Dezeen promotion: Dutch manufacturer Hakwood looked to “curves and right angles” for the design of three new wall tiles , which can be used to create patterned walls. Hakwood ‘s has added three uncomplicated geometric designs – featuring repeated squares, interlinked circles and trapezoidal shapes – to its wall-tile collection.Read More →


Tammy Kanat creates textile art that’s larger than life. Her colorful, highly-textural wall hangings feature organic circular and oval shapes that are a celebration of materials. “For me,” she says , “weaving projects a mood. I follow my instinct to create designs that feel balanced. Source: Larger-Than-Life Weavings are aRead More →

iter-ativ : The Anvil Studio – Edison Lamp Source: iter-ativ:The Anvil Studio – Edison LampRead More →

Attracting readers’ attention these days is harder than it’s ever been, but employing the best copywriting strategies available can help. Think about it this way. As a consumer you have more choices than ever before. You can do business with the people and the companies that you genuinely like. Source:Read More →

Sonya Dyakova of Atelier Dyakova (London) Feast For the Eyes: The Story of Food in Photography by Susan Bright, Aperture, 2017 “[Atelier Dyakova]… used the kitsch and the retro as inspiration, resulting in a tasteful balance of the new and old. “We borrowed a flavor or two, but in theRead More →

These Astounding Aerial Photos Show The Beauty Of Buddhist Temples in Myanmar Beauty or Tragedy? Aerial Imagery of Spain’s Abandoned Housing Estates Wins DJI Drone Photography Award Spectacular aerial urban shots by Sébastien Nagy Stunning Aerial Photos of Dubai Capture a Battle Between Nature and Humans Aerial photography travel: HoutouwanRead More →

Abandoned in the 1990s, Houtouwan is a small fishing village on the eastern most Chinese island of Shengshan. Due to large trawlers from nearby Shanghai, the fishing supply was depleted and forced the residents to find work elsewhere. Source: Aerial photography travel: Houtouwan – abandoned fishing villageRead More →

Kenko is a design studio based in Frankfurt, Germany. At Kenko Studio he has designed sports teams to have them at home. Mainly based on minimalism and simplicity in terms of form. In such a way that it is not a simple weight, and that it can even be niceRead More →

Unit Editions first published a limited-edition of ‘Herb Lubalin: American Graphic Designer (1918—81)’ in 2012. Due to popular demand to republish the monograph and after it sold out within the first year, the Unit Editions team have decided to make this seminal book available once again. Source: Herb Lubalin: AmericanRead More →

  David-Olivier Descombes realizes Justine, a bistro-bar of the 11th district, which never sleeps. For the DOD agency, the first meeting with this client took place in 2013 for the realization of the restaurant Triplettes in Belleville. Source: Justine, bistro-bar of the 11th district of Paris realized by DOD agencyRead More →

Candida Höfer: Portraits of Spaces at Les Rencontres de la photographie, Arles, depicts empty public places, presenting cultural institutions such as libraries, theatres, museums, archives and opera houses as structures devoid of human presence. Source: Vacant ArchitectureRead More →

  Frida, the unapologetic bitch. Frida, the disabled artist. Frida, symbol of radical feminism. Frida, the victim of Diego . Frida, the chic, gender-fluid, beautiful and monstrous icon . Frida tote bags, Frida keychains, Frida T-shirts, And also, this year’s new Frida Barbie doll (no unibrow). Source: The birth ofRead More →

It can be hard at times to keep up with the latest web technologies. There seems to be so much to learn and so little time to do it in. It always gives you a good feeling when you can overcome a challenge on your own. However, there are timesRead More →

Brandon and Ashley Whiteside are a dreamer and doer duo that doesn’t get bored easily — especially with a most unique renovation project right under their belt. They recently finished a complete remodel on “the Cube,” a three-story house built in 1937 that they bought from its original owners. Source:Read More →

Nikolay Lobzov is a Russian painter and digital artist based in Moscow who has been paying homage to games he loves with amazing oil on canvas paintings of classic titles like Halo, Half-Life 2 and Soul Calibur. From the texture of the paint to the contrast in the medium itself,Read More → download On this week’s Bad at Sports Center, Artist Lindsey French opens up about her ongoing dialog with all things vegetal. French’s work is a multi-faceted collaboration with the natural world, giving voice to the photosynthetic, and openly conspiring with the notorious poison ivy. Source: Episode 637: Lindsey FrenchRead More →

Polish architect and freelance illustrator Maja Wrońska is known for her incredible watercolor paintings of famous cities and architectural monuments around the world. Source: Watercolors of famous cities by Maja WrońskaRead More →

before after Established in 1993, PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. is, as its name implies, a coffee roaster that’s based in Topeka, KS, where it operates one of three retail cafes — the others are in Kansas City, MO, and in Lawrence, KS — and operates as a macro roaster, sellingRead More →

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In this article, we are going to look at some tips that will help you create a strategy that will help take your blog to the top . Whether you are writing a blog to support an essay writing service or you are just sharing stories about your life, youRead More →