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Japanese woman Street art

I took a couple of photos of local street art. These three pieces are located in the little laneway behind the Buzz Bar in Newtown. Simon is a Sydney based digital designer. He is the Director of a boutique digital design studio, Bailey Street Design located in the vibrant inner west suburb ofRead More →

social media

Social media is vital for a business to reach customers and stay competitive. At the moment small business owners are seeing the greatest results from social media marketing. We wanted to share some tips with you on how to be successful when using social media platforms. Engagement not sales ItRead More →

Five brass keys

The collection of accurate personal information from your site users is essential to the health of small and medium businesses. According to a 2006 Singapore research, the adoption of privacy notices is a “fundamental prerequisite for firms soliciting information from their clients”. Regardless of the sensitivity of the information beingRead More →


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Mood Board

Here at Bailey Street Design, we are asked a lot about what branding really consists of. To explain a little bit more, here is an outline of our process and what the final deliverables are. A branding project begins with our designer Simon meeting with you and taking the designRead More →

Rosie Boylan Hats Shop

I have just added some images to the shop page for Rosie Boylan Hats on the Newtown Business Precinct website. Rosie’s latest project was designing hats for the cast of Alien: Covenant. Bio – for Rosie Over 30 remarkable years of hat-making Rosie has perfected her extensive repertoire of millineryRead More →

Mural Simmons Street

I was taking Toby for a walk the other day and I noticed mural on Simmons Street in Newtown.  Including the obligatory couch and fan.  Read More →

Black typefaces white background

These are 5 Cool Fonts that I am excited to introduce. Great typography is just as important for web design as it is for print media GOGOIA Gogoia is a clean elegant tropical inspired font. It is also a small plant with many thorns on the leaves and stem; It givesRead More →

Illustration of bunny rabbit

I first viewed Laura Mallaghans illustrations in the book “Drawn – The Best Illustrators worldwide”. Laura graduated with a BA (hons) Illustration from the University of Northhampton.  Her skill set includes animation, 2d drawing and freelance arts and craft. According to her Etsy profile, she is interested in nature especially theRead More →

A conceptual dimension in web design, development and thinking is called “Kansei engineering” a deeply held philosophy that every web site should be designed and developed to provide strong emotional as well as functional satisfaction to its user.Read More →

Van Gogh Starry Night

Van Gogh is one of my favourite artists. The painting “Starry Night” is one of his most beloved.   It is an authentic landscape and a projection of Van Gogh’s inner being.  Vortexes of deep azure spin around stars and a crescent moon.  A giant green, black cypress tree blows in the wind. Read More →

Typography has a major role in creating a luxury effect on a website.  Traditionally the luxury brands have used serif and script typefaces, to convey wealth and prosperity.  These typefaces are safe choices and like any classic design have stood the test of time. Sans Serif Newer brands are redefiningRead More →

You can download iTunes … in Windows Store! The days when Microsoft could not mention Apple have been left behind. The Microsoft Store has announced the arrival of iTunes to its Windows Store application store, which means that the 500 million users of Microsoft’s new operating system will have accessRead More →


When browsing online, typography is viewers first impression. It creates an experience and atmosphere communicating a message and personality. When deciding on a font, you have to ask how you want your user to feel? The audience relies on the text to communicate a message so has to be aRead More →

William Addison Dwiggins was an American type designer and typographer.  He was well rounded and was loved for his prolific work as an illustrator, book designer, type designer, playwright, (puppets) and author. Dwiggins was born in Martinsville, Ohio in 1880, he had studied East in Chicago, and then he movedRead More →

This tutorial is about how to create Smart Folders in the Font Book application on your Mac. The Font Book application lets you install, remove, view, organise, validate, enable, and disable fonts. Fonts are the different styles of type that your Mac is going to use to display and printRead More →

While everyone is born with an inexhaustible well of creativity, many of us lose the ability to use this gift because we no longer practice it.  Exceptionally creative individuals are not necessarily smarter in fact research suggests that they do not score higher on intelligence tests.  Creative adults are curious, energetic,Read More →

Blue Ice Greenland

Photography has become a key feature in web design. The quality of the photography can make or break the design. Good quality photography engages visitors bringing them in and encouraging them to stay on the site longer. It is essential if you want to look professional and create a greatRead More →