Over the last 13 years, artist José Naranja has been filling pocket-sized notebooks with his own visual diary. By illustrating his daily experiences, observations, ideas, and memories, Naranja considers his ongoing project as “a love letter to notebooks, a flight of fancy and also a part of [him].” Each ofRead More →


Hand lettering has existed as a trend for a while. It’s wildly attractive to designers looking to express themselves creatively with text, and clients seeking a bespoke design solution that enables them to stand out. By now it’s everywhere—you can’t go a block without seeing a chalkboard sign emblazoned withRead More →

Kate Peggy Cronk is an illustrator and calligrapher based in London. She founded Peggy & Kate back in 2014 to combine her love of colour, painting and nature. Inspired by the things around her from her family home to the historic architecture of London, she’s created a collection of prints,Read More →

Give your typography and illustration projects a personal touch. Try these tips and techniques to develop and inspire your unique hand lettering style. Hand lettering is enjoying a resurgence across graphic design and illustration, and deservedly so. Source: Hand Lettering Inspiration: 25 Examples to Spark Your Next ProjectRead More →

Left handed sketching

Just as technology evolves, we, as designers need to improve ourselves by adding skills to our toolkit. If I had to answer the question “What makes a good designer?”, the list wouldn’t be too short. In fact, agencies look for multi-skilled designers that can cover more areas than just graphic andRead More →

Typography poster example by Dima Abrakadabra

“Typography is a way of demonstrating emotions. The nature of the lines, the direction of the strokes, the composition — all these things help recreate the specific mood of a work and through this mood, the author can translate his emotional state, thoughts and other ideas to the viewer. Source:Read More →

Hand drawn lettering the word "HOPE" by Meni Chatzipanagiotou

Lettering Illustrations by Meni Chatzipanagiotou AoiroStudio Sep 06, 2018 Let’s take a deep breath of pure inspiration with the work of Meni Chatzipanagiotou , an illustrator and graphic designer from Thessaloniki, Greece. She has just released this beautiful set of lettering illustration hand drawn with pens and acrylic paint. Source:Read More →

In this week’s installment of Font of the Week , we’re going to be taking a look at some of the work of the very talented sam Parrett. In particular, we’re going to highlight the font named Northwell . Northwell is a handwritten, rustic font that offers homemade sense toRead More →

Fun Lettering Artworks by Mary Kate McDevitt We’re loving the work of Philadelphia-based illustrator and lettering artist Mary Kate McDevitt . From her website: “Since 2010 Mary Kate has created hand lettering and illustrations for clients including, Target, Chronicle Books, Smuckers’, Macy’s, and author to her books Hand-Lettering Ledger, IllustrationRead More →

Amazing Lettering Artworks by Tobias Saul German artist Tobias Saul combines traditional craftsmanship with digital techniques to create unique lettering artworks. More lettering inspiration via Behance Typography Posted on August 24, 2018 Source: Amazing Lettering Artworks by Tobias SaulRead More →

Since 2011. Typographic ligatures used to improve the appearance of type are usually character pairs or triplets that have features that tend to overlap when used together. The ligature creates a smoother transition or connection between characters by connecting… Source: Big Loser – lettering and calligraphy for a logo byRead More →

Creative Hand-Lettering by Lana Hughes Lana Hughes is a London based artist specialising in hand-lettering, sign writing and typographic illustration. She has recently spent a year painting her way around Australia and South East Asia. Source: Creative Hand-Lettering by Lana HughesRead More →

A limited edition exhibit poster using freshly cut wood type from Hamilton’s collection of end grain maple. During the late nineteenth century, illustrated hand woodcut initial caps were a fashionable and functionable typographic accent. Source: Steven Heller: Initial Caps: The Birth of Illustrated TypographyRead More →

Calligraphy & Lettering for Natus Vincere (video gaming club). Calligraphy & Lettering. Murals Published by Maan Ali Source: Calligraphy & Lettering. MuralsRead More →

Hello brush lettering beginners! How do you make your brush lettering pieces unique? You have mastered the technique of using the brush pen and you’re even able to write beautiful lettering with it. The next step now is to make your brush lettering unique and different from your usual pieces.Read More →

Hand Lettered Love #230 Leave a reply Source: Hand Lettered Love #230Read More →

Source: nicethingswelike..Daily design inspiration.Read More →

Cadillac Mural & Typographic Illustration by Mark van Leeuwen AoiroStudio Jun 18, 2018 I’ve been following the work of Mark van Leeuwen for years, especially on his Instagram . His stylish works in lettering and type clearly made a difference in our day-to-day with typography. Source: Cadillac Mural & TypographicRead More →

David Kerkhoff is a man who started out miles away from typography, yet he somehow ended up smack in the middle of the industry. The funny thing is, all of his life experiences are what actually led him toward his current career as a typographer, even though he didn’t knowRead More →

— Another beautiful alphabet, this time in calligraphy, by @calligraphile https://ift.tt/2xSCr6q Source: — Another beautiful alphabet, this time in calligraphy, by…Read More →