There’s no denying how popular the adventure van trend has become – and it makes sense, as putting your home on wheels is one of the best ways to see more of the world. But while most folks turn to vehicle customizers and/or pre-built examples, some folks are a littleRead More →


California architecture studio Ozel Office has created a blobby robotic sculpture that changes shape in the presence of people, or through the movements of those wearing a matching virtual reality headset. Cypher is an interactive robotic sculpture that is controlled by sensors, scanners and virtual reality (VR) technology. Source: Shape-shiftingRead More →

Here’s a new one: This modern home blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors so much that we’re still not entirely sure where the private ends and the public begins. Located in Tokyo, the House in Ouji takes advantage of the city’s maze of dead-end streets to create a livingRead More →

© Dirk Weiblen Architects: AIM Architecture Location: Huiyang, Huizhou, Guangdong, China Lead Architect: Wendy Saunders, Vincent de Graaf Design Team: Arpad Bercek, Davide Signorato, Jovana Petrovic, Jiao Yan, Leslie Chen, Michael Hankiewicz, Peichin Lee Project Architect: Nicolas Herrgott Project Management: Cindy Xu Client: China Resources Group Area: 700.0 m2 ProjectRead More →

Giuseppe Gurrieri and Nunzio Gabriele Sciveres are Sicilian architects behind two projects, in and near Ragusa, which both feature a visually striking ceramic floor. The first is an apartment in a former noble palace in the old city centre that was heavily renovated in the 1960s to the point whereRead More →

Free standing, concrete walls on either side of the terrace, which includes a sunbathing deck and an infinity pool, demarcate the two entrance staircases and support shading as well as funnel the views towards the sea. The prevalence of stones and concrete gives the terrace a clean-cut, stark aesthetic that bothRead More →

The humble house extension is many a London architect’s bread and butter, but not David Kohn’s. In the past decade, he has made his name by steering clear of trends and diligently applying his distinct approach to a healthy mix of cultural , residential and commercial commissions. Source: Architect DavidRead More →

CHART Art Fair merges the worlds of art, design and architecture in a city-wide event in Copenhagen. Bringing together a selection of Nordic galleries and international creative the fair examines and celebrates the cultural sector through three categories: ART FAIR, CHART DESIGN and CHART SOCIAL. Source: Charting Art, Design andRead More →

A sculptural gem that emerges from a desert landscape. O ften, natural settings provide a source of inspiration for modern architecture. In the case of Shapeshifter, the desert informs the design, leading to an almost symbiotic relationship between nature and human dwelling. Source: The Shapeshifter HouseRead More →

The clients behind a new house in the Japanese city of Maebashi, northwest of Tokyo, asked the architects at Snark Architects and OUVI for an inexpensive home built with affordable materials. Their other request was that the home include a large space devoted to their favorite hobby: Nurturing cacti andRead More →

Interior architect Arjaan de Feyter took pleasure in stripping the unconventional space back to its industrial roots; exposing the concrete floors, concrete plaster walls and brick structure. This set a precedence for raw integrity and the decision to focus on the tactility of each material. Source: Silo Apartment by ArjaanRead More →

A secret villa spills down a lush hillside in Bali, its stacked and offset volumes cloaked in greenery to become virtually invisible from certain angles. From above, you can make out the grassy rectangles of the roof. From the lower vantage point of the riverbank, a faint glow from theRead More →

Royal College of Art graduate Hannah Rozenberg has developed a digital tool that calculates the underlying gender bias in English architectural terms, to help create more gender-neutral environments. Rozenberg’s graduation project, Building Without Bias: An Architectural Language for the Post-Binary, centres around an online calculator that allows you find outRead More →

new york’s MoMA presents ‘bodys isek kingelez: city dreams’, the first US retrospective of the late congolese artist, whose colorful, intricate sculptures explored utopian possibilities for global cityscapes. the exhibition spans kingilez’s three-decade career, displaying rarely shown works, from the artist’s early single-building sculptures, to spectacular sprawling cities and futuristicRead More →

Tschumi’s Parc de la Villette . Image Courtesy of The Architectural Review If we define “ deconstructivism ” (although it is not a verified word in the dictionary), it literally translates to the breaking down, or demolishing of a constructed structure, whether it being for structural reasons or just anRead More →

Located inside the Panum complex, the introverted brutalist masterpiece that since the 1970s has housed the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences of the University of Copenhagen, the Maersk Tower bears the mark of the influential Danish firm CFMøller , which specialises in designing public spaces and buildings. Source: ARead More →

Source: Spectacular Hamptons Residence: A Modern Window into a Scenic LandscapeRead More →

You can order this tiny prefab cabin for under $22K and place it anywhere you desire. Mono is the culmination of years of engineering and design, with every detail meticulously planned, and every material tirelessly sourced. The little retreat measures nine feet wide, 12 feet high, and 16 feet across,Read More →

Smart homes are the latest innovation in residential architecture. In their broadest sense, smart homes offer the seamless integration of new technology within the domestic sphere in order to produce a more pleasant and efficient way of life. Source: There’s an app for that: new smart homes | News |Read More →

Beautiful identity for EAT Architects in Melbourne by Hue Studio , also in Melbourne. Architects Eat is an award-winning architecture firm based in Melbourne. Their service process and attributes is about simple straightforward execution whether it be design, the methodology or the relationship between the client and architect, the outcomeRead More →