The Dial Tray Desktop Organizer Adapts to Your Needs

Earlier this year, we shared the sleek and minimalist PlusMinus screwdrivers by Oregon-based design studio Selek Design and now they’re back with another clever product we’d love to get our hands on. The Dial Tray, designed for Rubberband, is a desktop organizer that easily adapts to your own needs. Source:Read More →


The cost of prostheses has always been a problem for amputees in less developed countries, where it is not out of the ordinary for people to fashion artificial limbs for themselves from whatever material on which they can lay their hands. Source: Low-cost artificial leg for amputees in developing countriesRead More →

For the humble Toothbrush, the desire to combine both the practical and the aesthetic seems to be somewhat of a tall, and under-polished (pun-intended) order. Source: Monochrome ToothbrushRead More →

TID Watches Black

While visual branding has become an important factor that determines the success of a certain product, it has also become a main element in oversaturating the market for designers and artists alike. Source: No.1 36 Black EditionRead More →

Bamboo wood Bluetooth speakers

If you fancy a neat retro Bluetooth speaker that could also work as a warm wooden accent for your room, check out the Bongo speakers. It is Amazon Echo friendly and can seamlessly connect with them. Source: Product Of The Week: Retro Bamboo Wood Bluetooth SpeakersRead More →

Hornyak gooddesign glasses

A favourite theme of some journalists commenting on Japan today is how Japanese innovation is nearly dead. However, while the country’s global brands may not pack the punch they used to, there’s no shortage of transformative ideas in Japan, particularly in the field of design. Source: Good Design Awards goRead More →

Red and white striped paper straws

Paper straws got a bad reputation as flimsy and funky-tasting, thanks in part to versions produced in China. But Fort Wayne, Indiana-based Aardvark returned to paper straw production in 2007, when demand required that they start up again (they invented the paper straw back in 1888). Source: The Only AmericanRead More →

Bruno toaster oven

Arguably an iPhone moment for toasters, the Bruno isn’t three separate appliances, but rather a 3-in-1. Looking nothing like a toaster, or an oven, and probably a little like a grill, the Bruno replaces three appliances with one, and adds a splash of vibrancy and color while doing so.Read More →

1996 Polaroid camera retro cool

Chances are you’ve seen a few photos on Instagram that look like they belong in your parents’ old vacation albums. You can thank the Huji Cam in the app store for this. The newest “big thing” in photography apps promises your snaps will “look just like the year 1998,” byRead More →

germany-based caravanboat that combines a camper and houseboat into one. called ‘ departure one ‘ the 30-foot long camper is constructed using a seawater resistant aluminum hull offering multiple opportunities for use both ashore and on the water. images courtesy of caravanboat amenities on board are somewhat expected but stillRead More →

  As the leading showcase of furniture, lighting and interior products from across the globe, 100% Interiors features a comprehensive collection of some of the best specialist furniture makers and manufacturers internationally. Here, we highlight just some of the new launches and attention grabbing collections debuting at this year’s show.Read More →

There are so many tricks to open jars, such as holding it under water or leaving it upside down for 10 seconds. However, do we really need these tricks? Or should we just invest a jar opener and have some worry-free time when we are busy preparing family dinner, atRead More →

jyinspiration : via : Source: jyinspiration: via : More →

The Counterpoise is a creative bent plywood chair with a flowing silhouette and a chic design While sitting, we are looking for maximal comfort but that’s not all – a chair should be functional and stylish, too. We’ve found such a piece for you, and it’s the Counterpoise. Source: CounterpoiseRead More →

when zagato first displayed the all-electric zele at the geneva motor show in 1972 it raised some eyebrows raised some eyebrows for its odd compact look. a year later during the oil crisis of ’73, gasoline prices rose drastically and with hindsight the zele model swiftly became the most sensibleRead More →

Star Trek has fascinated many of us for many decades and now these Star Trek themed products and gadgets are here to be a part of our daily lives. Star Trek TNG Corridor Door Cover : The Star Trek TNG Corridor Door Cover lets your transform your interior door toRead More →

Finnish designer Eero Aarnio (b. 1932) is a great innovator of twentieth-century furniture. His plastic chairs from the 1960s are pop culture icons that continue to be in demand, which is why Aarnio Originals began manufacturing them again in 2017 after launching at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. 1. Ball ChairRead More →

These vegetable peelers look like giant pencil sharpeners , well, the design was inspired by that classic pencil sharpener, except that now it is called up to handle veggies. Karoto 2 is a set of vegetable peelers that consists of Karoto and Karoto Julienne . Source: Karoto 2 Vegetable PeelersRead More →

it was only a matter of time before the second generation of smartwatches swept over the market. and, as one of the first to do so, skagen has unveiled a revamped version of the ‘falster’ at IFA 2018 . as well as a cleaner, slicker and more minimalist look thanRead More →

Pre-War Motorcycles: Photos by Paul Clifton UK-based lifestyle photographer Paul Clifton beautifully captures the striking aesthetic of vintage motorcycles. More photography inspiration via Behance Industrial Design Photography Vehicle Design Posted on September 3, 2018 Source: Pre-War Motorcycles: Photos by Paul CliftonRead More →