The multi-hyphenate Debbie Millman partnered with Baron Fig on a ruled notebook unlike any you’ve seen before, as part of their Limited Edition Confidant series. Askew is a quirky ruled notebook where every single line is hand drawn and while some behave, many do not. Source: Askew: A Ruled NotebookRead More →


Lofree is a startup who has designed these awesome portable keyboards, which are a throwback to yesteryear because they’re inspired by mechanical typewriters. The keyboard is available in a series of bright pastel colors, which is a nice break from the standard black/white/silver layout on your phone, tablet or laptop.Read More → is a website with a bizarre function: It scrapes YouTube, finds videos posted in the last week that have zero or close to zero views and undescriptive filenames like “DSC-1234,” then shows you a stream of snippets from these videos. Source: We’ve Stumbled Across the Most Fascinating Site onRead More →

Perhaps it’s the fact that the band members are split between Maine and London that has offered new indie-pop group Superorganism such playful, exploratory depth. Debut track “something for your M.I.N.D.” warbles and bops along with incredibly catchiness…… Source: ListenUp: Superorganism: Something For Your M.I.N.D.Read More →

Designers have largely shifted their skill sets toward interface design, prototyping, and code. Are writing and art direction getting left behind? Designers have largely shifted their skill sets toward interface design, prototyping, and code. Source: Thinking Beyond The InterfaceRead More →

Or at least understand it. Or at least understand it. Comic Sans gets a bad rap. It got so bad that in 2010, the font took to the site McSweeney’ s to redeem itself (“I’m the best thing to happen to typography since Johannes f*cking Gutenberg”). Source: This Short HistoryRead More →

You could probably use an extra decorative bowl or two, as there’s usually a few odds and ends floating about that need a home temporarily (because you’re eventually going to put it away to where it belongs, riiight?). The concave wooden vessels you see above and below are named afterRead More →

Editorial Design: Typeface Felice the Book AoiroStudio Jan 25, 2017 Nico Inosanto is a graphic designer based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He focus his work mainly on typography for the making of new typefaces. We are taking a look at actually a book about an elegant and classy typeface of Nico’sRead More →

Daily Design Inspiration AoiroStudio Jan 25, 2017 Part of the Daily Design Inspiration series that started it all on Abduzeedo. This is where you’ll find the most interesting things/finds/work curated by one of us to simply inspire your day. Source: Daily Design InspirationRead More →

Digital Art: Ghost in the Shell Collab AoiroStudio Jan 26, 2017 Last month, we were all smashed by the trailer of the controversy and still in the making movie: Ghost in the Shell . I personally watched the trailer and loved it. I liked how they make an effort toRead More →

Horst P. Horst, Dress by Mainbocher, 1936

Chicago weather by Neal Kumar Neal Kumar: Photos Source: Chicago weather by Neal KumarRead More →


Contributed by Peiran Tan Source: License: All Rights Reserved . Enso Magazine’s homepage has already been covered in this entry . Source: License: All Rights Reserved . Source: License: All Rights Reserved . Source: Enso Magazine: Architects’ Own HousesRead More →

Beautiful brush script from Ken Barber Source: Beautiful brush script from Ken BarberRead More →

Crazy type by @stephanelopes Source: Crazy type by @stephanelopes More →


Contributed by Florian Hardwig Source: Stiftung Haus der Geschichte; EB-Nr. 1988/2/113.0047 . License: All Rights Reserved . Issued on the occasion of the (West) German federal election on March 6, 1983 . Die Grünen (“The Greens”) reached 5.6 per cent of the votes and were represented for the firstRead More →

Just when you think desserts can’t get any sweeter, creative and imaginative bakers across the globe up their games by infusing every color of the rainbow into their delicious confections! We’ve gathered some of our favorite tummy and eye pleasing pastries, smoothie pops, and other sweet treats that include ourRead More →

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck Meet Coco the woodchuck, who was badly injured and remained in the middle of a family’s yard for three days. When the people finally noticed her, they thought the little animal was dead. As they approached her, they realized she was still aliveRead More →

Paragraph Spacing Example

As a web designer, do you take paragraphs for granted? Putting in little to no effort designing them? Using whatever built-in paragraph format your content management system provides? Relying on the defaults of your WYSIWYG web editor? Source: Paragraph SpacingRead More →

365 typo box

Thesaurus is a typeface inspired by the typographic history of the city of Geneva. Thesaurus was designed by Fermín Guerrero. Released by Typotheque. The post Thesaurus, a typeface with one foot in the past & one foot in the present appeared first on 365typo . Source: Thesaurus, a typeface withRead More →

Five panel image of 2017 Oscar Nominations for Animated Short

What do you think? The post 2017 Oscar Nominations: Animated Feature, Animated Short, VFX appeared first on Cartoon Brew . Source: 2017 Oscar Nominations: Animated Feature, Animated Short, VFXRead More →