West Side Story – Saul Bass opening and closing titles.

"This simplistic sequence is an exemplary use of color." Rumsay Taylor Opening Titles The opening title sequence of West Side Story is breathtaking in its elegance and simplicity. Saul Bass, their Creator, was a master he carries the audience forward with what ostensibly are just graphic elements. From the first moments, your attention is aroused … Continue reading West Side Story – Saul Bass opening and closing titles.

Ikko Tanaka – Graphic Design blend of East and West

Ikko Tanaka,  was a Leading Graphic Designer in Japan Ikko Tanaka. He had an enormous impact on the post-war visual culture in Japan.  He is widely thought of as the Father of Japanese graphic design. He merged Japanese traditional forms and colours with International Style Modernism.  He reduced classic subjects to geometric shapes and emphasised sharp … Continue reading Ikko Tanaka – Graphic Design blend of East and West

The Elegance of Bodoni Typeface

Graphic Designers that have worked with the typeface of Bodoni appreciate its clarity and grace.  Giambattista Bodoni was the creator of this classic sans-serif typeface.     Biography Giambattista Bodoni was the son of an Italian printer and worked for a time at the press of the Vatican. Under the patronage of the Duke of … Continue reading The Elegance of Bodoni Typeface

Bezier curve the maths of the “Pen Tool”

The Bezier Curve is the mathematics behind the "Pen Tool" a graphic designer's primary drawing tool. A Bezier Curve is a curved line in which its shape is defined by a mathematical equation.  They are used in vector applications such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as well as InDesign and Quark Express. It consists of two … Continue reading Bezier curve the maths of the “Pen Tool”

Fabric Designer – John Rodiquez

John Rodriquez became well known for his textile designs in the early 1950's. He introduced a unique Australian Style. His abstract textile designs included everyday household items tea towels and curtains. The materials were sunburnt Australian shades, "deep and muted, sometimes almost three dimensional". Greys, yellows and greens were the prevailing shades. His designs originate … Continue reading Fabric Designer – John Rodiquez

William Dwiggins – Typographer and all rounder

William Addison Dwiggins was an American type designer and typographer.  He was well rounded and was loved for his prolific work as an illustrator, book designer, type designer, playwright, (puppets) and author. Dwiggins was born in Martinsville, Ohio in 1880, he had studied East in Chicago, and then he moved to Boston.  Between the years … Continue reading William Dwiggins – Typographer and all rounder

ISOTYPE – An International Graphic Language

Isotype is a system of symbols that was an effort to create an international graphic language to make pictorial statistics accessible to a mass audience. The icons and symbols that are used on computers, phones and tablets all pay homage to those pictograms that were first designed during the 1920's for Isotype. A Visual Language … Continue reading ISOTYPE – An International Graphic Language

Jules Cheret – The Father of Modern Poster Art

Jules Cheret is referred to the to the father of the modern poster. He was a French painter who became a master of Belle Epoque poster art. I was recently browsing through one of my favourite graphic design books, "100 Ideas that changed Graphic Design".  Idea No.10 is Female Archetypes and her development as an idea … Continue reading Jules Cheret – The Father of Modern Poster Art