Google’s New Experiment Lets You Tag Digital Graffiti In The Real World

The first time I drew in midair, back in 2016, I felt like like I was Picasso painting in pure light. I was trying Tiltbrush, an app for sketching in 3D, which required me to strap into an unwieldy HTC Vive virtual reality system and the $1000 computer that powered it. Oh, and I was holding … Continue reading Google’s New Experiment Lets You Tag Digital Graffiti In The Real World


Google open-sources AI for improving Portrait Mode in camera apps

Unlike most premium phones released over the past year, Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL don’t come with a dual rear camera – but they still manage to pull off impressive depth-of-field effects that separate the background from the foreground with natural-looking blur. It actually uses AI to pull that off – and now, … Continue reading Google open-sources AI for improving Portrait Mode in camera apps

google vr spinning ball

VR is still a novelty, but Google’s light-field technology could make it serious art (

Google I recently got a private tour of a NASA space shuttle's cockpit, a quirky mosaic-covered LA home, and a peaceful chapel with light streaming through ornate stained-glass windows-all without leaving my chair. That chair was in an office at Google's Silicon Valley headquarters,

google fonts

Looking at the Most Popular Google Fonts (

The impact Google Fonts has had on the web is undeniable. Since its somewhat humble beginnings in 2010, the 800+ fonts now hosted by the library have been viewed well over 19 trillion times. Of course, the likes of Adobe and others have followed suit with font repositories of their own.


Find your portrait avatar

I have been using the Google Arts and Culture application on my iMac for two years.  Over the last couple of months, it has taken the smartphone world by storm.  A new feature that is not actually front and centre on the app allows users to take a selfie and compare themselves to great works of art. 

Website Traffic

Google Analytics – Understand Your Business

Every business that haves a website is going to generate "data". This data will help you understand your customer or site user. When customers buy something from you, provide an email address, click on a link, they create a clue about who they are. This information can help you tailor your business better so that … Continue reading Google Analytics – Understand Your Business

google art culture

Google launches new art and and culture application

Google Arts and Culture app lets you explore paintings and other artefacts up close, as well as find out more about the artists and museums around the world. Google developed a new application that allows users to view works of hundreds of artists and iconic places, all with 'Google Arts & Culture'. I have found a much-wanted distraction from the US election.