal word implying the rules of correct, acceptable and polite behaviour online. Netiquette is the manual exercise and regulation of our online society.Email, social media and communicating online has been around long enough that one would think that most people would be adept at this form of communication.

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Zadie Smith’s 10 Rules of Writing ( Brain Pickings)

Zadie Smith’s 10 Rules of Writing “Resign yourself to the lifelong sadness that comes from never ­being satisfied.” By Maria Popova In the winter of 2010, inspired by Elmore Leonard’s 10 rules of writing published in The New York Times nearly a decade earlier,

Newsletter Design: How to Create Effective Modern Emails (

Designing an email newsletter is a task that has to be approached with multiple aspects in mind. Aesthetics are one, while marketing goals are another. We’ll show you how to cover all aspects at once. Of course, an email newsletter has to look nice.

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8 blog posts – Copywriting creativity in the fast lane

Copy is the written word.  In websites, copy plays an important part because upon it shoulders, often slender so far as space is concerned, falls the responsibility of turning the curiosity or interest aroused by the picture and "layout" into conviction. 

Blog headline – the ‘what’ and the ‘how’

Curated Design News from around the World. A daily eclectic mix of some of the best design news from around the world.

Grammarly – Personal writing assistant

Grammarly is an assistive writing application that identifies over 150 writing errors including incorrect punctuation, spelling word usage and even sentence structure. Writing is a skill that can be, practised and perfected. As I am primarily self-employed, it is difficult for me to get comprehensive feedback to improve my writing. Grammarly excels in providing feedback. … Continue reading Grammarly – Personal writing assistant

Writing Advice from Father to Son

  I found this article in an old newspaper and originally it was titled; “Advice from Father to Son.”  I read and thought this was a perfect example of a cautionary tale and great writing advice. Writing advice - How not to write In promulgating your esoteric and egregious cogitations and in articulating your superficial … Continue reading Writing Advice from Father to Son