Anna Spiro needs little introduction, having well and truly cemented her place in the Australian interior design canon. Anna is particularly well known for her passion for colour, and her ability to mix-and-match unexpected patterns and styles together, in a cohesive and exciting way. (After all, this is the womanRead More →


As a professional graphic designer for sixty years, I’ve produced more than five hundred posters that in a variety of ways inform, persuade, or decorate their subjects—that all comes under the heading of good professional practice. Source: Milton Glaser: Milton Glaser: Nine PostersRead More →

A silkscreen print by American-Austrian graphic designer, photographer, sculptor and interior designer Herbert Bayer (1900-1985), kept at Sa’dabad Cultural Complex in Tehran, is being restored. Bayer’s “Striped Twists,” a chromatic print art, one of the series of 70 works created in 1968 under the same title, which has been keptRead More →

No summertime blues here. With so many new tools, the dog days of summer will be filled with playing with new elements and expanding your design portfolio. If we’ve missed something that you think should have been on the list, let us know in the comments. Source: What’s New forRead More →

Good design has some magic to it, believes Jakob Wagner . Drawing from degrees in both mechanical engineering and design, Wagner founded his namesake design studio in 1993—and this magic has landed him numerous awards and commissions from manufacturers including Moroso , Bang & Olufsen , Louis Poulsen , andRead More →

Photo by Sarah Pflug from  Burst As designers, we often find ourselves in the position of the copywriter. It makes sense; we are closest to the interface and content in many cases drives design decisions, so it must come first. Maybe your company doesn’t have a copywriter or UX Writer.Read More →

New People of Print Member John Harrison is a news addict. He osmoses information, churns and munches it up in his head, mixing it with experience as an illustrator and computer games artist, then pouring out his thoughts into his work. Source: John Harrison | Genuine Smash BangRead More →

skip to main | skip to sidebar 07 June 2018 DESIGNER – lynn priestley Lynn Priestley is an Australian designer based in Brisbane. She discovered her love for surface design after completing Make It In Design’s Summer School in 2016. Source: DESIGNER – lynn priestleyRead More →

The Danes were greatly influenced by Germany’s Bauhaus movement in the early part of the twentieth century. However, they took a different tack, due mainly to an ingenious architect and designer, Kaare Klint. Danish design has a down to earth approach.  Klint and his fellow architects chose usefulness where theRead More →

An artist, designer and typographer, Nick Chaffe‘s uniquely detailed illustration style has attracted the attention of some of the biggest brands in the world. With bold, bright icons and typography born out of his love of ’80s graphics, he has worked with Amnesty International, The Guardian, Time Out and LonelyRead More →

Carl Krull is a long time friend of Juxtapoz that we’ve featured here a few times. His illustration work consists primarly of topographic lines, painted in an almost illusionary way to provide depth and invite interpretation. Like many artists, as he grows and changes, his artistic practice do alongside him,Read More →

Welcome back to our International Artist Series. Today we’re catching up with five incredible artists from Thailand, home of amazing food, royal palaces, and the people of Southeast Asia.Read More →

New work from Lisbon-born, New York City-based graphic designer Bráulio Amado (previously featured here). On display at Hen’s Teeth retail and gallery space in Dublin from April 7 – 14, Amado will also be signing copies of his latest book on April 7, while a limited release of signed printsRead More →

“Value” and “mission driven” are favorite words these days as corporations dive into social responsibility—from blocking gun sales to minors to sending eyeglasses to Zimbabwe. As companies (and their marketing teams) tangle with lawmakers and mindful customers, our heads are spinning. So we asked Do the Green Thing founder andRead More →

Sometimes, you just don’t want to do your work. It can be such a hassle to get up, start up the computer, fire up the software, and do what needs to be done. You feel tired and bored, having lost sight of why you chose a career in design inRead More →

Creating websites has become almost a commonplace skill these days, and there’s such an overabundance of sites out there competing against yours that anything you can do to stand out from the crowd is going to be a huge help. What can we do to get our sites noticed, admired,Read More →

Herb Lubalin black and white photo

Renowned American graphic designer, Herb Lubalin, best known for his collaborations with Ralph Ginzburg on the magazines Eros, Fact and  Avant Garde,  is regarded as one of the seminal designers of the 20th century. The, 17 March 2018, will mark what would have been Lubalin’s 100th birthday.Read More →