Colors and Their Meaning

It is not surprising that colour can affect the state of our mind. Which colours best affect our mood? When you equip the room, you should not determine the colour only on the basis of whether you like it or not. Try to imagine how you would feel about theRead More →

The Secret Lives of Color

Here at 99% Invisible, we think about colour a lot, so it was really exciting when we came across a beautiful book called The Secret Lives of Color by Kassia St. Clair, It’s this amazing collection of stories about different colours, the way they’ve been made through history, and theRead More →

Pantone desert with mountains on horizon

Want your designs to read as fun, playful, vibrant, and exciting? Then try Flame Orange. According to colour psychology, people tend to describe orange as a bright, happy, energetic colour that inspires feelings of excitement and enthusiasm—so if you want your designs to be described in the same way, thisRead More →

Nineteenth century colour wheel

The famed artist and Bauhaus professor Josef Albers was a colour theory pioneer, having spent years of his life developing lessons to help elucidate the way colours appear and interact. He advised students to perform his exercises with pieces of coloured paper, rather than paint. “Color paper avoids unnecessary mixingRead More →

Monochrome madness at Derby Day 2018 (reblog)

One shoulder dresses, face veils, wide brim hats and tuxedo dresses are key trends this year at Derby Day Source: Monochrome madness at Derby Day 2018Read More →

Whether you’re a UI/UX designer or a digital artist, you should know that colour is crucial to the final product. But finding the right colour scheme is tough and usually involves a lot of trial & error. With Ambiance, you can auto-generate colour schemes right from the COLOURlovers API, all at the click of a button!Read More →

Choosing the colour of your website is a big deal. people are receptive to different colours and also the moods that are attached to them. Plus, it is risky if you your chose for a stereotype because it can dissuade more people than it attracts. Source: How to Choose ColorsRead More →

I have long had a complicated relationship with red. Maybe it’s having grown up in the ’80s when “cranberry” was all the rage in home decor and fashion and it sort of scarred me for life. But recently I’ve been coming around a little, especially when red is paired withRead More →

I first stumbled across the work of Colin Quest, aka Habitat Legit, on Instagram . His vibrant collages caught my eye not only for their pop of color but also because I instantly recognized the iconic mid-century modern architecture of Palm Springs. Source: This digital collage artist remixes Palm Springs architecture with ‘quirky surrealism’Read More →

Experimental musician and artist Kamiel Rongen of Water Ballet captured the graceful slow-motion movement of drowned colour as it formed vivid threads and shapes that danced their way up to the surface. Rongen stated that this was all created in his Amsterdam studio for his original song “ Barbapapa “.Read More →

Given all of the elements that comprise any design project – composition, colour, lighting, function, shape, texture – one of the most vexing tasks a designer must tackle is communicating the mood. Mood can be elusive, and it can be hard to evoke with precision and consistency,Read More →

A swatch fan of pantone colour matching system

The Pantone Colour Matching System is a system for identifying, matching and communicating colours across product design, graphic design and marketing. It utilises a unique numbering system for identifying its colours.Read More →

Artist Daniel Mullen, based in Amsterdam, creates amazing visual paintings. Indeed, he uses different colours, shapes and texture to create optical illusions and offer his works a unique visual. Recently, he made a series of paintings entitled “Synesthesia”. Source: Visual And Abstract Paintings By Daniel MullenRead More →

Created by Belgian artist Hans Op de Beeck , ‘The Collector’s House’ is a collection of realistic sculptures in a 2,600-square-foot space, completely devoid of colour. “The museum-like installation contained several life-size sculpted figures in addition to a library, grand piano, furniture, scattered still lifes, and a lily pool positionedRead More →

Pierre Bonnard: The Colour of Memory More unsettling than they first appear, Pierre Bonnard’s paintings are often thought of as celebrations of domestic tranquility. With trembling and sometimes overloaded colour, and a touch that always seems nervous, there’s anxiety and disquiet in his interiors and portraits of his wife, MartheRead More →

Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, announces the release of ColorForward 2020, the 14th edition of the annual color forecasting guide for the plastics industry. While consumer preference has been trending toward warmer tones in recent years, Clariant color-trend watchers see a shift to cooler blues and greens in theRead More →

{ color sea } | image via: @ashleightmc The post Color Sea appeared first on Design SeedsRead More →

Whether you work in web design, graphic design, you’re a Photoshop Artist or just passionate about photography, we all know that at one point we need some special textures, and in this case, we’re talking about rusted textures. A texture of rust is often very artistic and full of interestingRead More →

Google’s Art & Culture Experiments are always a source of joy–like its recent viral selfie feature, which matched your face to your long-lost twin in fine art. But the app also provides more useful tools, like its latest, Art Palette. Source: Google’s Latest Experiment Is Like Reverse Image Search ForRead More →