5 fonts that Spock would have loved

Spock is my favourite characters from Star Trek.  If Spock were a designer what sort of Typography would appeal to him?  This theoretical perspective interested me as Spock is a scientist rather than a creative.  Typography design, choice, and selection would appeal to his intellect.  There is a preciseness and attention to detail with typography … Continue reading 5 fonts that Spock would have loved

Redhead girl with big scissors

Cropping images – creates visual interest

Leave it in or out? One can make an enormous impact on the 'look and feel' of a image with the wise choices about what should be included, and what should not. This process is known as cropping and is a fundamental image manipulation technique. Cropping alters the original visual; it changes the outer shape, … Continue reading Cropping images – creates visual interest

Call to Action

A Call to Action: How to Make it Work

A small business website should always have a call-to-action to convert visitors into customers.  It is important to lead the visitor into to taking the next step with you.  Make sure you add a call-to-action button to each of your most important pages, whether that means the About Us page, services page, FAQ's, or case … Continue reading A Call to Action: How to Make it Work

blue sky ocean

The Colour Blue

The Colour Blue has always been my favourite colour.  Apparently, I am in good company as blue is one of the most well-liked colours.  It is the least gender specific having equal appeal to both men and women. Blue can affect us physically it calms and sedates, cools and aids intuition. "Good things are associated … Continue reading The Colour Blue

Roxi Tokyo

7 Characteristics of ‘Good’ Web Design

If you want your website design to be considered, exciting and original it is important that your website adheres to some of the essential features like versatility, simplicity and communication. 1. The concept: If there is no message, no history, no idea, no narrative, no useful experience, there is no design or creativity. 2. Design … Continue reading 7 Characteristics of ‘Good’ Web Design

Kansei Engineering Applied to Web Design

A conceptual dimension in web design, development and thinking is called "Kansei engineering" a deeply held philosophy that every web site should be designed and developed to provide strong emotional as well as functional satisfaction to its user.

Starry Night by Van Gogh

Van Gogh is one of my favourite artists. The painting "Starry Night" is one of my favourites of his. It is an authentic landscape and a projection of Van Gogh's inner being. It is also one of his most beloved.  Vortexes of deep azure spin around stars and a crescent moon.  A giant green, black … Continue reading Starry Night by Van Gogh

Typography Choice and Luxury

Typography has a major role in creating a luxury effect on a website.  Traditionally the luxury brands have used serif and script typefaces, to convey wealth and prosperity.  These typefaces are safe choices and like any classic design have stood the test of time. Sans Serif Newer brands are redefining the typography of luxury with … Continue reading Typography Choice and Luxury

West Side Story – Saul Bass opening and closing titles.

"This simplistic sequence is an exemplary use of color." Rumsay Taylor Opening Titles The opening title sequence of West Side Story is breathtaking in its elegance and simplicity. Saul Bass, their Creator, was a master he carries the audience forward with what ostensibly are just graphic elements. From the first moments, your attention is aroused … Continue reading West Side Story – Saul Bass opening and closing titles.

5 Tips for Creativity

While everyone is born with an inexhaustible well of creativity, many of us lose the ability to use this gift because we no longer practice it.  Exceptionally creative individuals are not necessarily smarter in fact research suggests that they do not score higher on intelligence tests.  Creative adults are curious, energetic, spontaneous, independent, individualistic and uninhibited. … Continue reading 5 Tips for Creativity