on August 14 | with No Comments in Asia , Vietnam | Artichoke tea , Carton , tea packaging inspiration | Designed by: Thao Van , Vietnam. The uniqueness of the design lies in its simplicity. The design is not overloaded with graphics, attractive photo and clean layout, making itRead More →


Brandsummit created the unique yet mysterious label for Duque de Arcas wines. The label features a hidden message, making for an interactive experience for the consumer to engage in. “Three generations have been looking after their Duque de Arcas wines as the most important of their secrets. Source: These MysteriousRead More →

From there, they figured out the brewpub’s aesthetic, as Hoss Canteen wasn’t just any ol’ watering hole. It needed to feel traditional yet high quality, and most importantly, represent the town they were located in—Nora. According to CODO, “Both of these guys are young, hard-working, successful people. Source: From BrewpubRead More →

Aside from the name of Surrey Copper Distillery’s first gin nodding to Dickens, they pulled design inspiration from classic literature and antique book covers. “We loved so many of the references, and it was difficult to decide what inspiration to include,” mentioned Tom. “There are so many beautiful, old bookRead More →

Identity & Packaging for O’Care by Nika Levitskaya “Naming, logo and packaging for a new cosmetic brand that specializes in alginate facial masks. O’care makes 20 types of colorful masks based on different Ingredients with young women as prime target audience. Source: Identity & Packaging for O’Care by Nika Levitskaya“Naming,…Read More →

As the Packaging Strategies ranking of the largest beverage packaging companies demonstrates, the big just keep getting bigger. Since its merger with SAB Miller in late 2016, Anheuser-Busch InBev has become the undisputed king of the beverage world, leading the list for the second year in a row with reportedRead More →

Photographers We work with photographers documenting creative stories around the world. We’re glad that you are interested in helping us convey our passion through photography. Please send us an email with the subject heading ” #photographers “, a link to your portfolio, your location and suggestions of creative subjects youRead More →

With the increasing health awareness, less and less soda is consumed these days. Hence, companies like Coca-Cola suffers quite a lot due to this trend. And they are trying really hard to offer more healthy soda options such as their diet fruit COKE series. Source: Official 2018 Coca-Cola Reusable BottleRead More →

on August 12 | with No Comments in Americas , Canada | Bath products , Cosmetics Packaging inspiration , Laura Prpich / Caribou Creative , Plastic & PVC , Salt & Seaweed Apothecary |   Designed by: Laura Prpich / Caribou Creative , Canada. Source: Salt & Seaweed ApothecaryRead More →

The meatier, healthier alternative to traditional chips Posted on 10 August 2018 10 August 2018 Truly healthy snacks can be hard to discern among the slew of healthy looking options. And once you find one that fits your diet or preferences they don’t promise to satisfy the desire that snacking commands.Read More →

on August 11 | with No Comments in Europe , United Kingdom | Bath products , Carton , Cornerstone , grooming kit packaging inspiration , Path |   Designed by:  Path , UK. Cornerstone, the UK first and biggest subscription-only male grooming brand, is launching a new line of dental careRead More →

Design: Pavement Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Zoma Cannabis Location: Oakland, USA Packaging Contents: Cannabis Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Foil Printing Process: Letterpress Zoma is a California-based luxury cannabis brand offering vapor cartridges, pre-rolls and flower. Source: Zoma CannabisRead More →

The tins, which bear a contemporary label inspired by one of the original 1930s designs, will be available in supermarket stores nationwide from mid-July to help mark the UK family-run food producer’s milestone year. Royal Game was the first soup ever created by the Baxter family, and is still asRead More →

on August 8 | with No Comments in Asia , Hong Kong | Carton , Home & Garden , incense packaging inspiration , Kunzang Choetin Incense , Lilian Tang Design |   Designed by:  Lilian Tang Design , Hong Kong. Packaging for incense from India. Source: Kunzang Choetin IncenseRead More →

As per the commercials and a series of Instagram videos , The Drop also encourages you to take the wine, wherever, whenever. It doesn’t matter if you’re prepping for an early morning surf, hula hooping on roller skates in the park or performing random backflips off of buildings, you deserveRead More →

Roman and Williams Guild Candle Subscription $450 Each season, an artisan-produced candle has been released in the Roman and Williams GUILD collection—which can now be accessed via subscription service. Designed by Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer, the candles are hand-poured in NYC and use only the finest materials. Source: Buy:Read More →

The new shaving and grooming collection, exclusively at Kroger’s, features sleek black tubes. 07.26.18 Kroger is launching a new shaving and grooming collection, Bromley’s For Men. Available exclusively at Kroger’s, the packaging includes sleek black tubes. Source: Kroger Launches Bromley\’s For MenRead More →

Certification shows Bliss formulas are 100% cruelty-free and free of other harmful ingredients. 07.25.18 Bliss says animal lovers can now rejoice. The leading spa and beauty brand has announced its partnership with PETA and acceptance into the organization’s Beauty Without Bunnies program. Source: Bliss Partners with PETA\’s \’Beauty Without Bunnies\’Read More →

Packaging Design Concept for Malbec Club abduzeedo Jul 25, 2018 Massimo Studio was invited to develop the packaging design concept for the new Malbec grooming line, from naming to labels. As the official font for all brand lines at the time of development, they followed the entire creation process usingRead More →

Design: the Labelmaker Bottle: Saverglass Capsule: Lineapack Typography: the Fontmaker Photo: Jordan Jelev Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: Libera Estate Location: Varna, Bulgaria Packaging Contents: Wine Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle Print: Rotoprint Printing Process: Flexo Print, Silk Foil, Silk Screen, Hot Foil Hotovo is the premium wineRead More →