When you’re curled up inside on a gross, snowy day, the last thing you want to see more of is grey. Escape into a wonderful world of colour — without leaving your couch. This bold, beautiful Instagram feeds showcase ultra-radiant homes stuffed full of funky, colourful accessories. Source: 11 InstagramRead More →


Since David Heasty and Stefanie Weigler arrived in New York City in 2000, their studio TRIBORO has been fascinated by the NYC Subway system. “In 2009 we took on the immense creative challenge of designing an entirely new subway system map from scratch,” they note. “In 2010 our map debutedRead More →


Changing seasons bring with them a change in colours as well; not just outside but also within our own homes. With fall well and truly here and its first big celebration behind us, homes are starting to gear up for Thanksgiving ahead. Source: Trendy Hues: 20 Fall Favorites in Kids’Read More →


Colour sets the tone of an image, engaging viewers while shaping their perceptions. Whether monochromatic, bright, cool, warm, or complementary, all shades play a role in design. Finding the right colour for your design can be bothersome but yet adventurous. Source: 30 Color Combinations To Inspire Your Next DesignRead More →


It may sound a bit too bold. It may even sound a bit crazy, but, it’s trendy and when executed correctly, can become the best part of the home. Check out these 15 black kitchen cabinets that you’ll swoon for, we promise. If you have the space and the rightRead More →

Danish Color, American Sound: HAY for Sonos One Limited Collection

When Sonos and HAY originally announced their partnership back in April at Salone del Mobile in Milan, the question wasn’t whether the audio company would bring some of the colorful palette designed by Danish design brand to fruition, but whether all five would really make launch. Source: Danish Color, AmericanRead More →

If there is one color the world simply cannot seem to get enough of, then it is undoubtedly gray! The last decade has seen gray not only lead the pack of neutral colors, but it also has surged so far ahead of the rest, that the trend is now anRead More →

You know when you walk into a room and everything just feels right — attractive, pulled together and welcoming? It’s an effect Jennifer Adams , San Diego-based interior designer and author of the new, tip-filled book “Love Coming Home,” attributes to “ribboning,” a strategically balanced use of color and furnishingsRead More →

When car companies introduce new vehicles, they typically host media drives for journalists as a way to generate buzz and reviews in advance of dealership sales to the public. The majority of the time spent on these drive programs is experimental, mostly driving and eating (a lot of eating). Source:Read More →

Girl Before a mirror by Picasso

Picasso painted a “Girl Before a Mirror” almost twenty years after the development of Cubism.  It contains both traditional and cubist references.  At one level it is a metaphor about the act of seeing both inwardly and outwardly.  A lovely classical head that is both visible in serene profile andRead More →

Spectral Vision light installation

Working with light installation, sculpture and public art, 2016 Aesthetica Art Prize finalist Liz West creates vivid environments that mix luminous colour and radiant light. Working across a variety of mediums, her works provoke a heightened sensory awareness in the viewer and have recently featured as part of 2018’s London DesignRead More →

Orange velvet chair

I dabble in all the colors, but orange is and will always be my fave. My home is sprinkled with happy doses of it and I LOVE it. I’m drooling over that orange velvet chair pictured above-yum! pinterest source instagram couturezilla This beauty is way out of my price rangeRead More →

The world is about to get a little more sparkly with the release of Pantone’s Metallic Shimmer colors. The color authority, which defines and standardizes hues (and annually determines the prescient Color of the Year ), has announced a collection of iridescent shades, such as “Ice Palace” and “Golden Egg,”Read More →

Orange paint Colours - Dulux

Source: View The Most Popular Orange Paint Colours & SchemesRead More →

Color blind chart

The plight of the colour-blind designer seems like a daunting one. It’s a fairly common phenomenon. Out of necessity, the condition is often hidden from employers and colleagues by a large swath of artists and designers seeking to protect their professional reputations and keep their livelihoods from peril. Source: HowRead More →

Lust for Light Book

Liz West Once only used to illuminate a painting or photograph, light is now commonly used as the medium itself—glowing brightly from neon tubes, programmed as an interactive installation, projected to create an intangible feeling of warmth, or flashing as an LED spectacle. Source: Lust For Light: A New BookRead More →

Bumble hive monochramatic

It can be tempting for event designers to get as colourful as possible, but simply does not have to mean boring. When layered with interesting patterns, textures, and shapes, monochromatic colour schemes can create a truly memorable event design for corporate events, benefits, trade show booths, and more. Source: 21Read More →

Nordiska Kök has created this open plan kitchen

In collaboration with Swedish fashion label Stylein, Nordiska Kök has created this open plan kitchen for the fashion label’s founder. Using the quintessential Scandinavian clean lines the space is composed in light ash, milestone countertops, pale green, and minimalist shapes. “The Nordic minimalism, the clean lines and soft colours areRead More →

Woven Image EchoPanel Longitude in colourway

Woven Image was established in 1987 to cater to the architecture and design industry’s appetite for design-driven interior finishes. Always attuned to the beat and shifts in the global design world, Woven Image is quick to adapt to the latest technology, innovations and trends with a vast offering of high-performanceRead More →

I found this article from a 1938 edition of the The Courier Mail. Primer for painters Most homeowners like to have their house looking brand new with a bright coat of paint in the sunshine of spring and summer. For the guidance of would-be decorators, the following hints will beRead More →