The benefits of having a comfortable or better yet, an ergonomic computer chair are countless. The right chair can help ease back pain, loosen a stiff neck, and help prevent both muscular and nerve diseases all by keeping your body in the correct alignment. Source: 31 Beautiful Computer Chairs ThatRead More →


Main Takeaways The Coolest Cooler is a great outdoor adventure accessory. The blender was surprisingly effective, and the speaker provided some great music for us as we tore down the main body of the cooler. I still mourn the loss of the cooler and want one of my own toRead More →

I’ve lived in both Western and Eastern locales, and here’s what’s great about the former: No one knows how bad your feet smell. Sealed within your sneakers, your stinky secret is safe. But live in a place like eastern Asia, where you take your shoes off every time you enterRead More →

Italy, the mecca of slow-cooking and pizza perfectionism, drove the first iteration of the pizza vending machine out of town—Claudio Torghele’s Let’s Pizza. Now, the Japanese version, Pizza Self, has appeared outside of a video rental store in Hiroshima. Source: A Pizza-Making Vending Machine Popped Up in JapanRead More → DP-2 – Wireless Earphones by Dotcom Creation The looped silhouette of the DP-2 by Dotcom Creation is unlike any other traditional in-ear or over-the-ear headphones in both form and function. Source: DP-2 – Wireless Earphones by Dotcom CreationRead More →

Designed by Jun Kamei, Amphibio is a two-part 3D-printed accessory consists of a gill and a respiratory mask that allows humans to completely breathe underwater . By 2100, a temperature rise of 3.2℃ is predicted to happen, causing a sea level rise affecting between 0.5 – 3 billion people andRead More →

A gorgeous Bluetooth speaker that blends harmonically superior audio of analog vacuum tube technology with wireless digital music. The omnidirectional speaker allows you to hear crystal clear and smooth sound in every direction. Source: Harmonically Superior Bluetooth Speaker in Raytheon Vacuum TubeRead More →

If you want a pair of Apple ‘AirPods’ that are anything but the norm, this custom-made ‘ AirPods Retro ’ by ColorWare might be right up your alley. The unique, limited edition design pays homage to Apple’s classic Macintosh aesthetic, with its soft beige matte color and gray lines onRead More →

Ever since we added solid colours to our pillow selection with our Colour Pop Pillows , we’ve gone nuts for the way our palette makes our patterns pop. It’s incredible how adding dashes of these pure colours make you see our patterns even better. Source: Accessories get Colour Popped!Read More →

Good functional design is about innovation and that’s what the Snow Wolf wheeled snow shovel is: a well designed object that reinvents an old tool. The shovel has a large wheel that allows you to push and leverage heavy snow without using your back. Source: Classic snow shovel reinvented withRead More →

Designed by Garage Italia and Pininfarina It’s been a while since our last post in ” Cars ” flow and we really like to keep it clean for beautiful examples of automotive industry. Here is another eye-catching sample worth for being outside, near the beach. Source: Fiat 500 SpiagginaRead More →

These black pet home inspirations were presented for those who state as a person who love with their pet and want to show their love passion for their pet. The performance of this pet house was come from the thought of simplicity and minimalist. Source: Minimalist Black Dog House DesignsRead More →

a community that celebrates contemporary culture, focused on architecture, design, art and travel. Source: Gaudute Zilyte Has Designed The REDDOT ArmchairRead More →

Here’s another Japanese design that skirts the line between “Good gosh that’s clever” and “Do we really need this?” By utilizing thin, perfectly-cylindrical leads, mechanical pencils obviate the need for sharpening. But if you were to zoom in on the tip, you’d see that even the narrowest lead can alternateRead More →

Dimitri Nassisi has designed a lovely concept that turns a fire hydrant into a drinking fountain (for humans and dogs!) nice! #63304 problem! Source: Dimitri Nassisi has designed a lovely concept…Read More →

Nienkämper has reintroduced its Expo 67 Chair, designed by Christen Sorensen, to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary. Originally introduced at the 1967 International and Universal Exposition in Montreal, Christen’s timeless design has proven to be a relevant, contemporary solution for today’s corporate, casual and start-up environments. Source: Nienkämper Reintroduces ClassicRead More →

Did you know that you can easily spend over $2,000 a year buying lunch out each day? Making your own lunch and packing it in a reusable box is therefore not only better for you, it’s more sustainable for the earth AND might help you save up for that vacationRead More →

Words by Bronwyn Marshall Published on 27 July 2018 Category Industrial Design Photography by Rosendahl Copenhagen Picto Wall Clock from Rosendahl Copenhagen , brings a playful simplicity. Inspired by a somewhat retro style, echoing Scandinavian mid-century icons, this piece is stripped-back to the basics of time-telling. Source: PictoRead More →

Snow Ski Wine Rack is a stylish way to display your wine collection, especially when you are also a ski lover. Designed and handmade by Michael Bellino, this piece offers you an innovative way to display your favorite vino, in fact, you don’t have to be an expert skier orRead More →

To have some semblance of precision (in other words, to look like you have your you-know-what together), you may want to place this lucite ruler set within reach of your desk. The lucite offers a clear view to get those lines and shapes just right, and the heft of eachRead More →