We’re so used to typing these days that most of us probably can’t even remember the last time we needed to use our handwriting skills. But there are still some people out there whos handwriting is so incredibly good it’s unbelievable that they write like that on their daily basis.Read More →


Bold and Botanical Bringing an extra dimension to decorative type, Julia Losfelt has produced this captivating a set of letters juxtaposing delicate and complex botanical structures with a stark, bold sans-serif. The soft lighting and meticulous composition of the plants and flowers makes each is joy to look at. You can find herRead More →

la parisienne script font

Recently designed and published by Sinikka Li, a German hand-lettering artist and typographer, La Parisienne is a handwritten signature typeface that comes with over 128 stylistic ligatures to let you create typographic work with a natural handwriting style. The font works on both systems Mac and PC.Read More →

Lombardic capitals

The above drawings show an example of Lombardic letters.  The Lombardic letters were a development by the Italians of the old Roman cursive letters. Most types that are based on them are stiff and formal. Read More →

5 types of fonts

If you’re dipping a toe into the wide world of typography, it probably seems a bit overwhelming. More than almost any other design element, fonts deliver both messages and feeling to your viewer almost instantaneously, so it’s really important to pick the right type of font.Read More →

Sleek Handwritten Script

Angga Mahardika is a graphic designer who is exceptionally skilled in the field of typography, and more specifically, calligraphy. His work is continuously expressive and rich in personality, with a portfolio that presents a variety of hand-drawn scripts and sans serifs, Read More →