The fall 2019 shows have kicked off in Milan. We’ll be updating this story with daily dispatches and our favourite moments, as captured by T’s photographers. Wednesday, Feb. 20 Against a backdrop of flashing LED lights, Alessandro Michele presented his fall 2019 Gucci collection: a carnival of looks mixed withRead More →

25 Years of Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party in Photos

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Vanity Fair Oscar party—a storied annual event where, as Frank DiGiacomo noted in 2013, “There is no V.I.P. section.” That’s probably what has made this party so alluring, so enviable, and so utterly unbelievable for the past quarter-century: it’s a single roomRead More →

Moments of Beauty

Dreaming of spring while a monumental snowstorm blankets the world outside. Model Guinevere Van Seenus, photographed by Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia, March 1996. (via haute vanity ) Source: Moments of BeautyRead More →

NU:RO analog watch mesmerizes with its minimalist twin movement

the simplicity of the minimalist NU:RO analog watch is as impressive as it is mesmerizing. its two dials, with hours at the top and minutes at the bottom, rotate to show the time in the middle inside the hourglass. even at a quick glance, the twin movement constantly works to ensure complete clarity withinRead More →

Closeup of Kristen Stewart for Chanel

VIDEO Longtime Chanel brand ambassador Kristen Stewart has done just about everything for her many house ad campaigns over the years, from rocking a mean smoky eye to — mamma mia! — channelling her inner Italian bombshell. But for the iconic French brand’s long-awaited campaign for its newest handbag style,Read More →

Coco Chanel images in black-and-white

The name Coco Chanel is synonymous with fashion. One of the most significant designers in history, she revolutionized women’s clothing and created timeless pieces such as the “ Little Black Dress ” and the Chanel suit. By far, she is the only designer to be hailed as one of theRead More →

Back in Time Photography by Irma Kanova

Turn back time – a treasure from the 50 years old wardrobe was revived. “I’m a professional photographer, my passion is a fashion, art, portraits. I love to put all those things into every single project. Source: Back in time, photography by Irma KanovaRead More →

  Cutting edge materials meet high design to combine form and function. For a brand steeped in history, craftsmanship, and classic Italian design, Officine Panerai has not been shy about embracing a technology-enabled future. In recent years, the watchmaker has made a point of experimenting with materials, smashing expectations alongRead More →

Hey guys –  Sheena from Luna Rozu , one of our fabulous Junk Journal Design Team Members, has created a beautiful junk journal for us. Source: A Gentleman’s Sketchbook Junk Journal – Design Team – Luna RozuRead More →

Fashion has always been about change, and the transition from 1940s fashion to fifties’ style was a pretty radical one. Post-war, 1950s fashion moved style from the salons to the streets, as inventions in easy care fabrics and speedier manufacturing systems meant that new silhouettes could be made for theRead More →

In his latest series of oil paintings, Body Cage , Norwegian painter and illustrator Audun Grimstad plays with elements of fashion design – ornate garments, lush spaces, bold colour – to create abstract arrangements that explore “issues of feeling trapped inside the facades we construct around our identities.” “The paintingsRead More →

Long before Dr. Woo , JonBoy , and their A-list clientele made dainty white dots and tiny crosses mainstream news, tattoos were already deeply ingrained in the fabric of history, discovered on the bodies of Egyptian mummies and an Austrian-Italian iceman now known as Ötzi . Source: 7 Tattoo TrendsRead More →

Have you ever seen that sad box of abandoned Barbies on the curb silently waiting for their land fill fate? Margaux Lange is saving the forgotten Barbies across the world and making them just as fun to hang out with now as when you were little. Source: Amputated Barbie partsRead More →

Today, we’re taking a look back at that hazy yet brilliant period of artistic fluorescence: the later 1960s. Specifically, we wanted to explore the phenomenon of psychedelic design—a style that nowadays gets recycled often in commercial work, while its original history threatens to fade from collective memory. Source: Tripping out:Read More →

Viavia’s Transit creates a new wave of storage and carry that looks and feels more utilitarian than leather, serves its purpose, and does so while being eco-friendly, durable, water-resistant, stain resistant, and extremely handy. The Transit comes in three sizes and four colors and is made from silicone, rather than the traditionalRead More →

German luxury luggage manufacturer has created eye-catching designs with brands such as Fendi, Supreme, Off-White, M/M (Paris) and TED Source: Our favourite Rimowa collaborationsRead More →

Fashion Transitions With Society – Have you seen a science fiction film lately? How about the 1960’s television program Star Trek? Remember when Kirk, wearing a goofy little uniform, whipped out a “communicator”? That was essentially a flip-phone, and his uniform was one which has been championed by socialist thinkersRead More →

Trends are cyclical, and it seems that even the most outrageous ones find a way of coming back in vogue. Memphis design is one example of how a movement that, in the early aughts, would’ve seemed ridiculous, but is now back in style among influencers and tastemakers. Source: What isRead More →

spanish architect marià castelló has developed a collection of framework structures for diabla, a new brand of outdoor furniture, accessories and complementary items. D12includes simple and straightforward pieces supporting different elements and conceived for practical ends: a shelf, a hanger, and a table. Source: marià castelló designs collection of practical framework pieces forRead More →

I was first introduced to Jane Pendry, the designer of the impossibly chic Dovima Paris collection around this time last year by our mutual friend, Ann Mashburn, a woman of equal aplomb. Jane is charming, elegant, intelligent, and incredibly stylish. Source: The Style Files: Jane PendryRead More →