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Today we are going to celebrate the unsung heroes that are… our fingers. I think it’s pretty safe to say that all articles of Hongkiat are written by using fingers. From clicks to swipes, from tapping to typing, we cannot really do without fingers in this digital age. Source: FingerRead More →

For the latest edition of its classic board game Monopoly, Hasbro— also responsible for such titles as Monopoly: Cheaters Edition and Monopoly: Cat Lovers’ Edition — has introduced a version intended to capture the millennial experience. Source: Monopoly For Millennials is here, as condescending as you’d expectRead More →

Thomas Ollivier is a London-based award-winning artist and creative director with over ten years of experience. In his latest project, titled  Re:Birth , the artist tried to reimagine how various modern technologies would have looked in pre-internet times. Source: Here’s How 8 Technologies We Use Today Would Have Looked In TheRead More →

The magnificent cosplay photography of Paul Hillier, a professional photographer working in the publishing, editorial and fashion industry. Paul Hillier is currently based in Toronto, Canada and works worldwide producing amazing cosplay photographs at conventions and private photoshoots. Source: The Magnificent Cosplay Photography Of Paul HillierRead More →

4 years later this video still baffles and amazes me. What an absolutely surreal moment to capture on film. Credit to Drew Hammond.Read More →

“I can’t access the Wi-Fi. The battery on my mobile is about to die. I can’t find anything interesting to watch on television. I have nothing to wear. I’ve been relegated to the friend zone. I hate Mondays. I have zero likes…” In First World Problems , Portuguese visual artistRead More →

Face Painting:  In Cristina Otero’s series called “Tutti Frutti”, She cleverly combines various fruits with bold makeup colours creating some of the most Beautiful and Creative self-portraits. Cristina Otero is a Spanish photographer currently living in Madrid. Known for her self-portraits, she was born in Galicia and is the youngest ofRead More →

Russian Artist Shows What’s Going On Outside The Frames Of Well-Known Album Covers

Igor Lipchanskiy is a Russian artist who ‘extends’ famous album covers by editing himself into the outside frame. We already featured some of his works before  and now he’s back with a fresh batch of hilarious edits. From Prince to Britney Spears, no album cover is too big of a challengeRead More →

Like cats? Artist Svetlana Petrova sure does. So much so that she’s inserted her fat cat named Zarathustra into famous paintings from around the world. No painting is safe from an appearance the ginger feline, including works by Gustav Klimt, Edvard Munch, and Johannes Vermeer. Source: Artist Inserts Her FatRead More →

These made me giggle. Source: That Sandwich is Looking At YouRead More →

VIDEO One day, while listening to some music, Ivan Owen had an image pop into his mind. He envisioned a cute little spider dancing furiously to the beat. The image brought a smile to Ivan’s face, but more importantly it brought the inspiration needed to get a project going. Source:Read More →

Remember those boring geography classes back in school where you spent the whole lesson learning about some river located in a country you might never visit? Don’t worry – geography doesn’t always have to be so boring and the people behind ‘Terrible Maps’ will prove it to you. ‘Terrible Maps’Read More →

Beatup Creations $65 An antique ceramic plate adorned with a hand-placed decal of Freddie Mercury, this creation is one of a kind—and exudes just the right amount of kitsch. Made for decoration only, it’s not safe for the dishwasher but it’s ideal for display. Source: Freddie Mercury Antique PlateRead More →

Francis Ford Coppola is using his name to set a mood: good movies, good wine, and now, good cannabis. The Oscar-winning director is launching a cannabis brand that looks all kinds of refined. The limited collection is called the Grower’s Series and includes three cannabis flower strains: an “uplifting andRead More →

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German illustrator Sergio Ingravalle likes to stir the pot with his art. His latest series titled Mindshots focuses on minimalistic illustration with just a few shapes and lines, proving he has a natural talent for visual language. Source: Sarcastic Illustrations Cleverly Visualize Themes of Modern LifeRead More →


Yesterday, you saw the outrageously creative “headless” Halloween costume that won the internet and Kylie Jenner’s Barbie doll rendition that shows, “Life in plastic, it’s fantastic.” Adding to this year’s list of noteworthy Halloween getups are these impressive looks inspired by world-famous artworks. Source: Japanese Artists Brilliantly Transform Themselves IntoRead More →

Apologies for the delay. I’m new here. But without further ado, allow me to present Willow the collard green-eating capybara. Move over, Dan Ackroyd, Canada’s got a new sweetheart. Source: Sunday Night Social: Watch Willow the Capybara Make Eating Greens Look CoolRead More →