Stuhrling Original Winchester Mens Watch

Stuhrling Original Winchester Sports Watch is certainly a stylish timepiece that blends modern and vintage design. This watch features round skeleton watch face with Krysterna Crystal that covers the dial, thin case profile, and a pebbled texture leather band.Read More →

Shark 3D Illusion Lamp

Energe economy with power pass of 0.012kw.h / 24 hours. Automatically change colour mode. Press the touch button to change colour, then press again, colour changes automatically. Can be powered by the supplied USB cable or 3 * AA batteries (not supplied) in different situations, flexible and use friendly. CanRead More →

Counterpoise plywood chair designed by Kaptura de Aer

The Counterpoise Plywood Chair is a creative bent plywood chair with a flowing silhouette and a chic design While sitting, we are looking for maximal comfort, but that’s not all – a chair should be functional and stylish, too. We’ve found such a piece for you, and it’s the Counterpoise.Read More →

Multifunction Reusable Cleaning Gel

Better Living with Our Cleaning Gel It will pick up the dust making sure that your hands will not be stained with dust and bacteria. Can be used multiple times, without the need for being cleaned, environmentally friendly and super value. Does not harm human skin, safe, the glue isRead More →

Colourful plastic shoe organisers

The space-saving Shoe Organizer will instantly double the shoe storage space in your closet. Simply place one shoe below and one above, with stoppers ensuring they both stay in place. Not only does this optimize your storage space, but it prevents the shoes from getting dirty or squashed by keepingRead More →

Kitchen funnel carrot spiral cutter

Kitchen Funnel Model Spiral Slicer Vegetable Shred Carrot Radish Cutter Specifications: 100% brand new and high quality With the Spiral Slicer you can conjure up endless julienne strips of carrot, radish, cucumber and all kinds of other firm vegetables. The spirals are perfect to create vegetable stir-fries or pasta dishes.Read More →

965 Shelby 427 Competition Cobra

This stunning 1965 Shelby 427 Cobra is headed to auction! The iconic racing car is 1 of 19 true production 427 competition Cobras, in fact, this example is considered one the most significant factory Competition 427 Cobras in existence. Source: 1965 Shelby 427 Competition CobraRead More →

Fisher & Paykel Column Refrigerator

You can squeeze more into a Fisher & Paykel Column Refrigerator than, well, a refrigerator of greater width—and substantially lesser aesthetic appeal. These fridges are surprisingly svelte—giving them the wiggle room to integrate seamlessly and stunningly into many diverse kitchen configurations. Source: Get Slim with a Fisher & Paykel ColumnRead More →

NU:RO analog watch mesmerizes with its minimalist twin movement

the simplicity of the minimalist NU:RO analog watch is as impressive as it is mesmerizing. its two dials, with hours at the top and minutes at the bottom, rotate to show the time in the middle inside the hourglass. even at a quick glance, the twin movement constantly works to ensure complete clarity withinRead More →

Contemporary Slashed Foam Sofa On Powder Coated Steel Frame And Legs

A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Charlotte Kingsnorth studied for her masters in Design Products under Tord Boontje. Kingsnorth now has a London-based studio where she “melds together functionality with a personal exploration into materiality, form and the subversive.” 1. Slashed by Charlotte Kingsnorth Charlotte Kingsnorth produces limited-editionRead More →

The best gear, gadgets and garments for your bespoke bicycle in 2018

With the Tour de France fast approaching, cycling is spinning onto our screens and into our consciousnesses in a big way. We’ve scoured chic cycling stores and be-spoke boutiques the world over to find the latest and greatest outerwear collections and a range of slick cycling accessories that mean there’sRead More →

A Japanese Desk Lamp Designed for Sketching, Based on No-Glare Surgeon's Lamps

I prefer sketching on paper, but one undeniable benefit to sketching on a tablet is that you don’t have to worry about the light source. Back when I worked in a design office, the position of my desk lamp was a constant, if minor, irritation. Source: A Japanese Desk LampRead More →

Polar bear floating on back with plastic buoy

Turns out that polar bear paws naturally have an excellent non-slip grip. Most of us know that nature has already come up with an endless supply of brilliant design solutions, just waiting to be integrated into your designs. The problem is that you have to be exposed to nature inRead More →

BMW Designworks Partners With The North Face on a Super-Light Camper

To highlight The North Face’s new Futurelight material, produced by a “nanospinning technology” that allows for air-permeability, the brand debuted a super-light camper co-designed with BMW Designworks. More than futuristic looking, the waterproof, light and breathable Futurelight fabric stretches across a geodesic-dome frame on a function, mobile platform. Source: BMWRead More →

A lot of excitement revolves around optimizing packaging for e-commerce. But what about optimizing products? Nick Gunia, the co-founder/CEO of Cleanyst, intends to do just that with his new reusable packaging platform for personal care and cleaning products. Source: Cleanyst: The intersection of sustainability and ecommerce optimizationRead More →

  Less, but better. An illustration of Dieter Rams Dieter Rams is one of the most influential designers alive today. He spent most of his career as head of design at Braun, where he worked for 40 years. His name has become synonymous with modern product design. Source: 11 lifeRead More →

Product Design has undergone quite some change in the years gone by. From being a highly physical design field to being adapted for the digital world, there has been an evolution that incorporated product design into our everyday life quite seamlessly. Source: Five major trends shaping Product DesignRead More →

Viavia’s Transit creates a new wave of storage and carry that looks and feels more utilitarian than leather, serves its purpose, and does so while being eco-friendly, durable, water-resistant, stain resistant, and extremely handy. The Transit comes in three sizes and four colors and is made from silicone, rather than the traditionalRead More →

Warmth and cosiness are exactly what we all need at home, and buying furniture you should take it into consideration: it should be cosy and create an inviting ambience. The piece we are sharing today is right what you need: it’s so comfortable that you’ll never want to leave it.Read More →

spanish architect marià castelló has developed a collection of framework structures for diabla, a new brand of outdoor furniture, accessories and complementary items. D12includes simple and straightforward pieces supporting different elements and conceived for practical ends: a shelf, a hanger, and a table. Source: marià castelló designs collection of practical framework pieces forRead More →