Another beauty from Paul Belford Ltd. Branding for New Chapter, a startup offering word therapy — a form of counselling whereby participants express themselves through the written word. A book forms an arrow pointing forward. Say what you see! Source: New Chapter AdvertisementsRead More →


The first sin of a bad interface is wordiness and clumsiness. Imagine opening a website whose navigation labels are presented as a poem. Kinda creative, sorta annoying. This clumsy creativity stand in the user’s way to achieving a certain task on a website or mobile app. Source: UX Writing: MakeRead More →

Very few of us sit down to create art or work they hope will disappear. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a writer, a designer, a journalist, a producer, a filmmaker, a comedian, a blogger, an actor, a whatever, the whole point is to make something meaningful, something that lasts. Source: 22Read More →

What skills do you look for in a UX designer and, more importantly, a great one? In such a fast-changing industry, it seems the list of competencies grows every day. Plus, with the growth of technology, some design tasks currently performed by humans may eventually be automated. Source: The 12Read More →

During our large-scale Self-Service E-Commerce usability testing, test sites employed a variety of layouts for user account dashboards. Each layout — e.g., icon-based dashboards, dashboards with sidebar navigation, or dashboards that are simply collections of links — has its strengths and weaknesses. Source: Self-Service UX: ‘Cards’ Dashboards Must Be HighlyRead More →

Isn’t it crazy to think that just ten years ago, we were talking about the new revolutionary iPhone and how it was going to change our lives forever? Fast-forward to 2018, and Apple’s never-ending stream of iPhone updates are old news. Source: Autonomous adaptation of user interfacesRead More →

Navigation menus are one of the most important parts of a website. They allow you to keep your website content organized and easy to navigate, so visitors can find the information they are looking for quickly and they give your content a nice place to live. Source: 25 Creative NavigationRead More →

Even outside of games and questionable pleasures, the possibilities of augmented reality are massive. How can the user experience benefit from it in UX design? What Does Augmented Reality Mean? All technological developments that expand the senses of a human with abilities that he wouldn’t have otherwise are considered augmentedRead More →

2018 is all about web design trends that impress the audience with their aesthetics and functionality. Wrapping up an ultimate User experience in their entirety, these trends have managed to grab the attention of the designer clan worldwide. Source: UX Trends that will Rule the FutureRead More →

1 day ago from Nastya Grebneva , Icons8 Community manager Source: 7 Effective Tips to Improve Mobile InteractionsRead More →

If you’ve ever tried, in vain, to find an emoji that best describes what you’re doing then you probably know the frustration that drove Jennifer 8 Lee into becoming an emoji activist. To some it may feel trivial, but according to Emojipedia about 5 billion emojis are sent on aRead More →

UX designers, stop the jargon and keep it simple “On this screen, we have added a photo gallery. You can clearly see how it is inspired by Don Norman’s first level of visceral design, and how it utilizes some foundational Gestalt principles, helping achieve our graceful degradation strategy for pre-webkitRead More →

Dutch Airline’s Latest App Aims To Streamline The Flyer Experience KLM added several new features to its app to allow customers to better prepare for and facilitate their own flying experience, including rebooking cancelled flights, checking in, selecting meals and more Flying can be incredibly stressful, which is only compoundedRead More →

Learn practical tips to improve your UI micro-interactions , basic properties of what you can edit in UI animations, and recommended UI animation tools from Pablo Stanley Lead Designer at InVision Studio Platform. Nothing in nature moves linearly from one point to another. Source: Talk: Practical Tips for Great UIRead More →

Helping people discover. Skyscanner is a leading travel search site, used by over 60 million people each month. The platform connects users directly with airlines, making it effortless to easily find and book the right ticket online. Source: Skyscanner — a UX case studyRead More →

Website headers for the new Lyft site Source: Lyft HeadersRead More →

If you’re just starting out in this big, daunting, but equally enjoyable world of Product Design, there’s a lot to learn, and a lot of information to digest, so pull up a chair/couch/beanbag/hammock and enjoy this handily collated bunch of tips and advice. Source: ‘UI and UX Design’ Pocket GuideRead More →

Right mobile form design can make a good result. The 5 most used mobile form design principles and examples will help you on user experience and wining market. When people enjoy the great convenience brought by mobile apps, it has virtually gone through various of mobile form design examples. Source:Read More →

Forms on your website are so basic, so easy to create but yet so difficult to make it perfect in terms of UX. To make your online forms work is not as easy as you may think. If your forms are designed badly, your visitors would walk away, without youRead More →

Guy Jarvie Trust is a commodity in business, or so the saying goes. But, if we take that statement at face value, trust is merely a means to store brand value, which can be exchanged readily with consumers and at will. Maybe it’s time to redefine the notion of trustRead More →