If you love fonts or National Parks (or both), you’re in luck—you can download the typeface found on park signs for free. The iconic all-caps lettering used by the National Park Service wasn’t originally a typeface, reports Fast Company. Source: Download the National Parks’ Typeface For Free AdvertisementsRead More →


Adobe has partnered with Fontself to release four unique color fonts to take your love notes to the next level this Valentine’s Day. Each day this week through the 14th, Adobe and Fontself are celebrating #ColorFontWeek by releasing a free new colour font. Source: Adobe and Fontself Release New FreeRead More →

Back Story: Drinkers tend to have strong opinions about Campari, the bitter scarlet aperitif whose secret recipe lists over 60 natural ingredients—including herbs, spices, barks, fruit peel, and carmine red dye obtained from cochineal beetles. (Vegans and those who keep kosher, rejoice: the colour now comes from a lab. Source:Read More →

Little is known about the early life of France’s most distinguished type designer, though he is mentioned as being “at work” in the printing business early in the sixteenth century, Garamond was commissioned by the French monarch, Francis I, to cut a font of Greek letter which later became knownRead More →

Soulcraft is a variable font designed with the idea of emulating vernacular lettering. Since it is a variable font, the user is able to change the width and slant of each individual character without relying on pre-defined font weights, and giving an energetic, unapologetic and dynamic feeling to the compositionsRead More →

Phase 2, born Lonny Wood, is a writer from the Bronx and was known as a member of the Zulu Nation. Word on the street is that he’s an elusive legend, but his graffiti and graphic design works speak for themselves. This flyer in particular displays some of Phase 2’sRead More →

Laini (Sylvia) Abernathy designed several record covers for Chicago-based Delmark Records in the 1960s. She is one of the few African American women of the period to be credited as a designer. Source: Sun Ra – Sun Song (Delmark Records)Read More →

Kinetic typography is an animation technique that uses moving text to capture attention, set a tone, and entertain. It seems to be everywhere right now—commercials, music videos , mobile apps, and websites use it to make their words more impactful and add an element of artistry. Source: 9 ridiculously goodRead More →

Colophon Foundry, the type foundry with bases in London and Los Angeles, has just released a new catalogue presenting six of its recent bespoke projects. It’s the third time the foundry has published a newspaper catalogue like this and each time the Colophon team works with a new talented illustratorRead More →

Including 521 individual fonts, Zing Rust is a huge pack consisting of 4 subfamilies: Zing Rust, Zing Script Rust, Zing Sans Rust, and Zing Goodies Rust. The entire collection can be customized with different styles of grunge textures, halftone effects, diagonal line patterns, and shadow layers. Zing Script Rust isRead More →

Our childhoods have a way of leaving a lasting impact on the adults we become and often, they also leave their marks on the careers we eventually pursue. Yinon Ezra is a graphic designer and typographer who was exposed to art from a very young age. Source: A Sharply StructuredRead More →

trevor wheatley and cosmo dean are best known for embedding commonly used phrases — ‘all good,’ ‘bless,’ ‘¯\_(ツ)_/¯,’ — in public , natural environments. the world is their InDesign file, for which frozen rivers, fields and fences are their selected, background layers. designboom had the pleasure of talking typography ,Read More →

Generally speaking, pretty generally, climate change isn’t the most popular topic for personal graphic design projects; though a solar-powered website and an environmentally-friendly identity system are a couple of recent exceptions we’ve covered lately. Source: A Typeface to Visualize Climate Change and the Future of our CoastlinesRead More →

  These opening letters for one of the psalms are a classic illustration of medieval illumination, relying on vibrant colours, geometric patterns, and illustrated scenes (image courtesy the British Library ). Medieval globalization may seem like an oxymoron. Source: Illuminated Manuscripts Demonstrate that Medieval Borders Were Regularly CrossedRead More →

Graphic designer Hicham Faraj has the ability to not only inspect typefaces but push them further, usually by pulling them apart. No project of Hicham’s, a recent Yale graphic design graduate who currently works and lives in New York, is a greater example of this than Compulsory Figures ; aRead More →

Established in Santiago, Chile, more than a decade ago, LatinoType has grown into one of the most recognizable names in the type design industry. A foundry that set out to put Latin American typography on the map has done so by leaps and bounds, releasing well over a hundred typeRead More →

Contributed by choi subin Photo: choi subin . License: All Rights Reserved . Poster and pamphlet design for 2017 fall concert of the Daegu National University of Education Orchestra. Photo: choi subin . License: All Rights Reserved . Source: Palette poster and pamphletRead More →

“It started as a game,” says Ale Paul, one of the founders of Argentine type studio Sudtipos, about the origins of Fixture, his massive 72-font family. The idea, at first, was to try to make a Grotesk font that is ultra-condensed and would work well for packaging design. After seeing anRead More →

In the period that Friedlander was working, although Europe had been wrecked by WW2 – literally, figuratively and economically, it was still more commonplace for every household to own, and be engaged with, “good” design. A sort-of leftover from pre-war ideals and orthodoxy: “People had very clear ideas on design,Read More →

Fonts are always important, whether you need to write a formal letter, a CV, or any digital marketing post. You always have to pay extra attention to fonts as they have the capability to deliver a powerful message or distract the reader’s attention. Source: 20 Worst Fonts You WIll DefinitelyRead More →