Music industry planned to kill vinyl records with CDs, forcing us all to buy new equipment and put our music collections back in place. It was stupid: after all, the labels were owned, and the electronics were made. But you know, the best plans are broken, etc. According to NielsenRead More →


Bright, colourful appliances are quickly making a huge comeback and we are completely here for it! While having a lime green refrigerator might make most cringe or think back to the 60s, these blast from the past is coming in hot. Source: Are You Ready To Incorporate Colorful Appliances?Read More →

We all fidget from time-to-time, whether it’s with the phones in our pockets or by clicking the push button at the end of our pens (the latter of the two really annoys everyone in the general area), we sometimes just can’t help it… we may not even know we areRead More →

The Road Ahead: Reimagining Mobility, on view at the Cooper Hewitt , Smithsonian Design Museum from December 14 through March 31, will feature 40 projects that explore salient topics around the future of mobility and the urban environment. Source: The Road Ahead: Reimagining MobilityRead More →

Typologie is a series of publications that analyse and illustrate the production process of everyday objects. The first book in the series was published in 2017, following a successful crowdfunding campaign. After a year the authors try to repropose the same method for a double book about: the cork andRead More →

Brooklyn-based design studio Anton & Irene is known for designing digital experiences for various clients, including The Met, Spotify, Google and Netflix. Anton & Irene’s diverse digital design portfolio is one for the books, but something a little different on their website caught our eye. Source: Anton & Irene’s NU:RORead More →

Electronic Play Mat is a concept device to provide new kind of treatment for children with autism, especially for children at the age of 2 to 4. This play mat features well-designed games where children and parents can play together, creating a deeper bond and help their kids to recoverRead More →

Press photo Young designers from Russia design original furniture and interior items, featuring philosophical overtones, aesthetic craftsmanship and, of course, national motifs. 1. EOACOUSTIC acoustic panels Press photo Based on a design by Tanya and Misha Repin, these panels are made from pine needles. Source: 10 objects by Russian designersRead More →

The Manmower is one of those absolutely ludicrous products that are also sheer genius. Conceptually, it’s a lawnmower for your jawline. An internal blade slices away at your facial hair, leaving just a casual, badass stubble behind, just like the lawnmower slices the grass in your lawn to a short,Read More →

Inspired by the design and craft traditions of the Yucatan Peninsula, Teo pieces are crafted from fine earthenware, with selected shadmehr pieces featuring hand-painted antiqued gold details. Source: Teo Bowls & Vases by L’ObjetRead More →

The Otto Chair combines a sense of comfort, luxury and practicality into one small footprint easy chair. The moulded foam seat shell wraps around you to create a chair that could be sat in for hours, be it in the office or at home. Source: Otto Chair by Tim WebberRead More →

The HyperSub MSV is described as a “multipurpose sub-sea vehicle,” as what happens when a speedboat meets submersible. Developed by HSP Technologies, it can smoothly coast over water, dock like a regular boat and the capability to submerge itself up to 500-feet underwater. “It’s powered by twin 480-horsepower diesel engines,Read More →

Meta – Truth to Materials Edition is a minimalist side table designed by Berlin-based studio New Tendency. The studio applies Modernist design principles onto contemporary objects of the everyday. In Bauhaus tradition, New Tendency creates products characterized by conceptual design, clean aesthetics and functional form, handcrafted in Germany. Source: MetaRead More →

Comau MATE Exoskeleton wants to give superpower to your operators. It’s a wearable technology that supports them to carry out their daily tasks. MATE is an ergonomically designed spring-based structure, it eases repetitive movements and relieves effort due to a lightweight, breathable, and effective postural support. Source: Comau Mate ExoskeletonRead More →

The table designed by Philippe Starck represents yet another innovative twist in the use of polycarbonate. The central base is produced using a mould of elevated technological innovation: the moulded plastic material ensures excellent performance and stability to support a glass top measuring 120 cm. Source: Sir Gio tableRead More →

Stockholm-based design studio Form Us With Love, who are no strangers to Minimalissimo, have collaborated with Danish design brand +Halle to produce the Torno furniture collection. Designed to open up a conversation through the freedom of movement it gives people, Torno’s guiding theme is the purpose of mobility. Simple, minimal, and effortless, the series offersRead More →

It’s time we appreciate the beauty of time. Singapore-based design studio ‘ sparkpluck ’ has produced a 3D-printed clock that offers a multisensory and mindful experience of a minute passing by. “We wanted to completely rethink physical timekeeping devices like the hourglass in a contemporary way using current technology” saidRead More →

I feel like outdoor wall lights have come a long way in the past 5 years. It was very hard to find anything decent. Mostly you could get a black, cream, green or white coach light and that was it! I love the look of some of these, and reallyRead More →

The ReNew outerwear line, launched in late October by Everlane, has yanked three million water bottles out of the waste stream and turned them into fibres for the venture. The new collection offers cleaner fashion in an industry known for heavy pollution and resource consumption. Source: Everlane introduces long-lasting outerwearRead More →

It’s a pretty weird toy, if you think about it: An ink-filled, oversized billiards ball that predicts the future when you shake it. But as with a lot of successful product designs–and make no mistake, the Magic 8 Ball is successful, with over one million units still sold each year–itRead More →