In Spring 2018 the Slanted editors took a close-up look at the contemporary design scene of Dubai. A city—when described by many people—that is all sickening shine and has no soul. Source: Slanted magazine #32 — Dubai AdvertisementsRead More →


For the Sonos x Frame Sound Challenge, we worked with the brand to produce an experiential installation. Here are some of the lessons we learned from them. Source: Into immersive experiences? Here are three tips from a brand doing them wellRead More →

The metallic makeup is paired with cartons that shine with a reflective finish. 11.14.18 KKW Beauty — Kim Kardashian West’s brand — recently launched the ‘Flashing Lights’ collection, to mark her 38th birthday. ’Flashing Lights’ was also the name of a Kanye West song in 2007. Source: KKW Beauty’s FlashingRead More →

New York-based multidisciplinary artist Arlene Shechet ’s playful practice consistently pushes the boundaries of what sculpture can be. Across plaster, porcelain, clay, and paper, she has worked extensively in ceramics, crafting a visual language that breaks many of the medium’s given rules—for example, firing clay at odd temperatures, applying glazeRead More →

Hi friends! I have always wanted to do this gift guide … haha! It’s a gift guide for The Office fans! I’m sure you have a friend or two who, like me, watches The Office on rotation at LEAST one time every year. Source: The Office Gift GuideRead More →

Honeywell a leader in Connected Building technologies, announces a public awareness campaign to educate people about the importance and benefits of a ‘Healthy Sleep’ with its Brand Ambassador and Bollywood Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan. Source: The Womb and Honeywell India promote healthy sleep with ambassador Kareena Kapoor KhanRead More →

Did you know that honey bees communicate with each other by dancing? Or that although the bee’s oval brain is only the size of a sesame seed it has a remarkable capacity to learn and remember things? Or that honey bees have been producing honey the same way for 150Read More →

Every November, the doomsday survival articles start arriving: “ How to Survive the Holidays As a Vegetarian ”, “10 Things to Tell Your Relatives About Your Meatless Existence”, “How to Make Sure You, a Vegetarian, Do Not Starve During One or Two Meals Out of an Entire Year.” As aRead More →

Design trends can offer both opportunity and frustration for artists. Those who can maintain their own unique voice within the confines of a trend are able to break through the typical images we see on Instagram and Pinterest. With the merging of product placement and personal photography on social media,Read More →

We take an architectural tour of Canberra and pay homage to Enrico Taglietti for whom “the void” of the city offered freedom and possibility. Tim Ross, comedian, broadcaster and modernist enthusiast Rachael Coghlan, CEO of Craft ACT and Artistic Director of Design Canberra festival Subscribe to Blueprint’s weekly podcast viaRead More →

Adobe has released its final Visual Trend deep dive report of 2018, Touch and Tactility, which explores how creatives are adapting to our need for textures and tactile experiences. As Americans spend nearly half of their waking hours looking at a screen, they’re desperately short on the textures, warmth andRead More →

We’ve seen shipping container buildings come in many many forms, and this one in Johannesburg, South Africa, is refreshingly straightforward. Architecture firm LOT-EK designed a six-story residential building from 140 upcycled shipping containers stacked on top of each other. Source: Striking apartment building is made up of 140 shipping containersRead More →

In most of the world, logging is now largely the work of massive machinery. But in the steeply sloped woods above Lake Ägeri in Switzerland, a combination of chainsaws, jacks, muscles and gravity is still the most effective means of bringing down trees for lumber. Source: Ins holz (In theRead More →

The powerful imagery of afrofuturism suggests what could be possible if the ambitions of black architects and designers are realised, says Ekow Eshun . I recently started an Instagram account dedicated to afrofuturism . Even though the concept behind the term remains fairly obscure, it seemed the right time to doRead More →

Collins Dictionary has announced its choice for 2018 Word of the Year — single-use. This term describes items, often plastic, that are made to be used just once before they are thrown away. The frequent use of these items has been blamed for damaging the environment and negatively affecting theRead More →

Every designer has their favourite brands; the clients they dream about working on because they admire them, or because they believe that they haves untapped potential (‘Could Do Better’). There’s a broad spectrum of backgrounds and passions across our Studios, and we were curious to get some regional thoughts onRead More →

The other day a friend told me about her family’s tradition of getting their Christmas trees the day after Thanksgiving. While other people are feverishly chasing Black Friday deals, they spend the morning at a nearly-empty Christmas tree farm, cutting down fresh Christmas trees. Source: Real Christmas Tree 101: EverythingRead More →

Mark di Suvero at Crissy Field Just because the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art (SFMOMA) is closed for two years for major renovations doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy its exhibits – at the Asian Art Museum, at the Legion of Honor, even outdoors. Source: Top 10 shops andRead More →


Every once in a while we come across disappointing bits of information about some of our childhood favourites. I’m sorry to say, today is one of those days. According to TIME, a study published in the journal Biofilms and Microbiomes showed that the rubber duckies that have kept kiddos entertainedRead More →


You might know Kate Walsh from her roles on Shondaland series staples Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, but did you know she has her own fragrance line? Called Boyfriend, the scent has recently expanded to candles, and we chatted with the star about her home projects, embracing coziness, and how she prefers to relax.Read More →