In a lesson for TED-Ed, David Dunning explains the Dunning-Kruger Effect, a cognitive bias in which people with lesser abilities tend to rate themselves as more proficient than they are. VIDEO Interestingly, this effect not only applies to those with lower abilities thinking they are better but also to expertsRead More →


Each company has its own unique corporate culture that influences the different departments in the organization. An organization’s culture has a major impact on the role of design in particular. A company that embraces innovation, creativity, and transparency creates an environment where design can thrive. Source: How culture shapes designRead More →

In the era of identity politics, #metoo, and ever-expanding scope for self-expression, it seems that we are finally coming to terms with the notion that no two people are alike. Practitioners across all industries and disciplines are gradually recognising that difference is not something to be squashed or smoothed out,Read More →

With half of 2018 in the books, it’s becoming clear which trends are making a comeback. And, when it comes to building, you might be surprised at what’s hot. Years of white-on-white design and maximialist furnishings are giving way to a more organic style. Source: 5 Surprising Building Trends forRead More →

Avant Garde magazine digital archive Around 2013, Mindy Seu was in San Francisco, browsing through Adobe Books in the Mission District, when she stumbled upon the iconic fifth volume of Avant Garde magazine , the short-lived 1960s publication by Ralph Ginzburg and Herb Lubalin that to this day retains somethingRead More →

In response to the Bruges Triennial ‘s 2018 theme “Liquid City,” Brooklyn-based architecture and design firm STUDIOKCA designed a 38-foot-tall sculptural whale composed of over five tons of plastic pulled from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Source: A 38-Foot-Tall Whale Made From 10,000 Pounds of Plastic Waste Surfaces in BrugesRead More →

The tap, tap, tapping of a computer keyboard is probably not what you would normally associate with Polynesian design and tattoos. VIDEO But it is the chosen tool for Auckland based artist Vaimaila Urale whose contemporary take on tatau involves the use of four traditional Samoan symbols which exist onRead More →

Jerusalem Design Week has become one of Israel’s largest and most significant public design exhibitions , bringing together more than 150 local and international artists and designers. Now in its seventh year, the festival included global partnerships and collaborative events with renowned design institutions and festivals. Source: Jerusalem Design WeekRead More →

Design-driven companies worldwide use Coroflot to recruit exceptional talent. Connect with us to get new jobs and projects daily. Source: Publicaciones infantiles by Deivis GuevaraRead More →

The scenario of trade is changing soon and with review websites and online listing sites gaining momentum through word-of-mouth promotions, customers are now easily being able to find tradesmen online. This is why it is important to develop your reputation and brand in such a manner that your clients chooseRead More →

If you regularly have clothes dry cleaned, or if you’re human, you probably have an extra stash of clothes hangers hanging around. Whether it’s Joan Crawford’s worst nightmare, or the nicer wooden variety, here are nine ways that this everyday basic can help you out around the house. Source: 9Read More →

Here’s Dan with some smart words about the importance of baking the organization’s specific points of view, principles, and ingredients into their design system. In our work together, we’ve often used “better than Bootstrap” as a rallying cry. Source: Distinct Design SystemsRead More →

  About The Author Ricky Onsman has been a freelance web designer, developer, writer and editor for over 20 years. A former Managing Editor at SitePoint and Web Directions , he … More about Ricky … What Newsletters Should Designers And Developers Be Subscribing To? Source: What Newsletters Should DesignersRead More →

Born in 1960 in Nantes, France, François Bernard has fond memories of his hometown, a historical city located on the Loire River with a rich past and beautiful 18 th -century architecture. Boasting close links to the Americas, tropical plants, spices, sugar cane and exotic fruits were shipped to Nantes,Read More →

In this interview, sensory design and fragrance expert Olivia Jezler shares her insight on the potential for scent, when integrated into retail design, to provide more meaningful and engaging experiences for consumers The almighty olfactory sense is often overlooked when it comes to store and product design—and yet is extremelyRead More →

Most designers, when presented with a leadership opportunity, leap into the role enthusiastically, unaware of the challenges ahead. That’s what an opportunity is, right? A new, uncharted frontier full of mystery and the just right set of circumstances? Source: The most important steps to becoming a great design leaderRead More →

Facebook has quietly launched a high-end print magazine in the UK and Northern Europe called Grow. But don’t be so quick to call it a “magazine.” Even though Grow is labeled as a “quarterly magazine for business leaders” on the physical cover, Facebook says it is actually marketing campaign. “GrowRead More →

In Europe’s capital of fashion, art has a history of escaping the spotlight. Milan remains Italy’s financial capital, and more importantly, its liaison between Europe’s modern lifestyle and the more old-fashioned traditions of the peninsula. Source: 5 Galleries Defining Milan’s Contemporary Art SceneRead More →

Sona Papers, a well-known paper company in the country, created a unique calendar titled “Daily Dose of Art” – a compilation of 365 exceptional works of art by 365 young creative minds from all over India. Hence, making every page uniquely different and artistic. Source: Sona Papers and The SocialRead More →

Technology, particularly mobile technology, has made every facet of our day-to-day lives easier and more convenient. It would be difficult and likely impossible to find an industry unaffected by today’s increasingly mobile tech. The real estate sector, like many of these industries, is no stranger to the powerful impacts thatRead More →