The world’s first watch crafted from melted illegal firearms. Stockholm-based watch brand TRIWA recently partnered with IM Swedish Development Partner, the organization behind the creation of the award-winning Humanium Metal material. Source: The TRIWA x Humanium Metal Watch AdvertisementsRead More →


The African Dung Beetle is an interesting little creature. Known as rollers, they feed on faecal matter, rolling it into round balls for easy transportation and transforming it into food or material for shelter. With an internal mechanism allowing it to roll around and mimic the movements and utility ofRead More →

Blue Bottle Cold Brew Bottle $35 Make your own cold brew at home with Blue Bottle’s handy, foolproof Cold Brew Bottle—all you need is ground coffee beans, water and time. Made in collaboration with Japanese company Hario, the bottle is crafted from dishwasher-safe components made from glass, silicone rubber, polypropyleneRead More →

1955 Ferrari 500 Mondial Series II Ferrari is synonymous with the V12 engine, but a whole host of cars from the Prancing Horse have had motors with fewer cylinders. Known as the Admiral’s Mondial, this 1955 Mondial Series II has a 2-liter four-cylinder motor, which became legendary on the racetrack.Read More →

Innovative balancing chair activates core muscles, improves spinal strength, and promotes good posture. The person sitting in the “Rodeostol” Rodeo Chair is in constant motion. Also check out: Two Legged Chair Source: Rodeo ChairRead More →

Price: $Upon Request | Buy | Link The Nobe 100 is a three-wheeled electric city car with a beautiful retro design. The car will be made entirely from reusable or recycled parts and has an upgrade system in place to ensure longevity. Source: Nobe 100 Three-Wheel Electric CarRead More →

Modelled after the Matterhorn mountain in the Swiss Alps, this sculptural glass tumbler is enough to pique anyone’s interest. $73 BUY IT $73 BUY IT $73 BUY IT Get it on Amazon . Recommended Reading: Related Posts: Product Of The Week: Haoshi Goldfish Clock Product Of The Week: Moroccan InspiredRead More →

the analog motor ‘AM1’ might look and ride like a traditional bicycle , but really it is capable of double the performance in comparison . its ultra-lightweight, minimalist, aluminum framed design is enhanced with a detachable 24V battery that gives riders that extra push, whether they are commuting to workRead More →

Wireless earphones have changed the way that we listen to music, their convenience, their inconspicuous nature and, most of all, their lack of annoying cables has made them a highly desirable item of technology for all music lovers! Source: Wireless Earbuds That Recharge From Your PhoneRead More →

RM Sotheby’s reveals an early featured highlight for its upcoming Porsche 70th Anniversary auction at the Porsche Experience Center Atlanta . A time-capsule, fully numbers-matching 1956 Porsche 356 A 1600 S Speedster , commonly referred to as a Super Speedster, will be offered from its owner of 51 years atRead More →

Click Light offers rope style lighting that invites you to set endless shapes to light up the room. The unique design encourages you to touch, change, and interact with the light. This project redefines the light switch, making it becomes a part of the phase that fixture suggests. Source: ClickRead More →

David Hasselhoff, Porsche 928 Two Eighties titans collide, tastefully. The 928 was the gold standard of Eighties excess, from Risky Business to Scarface, and Hasselhoff its human equivalent. Imagine that big V8 in front of you, under that shark-sloping hood, a car phone that falls easily to hand, so youRead More →

Researchers have come a long way toward developing prosthetic limbs that give patients much of the same functionality that they had before they suffered a loss. Now, a team of researchers at two North Carolina universities has developed new technology to make prosthetic wrists and hands function even more intuitivelyRead More →

If you are among those who’s best day starts with a fresh cup of coffee, then to brighten your morning coffee routine we have these cool coffee scoops. Lungo Coffee Scoop : The Lungo Coffee Scoop is a cute baby giraffe shaped scoop that makes measuring servings of ground coffeeRead More →

No one gets excited about bathroom trash cans, but what about a bathroom recycling separator ? This two-compartment bin makes it easy to separate out trash from recycling, so you’ll not need to think twice about sorting plastics from the regular icky stuff later on. Source: Bathroom Recycling SeparatorRead More →

Think about your morning. You probably wake up, get ready for work or university, and most likely find yourself in a rush. To add insult to injury, you add some heavy bags, hamburger wallets, and a few other bulky objects to the mix. Source: Cool And Functional Design For EverydayRead More →

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Words by Gian Marco Tosti Published on 15 June 2018 Category Industrial Design Does the following statement sound familiar? You are sitting in the metro and you grab your smartphone at the first sign of boredom or because the person next to you is completely immersed in their phone. Source:Read More →

Pretty Useful Tools create products that are both pretty and useful. For use this means creating covetable items that prodide a real solution to everyday problems, improving your… show more Source: Pretty Useful Tools @ Wild & Wolf by Dean O’CallaghanRead More →

Since the mythical Icarus flew too close to the sun, personal flight–just you, minimal gear, and the open sky–has been both an inspiration and, well, a downer. But despite historical junk heaps of prototype jetpacks and mini flying saucers, technology may finally be catching up to ancient ambitions. Source: MeetRead More →