Are You Using Whitespace in Your Website Designs? Designers see it as crucial. Site owners want to fill it up with anything they can find. You might wonder what I am talking about. It’s whitespace! Whitespace is one of the most crucial elements of design. Source: Are You Using WhitespaceRead More →


Photo by Andy Robinson The Associated Press didn’t call its advice a “stylebook” until 1950. As we saw in the past couple of weeks , the AP’s early iterations of guidelines concentrated on the mechanics of typesetting and transmission rather than language and usage. Source: The history of The NewRead More →

If you’re a social media manager needing to create images quickly and easily but you’ve not got a huge amount of experience with graphic design, it’s likely by now you’ve already discovered beloved and hugely successful free graphic design tool website Canva . Source: Helpful Graphic Design Tips For NonRead More →

Amateur photographer @Ben_On_The_Moon noticed some peculiar weathering patterns on a plastic-coated chain link fence . More views of the fence here , here , and here . In the clumsy Hollywood reboot of Arrival starring Nicolas Cage, this would be the discovery that sets up the alien invasion of theRead More →

  Symmetrical Design is a form of artwork where the objects or elements arrange identically on both sides of the axis. You will have perfect symmetry when the objects that are mirrors and exactly the same. While perfect symmetry can be alluring, that is not the only acceptable form ofRead More →

Financial services sits at the second level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, where people need safety and security. That’s just one level above air, water, and food. People take their money very seriously, and while the Charles Schwab team is designing for communicating information about money, their real product isRead More →

© Ann Ray Few fashion designers have been as original and compelling as Alexander McQueen. Where a 2011 documentary by Louise Osmond focused primarily on the designer’s complex relationship with mentor and patron Isabella Blow, this new film, co-directed by Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui (son of Joseph Ettedgui) andRead More →

CAST (Centre for Acceleration of Social Technology) has released a series of digital design principles for nonprofit organisations. The ten principles, developed for and by the UK’s charity sector, aim to guide the development of more effective digital services. Source: Digital design principles for the UK charity sector launchedRead More →

Based in New Haven, Connecticut, Kristen Meyer has a great sense of composition. She combines natural elements, such as flowers, pieces of wood or seashells, to create perfectly organised geometric flat-lays. In this series, the designer blurs the line between organic and geometric shapes. Source: Satisfying Geometric Flat-LaysRead More →

Negative space is the area that surrounds the main object in a photo, and can be utilized as a composition tool to convey sizes and shapes more effectively. It is a concept that has been used in art, design and architecture for a very long time, and is equally usefulRead More →

There is nothing as strong as a great first impression, which is why business cards remain important even in the digital age. Too many designers and artists take the same approach as lawyers, doctors and other professionals: sticking with the same business card style for years or even decades. WhileRead More →

Benedikt Luft has done it again! Over the past year, we’ve watched as Benedikt has crept into graphic design from the brilliant illustration home he’s crafted for himself. His latest project, Lazy,sees the two coming together with smile-inducing effects. Lazy, a series of parties taking place at a pond in FrankfurtRead More →

Design principles are the foundation of a good design. The design principles you learned will guide you in creating visual media. An efficient design will guide the viewer to see what you intend for them to look in the way you intended for them to see it. One major componentRead More →

In many neighborhoods you see the same house built over and over again, like these Chicago Bungalows. They make design and development easier, but are they really what residents want? As a kid, I didn’t often think about my house. I really loved it when I was growing up, evenRead More →

Niklas Jacob has worked with 17 other designers to produce a series of satirical flat-packed products in the style of IKEA furniture, for Milan design week. The IDEA project is aimed as a reflection on the increasing popularity of furniture superstores, and IKEA in particular. The Milan-based designer wanted to exploreRead More →

Probably the most innovative and avant-garde designer of his time, Rietveld’s furniture designs were ground-breaking both visually and from a production stand-point. Even 90 years later, his chairs look as fascinating as they did back in the 20s and 30s. Ninety-one years after Rietveld’s Beugelstoel chair was designed (and producedRead More →

Elaine Lustig Cohen Book cover for Philip Johnson, Makers of Contemporary Architecture, 1962 “This cover design for a book about American architect Philip Johnson is probably based on a real structure that he designed. The tree silhouette at the top left suggests that Lustig Cohen also used photography to createRead More →

With a vibrance required of heritage brands looking to capture the attention of a new generation, dunhill‘s British automotive engineering-inspired Radial Collection steers their bags and accessories to the present day. Here, one finds more than just a racing roundel detail announcing change. The range of bags incorporates deeper technicalRead More →

Systems Design Limited — Publisher of IdN Magazine    magazine available 中文版   “We see a project as a way to create value. We harness quality as a weapon against the constraints of time. Competence is the code we live by. This helps us to produce precise works.” The ClocksmithsRead More →

With 330 million users, Reddit isn’t just the self-described front page of the internet. To many people, it is the internet–a sprawling self-policed portal to the web’s countless topics, takes, and communities. advertisement But almost a year and a half ago, the company began to reckon with its aging platform.Read More →