The term Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been known to create an instant workplace Pavlovian response that manifests in a big, wide yawn requiring a hurried apology. To avoid the psychological baggage, Dan Martell refers to it as a playbook instead. Source: How to get started with SOPs and beRead More →


…there’s gotta be enough space in there (between notes) so that the sound will work in an air space. That’s what makes the music work. — Frank Zappa Without space there is no music. Try to imagine every note playing at the same time or being played so quickly thatRead More →

The types of font you choose will have a huge impact on your infographic. They are important because they provide information and fonts are part of the visual experience. So in this post, we`ve collected 25 cool fonts that will add a big impact to your infographic design and bringRead More →

How to Name Your Business – 3 Things You Need to Know Nomen est omen. So, you’ve come up with a great product or service that you want to put on the market, and now you have to pick a name for your business which will reflect all the benefitsRead More →

Russian born and educated she was excited to get design experience in an English-speaking environment, and she arrived in 2014 to reunite with her veterinarian partner. Source: Sixteen birds of AotearoaRead More →

The “Dictionary of Death” by French poet Robert Sabatier (1923–2012) was published by Éditions Albin Michel, Paris in 1967. Source: Dictionnaire de la mort – Robert SabatierRead More →

It’s crazy to think that Pantone has been forecasting “The Color of the Year” (COTY) for almost 20 years now. There are only so many shades in the rainbow, but I have to give it up to them for finding the nuances in hues to come up with something newRead More →

Jonathan Ortiz shared a beautiful collection of calligraphy and typography compositions. They are super colourful and stylish. There are some clever ideas on some of them, like an anagram style animation. Source: 3D Typography by Jonathan OrtizRead More →

Hatchet Display is a typeface with reverse contrast and glyphic serifs based on the shape of a handmade axe built by Designer Ale Navarros grandfather. Perfect for headlines, labels and logotypes. The Future fonts newsletter called this gorgeous face AXE cellent and I completely agree. Source: Glorious contrast inspired byRead More →

“I’m not a photographer. I shoot for architecture – if there’s art here it’s a byproduct.” Looking to the Pop Art movement as a lens through which to understand the American vernacular, photographs by architect, urban planner and theorist Denise Scott Brown explore 1960s Las Vegas. Source: Urban VernacularRead More →

Pentagram and Map create a generative industrial design for AI products “Individuality” and “playful” patterns and colours were key to the project, which includes designs for Graphcore’s intelligence processing units Pentagram has partnered with Map on an industrial design project for Graphcore, a machine learning technology start up. Source: PentagramRead More →

“ Okuyama Taiki is a Japanese graphic designer incorporating a sense of liveliness and fun into his creative practice. While running a novelty book store in Tokyo that was free, Okuyama became interested in the values of exchange that led to a career in design.” “ Communication between information andRead More →

One of the most common buzzwords in the world of mobile app development right now is IoT, the Internet of Things. From the simplest consumer-based applications like smart homes and wearables to complicated, industry-grade solutions like driverless forklifts, IoT is everywhere and gradually changing the way how consumers live, workRead More →

What mistakes or traps should young designers try to avoid when creating an illustration? “It really depends what their objective is. I think you must pursue what you enjoy and you will attract people and clients that appreciate what you do. Source: Nate Williams Creative — Seattle, Washington, USARead More →

Brochure designed to promote Radio Campus Paris’s 2018 program (a student radio station from Paris, France). The typeface used for titles is Tekno available from Good Type Foundry and the typeface used for texts is Stratos from Production Type . Source: Radio Campus Paris program brochureRead More →

Jean-Baptiste Fastrez / Moustache / Olo / Dark Grey / Lamp / 2016 Source: Jean-Baptiste Fastrez / Moustache / Olo / Dark Grey / Lamp /…Read More →

When you’re curled up inside on a gross, snowy day, the last thing you want to see more of is grey. Escape into a wonderful world of colour — without leaving your couch. This bold, beautiful Instagram feeds showcase ultra-radiant homes stuffed full of funky, colourful accessories. Source: 11 InstagramRead More →

Designer and Artist Maria Monte’s work in illustration and letterforms is tremendous—and fantastic in scope. Excited about her opinions on creativity and craft Nate Burgos interviews Maria for the Design Feast series celebrating remarkable Makers. Source: There are no shortcuts, only practice.Read More →

Adobe Fonts has released 30 free Font Packs , curated by design luminaries to help all creatives jumpstart their work. Developed by design and type leaders like Tad Carpenter , Natasha Jen , Annie Atkins , Monotype , Morisawa and Type Network , these Font Packs are curated collections sourcedRead More →