Paul Bacon was not a household name, but anyone who has a passion for books will have seen his works. Bacon was an artist, who used minimal imagery and bold typography to sell famous novels such as, “Catch 22” by Joseph Heller, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest’s and PhillipRead More →


Sourced from Daily Press – Newport News Virginia 17 April 1939 The invention of movable types in Europe, as we all know, has been generally attributed to Gutenberg —  just as the steam engine has popularly been considered that of Watt.  However Watt did not invent the steam engine; heRead More →

Typography is, from the perspective of newcomers, plagued with confusing terminology. On the other hand, the technical vocabulary does allow for serious and precise discussion and manipulation of text. Let’s take a look at some of the key terminology. Leading and Line Spacing Leading isn’t what you probably think it is.Read More →

Saved onto Typography DANKEN is all caps display typeface was created to mix font styles and create unlimited variety of effects. Now it has 19 font styles but it’s growing. Source: Danken typefaceRead More →

Source: nicethingswelike..Daily design inspiration.Read More →

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.  Mono is the premium print edition of the digital Argentinian information platform called Red/Acción. Every issue shows slow-reading articles, illustrations, cartoons and infographics in an unconventional format that unfolds into different classic journalistic layouts, from magazine to tabloid and (unfolded) broadsheet. Source: License: All Rights Reserved.  Cover illustration Diego Parés Source: License: AllRead More →

Source: License: All Rights Reserved.  Gut is an agency based in Miami and Buenos Aires. Sagmeister & Walsh created an abstract spiral logo animation inspired by gut intestines. Art & Creative Direction: Jessica Walsh & Stefan Sagmeister Lead Design: Gabriela Namie 3D & Animation: Andrei Robu, Yaya Xu Photography: Sarah Hopp Prop Production: Arielle CasaleRead More →

We’re so used to typing these days that most of us probably can’t even remember the last time we needed to use our handwriting skills. But there are still some people out there whos handwriting is so incredibly good it’s unbelievable that they write like that on their daily basis.Read More →

That’s a nice typeface. Does it come in three dimensions? As fonts make their way into augmented and virtual worlds, designers are posed with creating type that doesn’t just live in the X and Y world, but in Z-space, too. At least that’s the thesis behind the new brand byRead More →

British graffiti artist Pref explores words and common phrases through unique multi-layered murals. His 3D text is used to create amalgamations of quippy sayings, often placing one word inside of another to give a piece multiple perspectives. In the work below a turquoise “more” subtly shifts into a salmon “less” simply byRead More →

Image courtesy of Monotype The mobile-loving world calls for quick-loading sites and legibility. Usually, that comes at a cost for designers: lack of personality in your typefaces, which gives print communications a winning edge aesthetic-wise. At the TYPO Berlin 2018 held this week, experts are hoping to combat that by introducing variable fonts.Read More →

Birgit Palma, an Austrian illustrator/lettering artist based in Barcelona, collaborates with Daniel Triendl on modular color fonts. In 2017, the pair hosted live workshops called Modular Lettering Jam sessions at Typo Berlin and Forward Festivals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The pair created signature alphabets for workshops in each different city, influencedRead More →

Herman Miller is a design company through and through. Founded in 1905, Herman Miller is known around the world for iconic designs, like the Eames, Aeron, and Mirra chairs, Nelson Bubble Lamps, and many more. Like its analog predecessor, digital design at Herman Miller draws from a strong design tradition—craft,Read More →

This post was originally published on this site – Geometric type by Federico Landini & Ray Oranges . Source: – Geometric type by Federico Landini & Ray…Read More →

This post was originally published on this site New Typographic Artworks by Carlo Cadenas Recent work by Buenos Aires-based designer Carlo Cadenas . More typography inspiration via Behance Graphic Design Illustration Typography Posted on May 2, 2018 Source: New Typographic Artworks by Carlo CadenasRead More →

This post was originally published on this siteBold typography is one of the most exciting trends that has emerged in design. Whether it’s online or offline content, typography helps you to communicate your message across to your audience. Designers can have fun with typography and be creative. Based on theRead More →

This post was originally published on this siteA cheeky identity for a serious project. Supple Studio have created a logo that cleverly combines sex and conversation, which is then enhanced by a visual identity inspired by the neon signs of Soho sex shops. Additional copywriting kudos for the promotional gifRead More →