I do not believe in objects. I believe only in their relationships. Summary of Analytic Cubism In 1920 the leading promoter of Georges Braque’s and Pablo Picasso’s work, Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler, published his book Der Weg Zum Kubismus ( The Rise of Cubism ). It would become the first authoritative textRead More →

Titian on shrooms? Francis Bacon turned up to 11? Picasso++? Dali, um, well, Dali would probably come up with something like this tbh. Robbie Barrat is a machine learning researcher at Stanford who’s using an AI program to generate nude portraits ( more , more , and more ). UsuallyRead More →

5 vertical panelled illustrations for UX designers

It’s known as the “black box problem”: Because deep-learning models are trained, rather than programmed, there’s no way to pop the hood to see how they work. Been Kim has designed a human-centred solution to the problem. Source: How a Google Brain Researcher Is Making AI Easier to UnderstandRead More →

Since the beginning of artificial intelligence development to recent times, artificial intelligence a modern approach has moved from a largely arcane academic pursuit to the mainstream of every business. It is creeping its way into our daily life little by little. Source: Artificial Intelligence – a Modern Approach In DesignRead More →

roam robotics have revealed a robotic powered exoskeleton designed to superpower your knees during skiing and snowboarding. the wearable technology straps onto the users thigh, connected to a backpack, and is designed to aid mobility. Source: robotic exoskeleton designed for skiing helps you take on the slopesRead More →

Festo's Incredible Mobile Biomimetic Robots

When Season 2 of “Westworld” premieres in a few weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that the androids were created by a future version of Festo. Festo, a German robotics company whose power-tool spin-off Festool is well-known amongst many of you, specializes in biomimetic robotic technology. Source: Festo’s IncredibleRead More →

So far, technology has introduced the world to robots that dust, vacuum and lull you to sleep. Now there’s been some major progress made in the form of a robot that assembles IKEA furniture, proving that the momentum of these multi-tasking machines and their automated functions is progressing faster thanRead More →

Image with 5 vertical panels showing examples of UI

It was the year when self-driving cars got  boring . When iPhones became  confusing . When the army spent $480 million on Microsoft Hololens headsets. When we finally got to see the long-awaited Magic Leap…and it was a dud . When virtual reality headsets like Oculus Go had their cords cutRead More →

The opening line of Madeline Miller’s Circe is: “When I was born, the name for what I was did not exist.” In Miller’s telling of the mythological story, Circe was the daughter of a Titan and a sea nymph (a lesser deity born of two Titans). Source: AI-Generated Human FacesRead More →

Comau MATE Exoskeleton wants to give superpower to your operators. It’s a wearable technology that supports them to carry out their daily tasks. MATE is an ergonomically designed spring-based structure, it eases repetitive movements and relieves effort due to a lightweight, breathable, and effective postural support. Source: Comau Mate ExoskeletonRead More →

Today we want to show you very cute Intelligent Housekeeping Robot by Wanheng Chen which won the 2018 Red Dot Design Concept Award. Don’t be deceived by the name, this adorable robot isn’t going to clean your floors, but it might be able to control another device that does. Source:Read More →

There’s a whole lot of talk about manifestation and the Law of Attraction in the world today. To be completely honest, I’ve never really been a fan of this kind of stuff. The idea that we can have whatever we want if we simply put it in our mind’s eyeRead More →

Even outside of games and questionable pleasures, the possibilities of augmented reality are massive. How can the user experience benefit from it in UX design? What Does Augmented Reality Mean? All technological developments that expand the senses of a human with abilities that he wouldn’t have otherwise are considered augmentedRead More →

New research developed at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) lets a person control a robotic arm with brainwaves and subtle hand gestures. It’s the stuff of X-Men, manga robots, and joystick-piloted spaceships–except, in this case, it’s quite real. Source: Mind-reading robots are no longer science fictionRead More →

Previous programs use am image of someone else’s eyes to fix a blink (third column), but Facebook researchers just created a program that uses your own eyes (fourth column). Facebook Research Artificial intelligence is now smart enough to paint in the missing regions of a face to fix a blinkRead More →

Google has been hyping up augmented reality on the web , and it’s easy to understand why — it promises an immersive experience without requiring a special app. But what does that look like in practice? The company now has an easy way to find out. Source: Google demo showsRead More →

Sébastien has been in the advertising and photography for 15 years, having worked as a photographer, graphic designer and film director. sebastienpons.com In 2006, Sébastien moved to London to build his photographic portfolio working for Estée Lauder, the British Fashion Council, Apple UK, Vivienne Westwood and Lancôme. Source: Sebastian PonsRead More →

  Runthrough of how the simplified shopping process would carry through on the new app interface. Source: Mobile App Redesign: QVC by Stephanie WhiteRead More →

Leap Motion describes their newest virtual reality demo, Cat Explorer , as demonstrating “the transformative potential of VR and natural interaction in fields as diverse as education, training, healthcare, and entertainment.” The interactive program allows the user to explore the inner workings of a friendly cartoon feline. Source: A NewRead More →