Whether you’re in need of stock photos for your personal blog or HQ audio for your company’s website, we have a time-saving solution for you. StockPop Mega Bundle makes finding these stock assets a breeze, and though a lifetime subscription typically retails for $499, it’s currently available for an amazingRead More →

A screenshot of a first person shooter looking behind the gunsight

In video games, the user interface (UI) is everything. It helps foster an experience that looks and behaves in a convincing way and keeps players immersed in the game. Over the years, games have continued to innovate in their approach to UI, experimenting and iterating on how they present vitalRead More →

Night time aerial view of large city

A quick glance at the 50 best jobs in America on Glassdoor reveals that many of the best roles centre around some form of experience creation or design. Product managers, marketing managers, and UX designers are just a few positions on the list that are focused on digital product design.Read More →

Desktop vs. mobile computing

The mobile wave hit hard. As early as 2014, internet usage for mobile apps eclipsed usage for desktop (in the U.S.), and not long after in 2016, total internet browsing on mobile surpassed that on the desktop (worldwide). This wave changed the game of digital design. Source: Desktop vs. mobileRead More →

UX/UI Wireframes design process

Instagram is one of the best sites to find quality UX inspiration. But you need to know who to follow and which hashtags are worth browsing. I’m hoping this article will set you on the right path with a collection of the 12 best UX accounts on Instagram. Source: 10Read More →

Smart phone conversational user experience

Conversational UX is a user experience that combines chat, voice or any other natural language-based technology to mimic a human conversation. It doesn’t matter whether the conversation between machine and human is via a voice-enabled product or application, such as Siri or Alexa or through a text-based conversational interface suchRead More →

Fitbit user interface

When your product deals with repetitive tasks, it’s hard to keep users excited about it. That’s where UI comes into play. Let’s talk about elements that make an interface more emotional. About the author — Alice Кotlyarenko , Smashing Magazine There’s a trickling line of ones and zeros that disappearsRead More →

Ecommerce Web Design Trends 2019

9 Proven Tips to Improve your E-Commerce UX Today’s world of e-commerce is growing rapidly and dramatically and seems isn’t going to slow down. A Statista survey states that retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to 2.8 trillion U.S. dollars in 2018, and e-retail revenues are forecasted to grow to 4.88Read More →

UX Design Trends for 2019

What does this year hold for user experience design? We identify key trends in the interactive field from crypto to screen time and more. You’re up to date on visual trends for 2019  and the Pantone colour that will define it, but what about predictions away from the creative field?Read More →

5 vertical panelled illustrations for UX designers

I know what you thought while reading the title—Why UX/UI designer should know how to… code, right? That’s a vital discussion indeed, but this article highlights a completely different theme and I’ll tell you why it’s that important. Source: Why UX/UI designer should know how to draw illustrations and whatRead More →

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This is about my journey from me being an Information Architect to UX Designer to Product Designer, and what I think about the current state of our industry. Over 10 years ago I woke up one day and I decided to change my job title from Information Architect to UserRead More →

Coming from a graphic design background—including all the illustration, hand-lettering, dye-cutting, and brainstorming involved—from a distance, UI and web design appeared to be tedious and boring. Until I realized that UI isn’t boring at all. Source: How and why motion design strengthens UIRead More →

If you are a marketer, you probably already know the importance of landing pages. This dedicated stand-alone page guides users to perform a single action. If designed well can draw the visitor to click your call to action button and enter your marketing funnel. Source: Best Design Practices for LandingRead More →

Just Because It’s On The Web, Doesn’t Mean It’s A “Website”. In this post, I’ll explain the differences in hopes that it will help you to decide which might be best for your business. There are several different terms that are used to describe different things that are on theRead More →

Growing demand for UI/UX designers has resulted in higher salaries. Demand for those who claim UX design skills and experience is especially pronounced. You’ll find that getting on board is much easier when you have the right tools and know how to use them. Source: Need help choosing a UX/UIRead More →

The wireframing process is crucial to every new UI project. Before you get into the colours and typography you have to consider the user experience first. And this all starts with great wireframing. Many designers prefer working on paper, but wireframing kits let you work digitally too. Source: 10 FreeRead More →

Imagine you were living in a perfect world. A world where everybody has fast, stable and unthrottled connections, reliable and powerful devices, exquisite screens, and capable, resilient browsers. The screens and user’s purposes are diverse, yet your interfaces adapt to varying conditions swiftly and seamlessly. Source: 17 reasons to useRead More →

Talk to your customers, whip up a barebones working model of your app or webpage, continue iterating, and voila . Rapid prototyping in a nutshell. What could go wrong? Turns out there are a number of common traps designers encounter along the way. Source: The 5 most common rapid prototypingRead More →

There are very few industries as dynamic and fast-paced as UX, and every year seems to bring a fresh wave of trends, challenges and talking points. Throughout 2018, we saw an increased focus on data-driven UX , accompanied by the rise of the UX researcher role . Source: UX TrendsRead More →

No matter how much we march, women and minorities cannot shoulder the burden of change alone Does all this female empowerment we’re striving for the lead to actual power? The kind of power that puts women in charge of our bodies, our workplaces, our laws and our futures? Source: BigRead More →