Cover jacket image of On Color by David Scott Kastan and Stephen Farthing (all images courtesy Yale University Press) Books and writing about color abound these days, which should be quite unsurprising, since colors are always present in our lives. Source: The Histories of Ten Colors Through Multiple Lenses AdvertisementsRead More →


Melodramatic purple adds sophistication and visual interest to any space. Image: Elad Gonen We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you are aware, Freshome may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Millennial pink has had its day. Source: Move Over, Millennial Pink.Read More →

Black and white, yellow and blue, gray and almost every other shade, etc… in the pallet world these are some simple color combinations that are always a reliable option. Certainly they deserve the title of timeless and eternal classics, but that does not mean that you do not have toRead More →

We might assume that 21st-century technology enables us to produce fabric in all imaginable colors, most of them totally unknown to our ancestors. Yet none of it has ever quite replicated the striking hues achieved by dyers of centuries and centuries ago. Source: A Meditative Look at a Japanese Artisan’sRead More →

This Trending Hue Has Me Rethinking Everything I Ever Thought About Purple image source Hello EHD world, it’s Arlyn, new Editorial Director around here. In a recent blog brainstorm meeting, we were throwing around ideas for design trends we’ve been spotting lately, and the topic of lilac came up. Source:Read More →

‘may the winds not carry us out to sea’ by new zealand-based artist brydee rood physically and socially connects us through the materiality of the sculpture with dialogues of plastic pollution and the act of flailing precariously and urgently towards preserving the earth’s vital ocean habitats, critically engaging with mankind’sRead More →

With all the focus on varying shades of pastels these days (we’re looking at you, millennial pink!), it can be easy to forget that bright colors are still a consistent design trend, too. Sometimes a simple, solitary pop of color is all you need, but if you’re feeling more adventurous,Read More →

While minimalism might still be going strong, design trend forecasts are looking to bold color to freshen up bare landscapes. If you’re looking to dip your toe in some fresh new color palettes, there’s no easier place to start than your patio. Source: Bold Colors Are the Unofficial Trend ofRead More →

{ color texture } | image via: @elisafelixb The post Color Texture appeared first on Design Seeds . Source: Color TextureRead More →

Freshly reinvented by London-based Farshid Moussavi Architecture, the Harrods Toy Department has reopened its doors on the fourth floor of the storied department store. It comprises a suite of eight individual boutiques, each dedicated to a specific toy category, distinctive in colour and theme. Source: Farshid Moussavi’s new Harrods ToyRead More →

I thought I was obsessed with color, but Minnesota based artist Josie Lewis takes this passion to a whole new level. These are just two of her more recent pieces, but she’s got a portfolio filled with bits of paper, paint, resin, and mesmerizing videos demonstrating how she makes itRead More →

RC architects designs ‘pause’, a multifaceted restroom complex located along india ‘s bombay-goa highway, on the way to the karnala bird sanctuary. taking cues from other public utilities, including london’s famous telephone booths, post boxes and buses, all colored in red, ‘pause’ is painted in the same color to allowRead More →

We’ve got an eye-candy Monday Moodboard to excite and freshen your senses. Paint your dull and bluesy Monday with the seven colors of the rainbow. Read More Source: Monday Moodboard: In a World This ColorfulRead More →

{ color nature } | image via: @derkleineklecks The post Color Nature appeared first on Design Seeds . Source: Color NatureRead More →

translated from Spanish We detect it in the streets and we confirm it in the stained-glass windows of all the shopping malls in the country, in the clothes, in the feet and in the accessories: the tone that goes is Red Pear. The precise name is Pantone 19-1536, a toneRead More →

Mirko Saviane , a self-taught photographer, has always been interested in the arts. He started out with painting, but eventually concentrated on photography, particularly street photography. His series, shot in the island of Burano in Italy are filled with bright splashes of colour and striking shadows. Source: Colour-Drenched Island ofRead More →

Casanova + Hernandez Architects must have had the ol’ “slow down and smell the roses” saying in mind when they designed the Ceramic Museum and Mosaic Park in Jinzhou, China. Inspired by the crackled glaze of ancient Chinese porcelain the architects used broken local ceramic pieces to mosaic the pavementRead More →

Are you choosing colors for your interface that strain the user’s eyes? If you’re using a bright and saturated color for your background, you’re making it hard for users to keep their eyes on your page. Bright, saturated colors attract the most user attention. Source: Why You Shouldn’t Use Bright,Read More →

Despite it affecting approximately one in 12 men and one in 200 women, colour blindness is often disregarded when designing for optimum user experience and accessibility. Although sizeable advances have been made in assistive equipment and software, many websites contain design flaws that hinder simple and engaging user experience. Source:Read More →