Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, 1920

From gold buttons to comfortable tailored trousers and comfortable cardigan sweaters, there is no more significant influence on clothes than Coco Chanel.Read More →

two fridas

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist that lived most of her life and physical pain, yet she continued to paint until her death, her artwork records her suffering and experiences as a woman. She was born to a Mexican mother and a German father.Read More →

There are few graphic designers who are as influential as Saul Bass. A newly compiled collection of his work, the Saul Bass Archive, proves this in particular, consisting of a multitude of rarities from the designer’s personal collection; from original silkscreen posters to less well-known, non-film posters. Source: The SaulRead More →

Ikko Tanaka Born January 13, 1930 Education Kyoto University Known for Graphic Design Awards JAAC Special Selection, Mainichi Design Award, Minister of Education Newcomer Prize, Tokyo ADC Members’ Grand Prize, Mainichi Art Award, Purple Ribbon Medal, and the New York ADC Hall of Fame Prize. Tanaka has exhibitions in NewRead More →

Williams Dwiggins Metro Font

William Addison Dwiggins was an American type designer and typographer.  He was well rounded and was loved for his prolific work as an illustrator, book designer, type designer, playwright, (puppets) and author. Dwiggins was born in Martinsville, Ohio in 1880, he had studied East in Chicago, and then he movedRead More →

Dada - Equillibre Hannah Hoch

As a designer, I am passionate about the history of art and their influence on ‘visual design.’  In art history, Dada is the artistic movement that preceded Surrealism, it began in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1916 by a group of mostly painters and painters.  Dada artworks challenged the preconceived notions of what art meant.  Many Dadaists felt that the way to salvation was through political anarchy, the natural emotions, the intuitive and the irrational.Read More →

West Side Story Movie Poster

Saul Bass Born May 8, 1920 Known for Graphic Design, title designer, film director Awards Academy Award, Best Documentary   When the Frank Sinatra film on drug addiction “The Man With The Golden Arm” opened, a Saul Bass poster dominated the cinema billboards. No words, only artwork- a jagged arm.  SaulRead More →

Best of Est 2018: Top Ten International Designers

Without further ado, we introduce our top ten international designers for the year, that starred on est and excelled in 2018. Great design graces our screen daily here at est – so you can imagine how hard it was to refine our top ten international designers for 2018. Source: BestRead More →

  Less, but better. An illustration of Dieter Rams Dieter Rams is one of the most influential designers alive today. He spent most of his career as head of design at Braun, where he worked for 40 years. His name has become synonymous with modern product design. Source: 11 lifeRead More →

Painter, furniture designer, colour theorist, glassmaker, writer, educator: Josef Albers was a man for all seasons. More surprising still, he also had a knack for designing album covers. A new exhibition, ‘Sonic Albers’, opening at David Zwirner ’s 537 West 20th Street gallery sheds light on the artist’s lesser-known relationshipRead More →

Through our ongoing Design + Education coverage this year, we had the privilege of talking to educators from around the world about some of the biggest issues facing design schools and continued education today. Teachers through and through, they usually couldn’t help but dole out some choice advice mid-interview. Source:Read More →

  Christmas is a time for reflection, storytelling and gratitude. So this week, I spoke to five top designers about the industry figures that have inspired them the most; the designers’ designers, if you will. So, do read on to hear how the greats have influenced the greats in the unwaveringlyRead More →

Thomas Lykke is a founding partner, creative director, and head of design at the multidisciplinary OEO Studio which launched in Copenhagen in 2003. His award-winning Danish firm, which also includes Lykke’s managing partner Anne-Marie Buemann, is best known for their branding, product design, architecture, and interiors projects, two of whichRead More →

Feel warm hug

Do you know the famous graphic designers who contributed to the field of graphic design? Would you like to understand how the design world has shaped and evolved as well as the top designers who created these changes? By exploring the work of famous designers we can understand new trends.Read More →

Dieter Rams may not be a household name, but the appliances and devices he helped design during his time at Braun — blenders, radios, wall clocks, alarms, chairs and calculators — were ubiquitous across middle-class homes in the Western world. Source: The most influential designer of the twentieth century is finallyRead More →

This interview with legendary designer Chip Kidd is annoyingly locked behind a google survey which is a drag – but its worth the 2 minutes of admin to learn more about Chip’s process, career highlights, favourite radio station and more! Source: How I became a book cover designer: Chip KiddRead More →

The London Underground is the world’s oldest subway, most people know it colloquially as the Tube. An engineering marvel and just as almost as famous is the map. The Tube map is instantly recognisable all over the world. It is a simple and elegant diagram of the 400-kilometre subway network. It is considered by many as one of the great images of the 20th century.Read More →

Walter Gropius

  Walter Gropius was an architect born in Germany in the early twentieth century who contributed to the founding of the Bauhaus School. He lived in the United States after 1937 and taught at Harvard University, where he continued to defend the principles of Bauhaus, especially the use of functionalRead More →

Edward Lycett Bowl

The Faience Manufacturing Company was an American manufacturing company that operated between 1880 – 1892 in the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn, New York. There is little evidence of the remains of the Company as it failed in 1892. It manufactured earthenware vases, jardiniéres, and baskets at first. British émigré, EdwardRead More →