Also From This Campaign 3 Source: IFEX: Leaders on Leaders – Kim Jong-un on Kim Jong-un AdvertisementsRead More →


Despite the incredibly vast array of mood and subject matter of films throughout the ages, dancing is a universal dramatic device used to create moments of levity, romance, and drama. Casper Langbak of CLS videos created a delightful super-edit of nearly 300 dance scenes in movies ranging from La LaRead More →

I ’m Andrew and I’m an animal photographer best known for my captivating images of felines. While I used to be terribly allergic to cats, I now live with my girlfriend, our three cats, and a slew of rotating foster kittens outside of D.C. Recently finished a project about cats’Read More →

Before LOLCat, Grumpy Cat, Longcat, Nyan Cat, before all the famed kitties of the internet age, before the modern computer was but a glint in Mother Turing’s eye, there were the felines featured in the 1911 book, Kittens and Cats: A First Reader. Source: Before LOLCat, There Were The FelinesRead More →

Henry Stafford, Castle Howard Shorthorns , animated by Matthias Brown. Courtesy of Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery and Art UK. Have you ever seen a cow twerk? Neither had I—until last week, when a group of unconventional GIFs landed in my inbox. Source: These Hilarious GIFs Bring Art History toRead More →

  How better to illustrate how frustrating and isolating it feels to be a foreigner who can’t communicate with locals than to use a “real” alien. The funny commercial, made by Wieden & Kennedy London and directed by David Shane, features a tourist named Alexi from who knows what planetRead More →

Brooklyn-based graphic designer Victoria Siemer has created a series of images in which she digitally inserts computer error messages over Polaroid films. The error messages provide commentary on the images. The photo series entitled ‘Human Error’ depicts turning points in people’s romantic and personal life; lovers in bed or emptyRead More →

“Sculptmojis” is a new personal project by Ben Fearnley featuring digital illustrations that combine traditional sculptural art forms with modern emojis. More: Ben Fearnley The post “Sculptmojis”: Fun Series Of Illustrations By Ben Fearnley appeared first on Design You Trust . Source: “Sculptmojis”: Fun Series Of Illustrations By Ben FearnleyRead More →

COLUMBIA STREET WATERFRONT DISTRICT – A giant garden gnome depicting painter Pablo Picasso wearing flip-flops and mowing a lawn is catching the eyes of passersby on Columbia Street. The Spanish Gardener by Elliott Arkin (Photo: Nathan Haselby) The Spanish Gardener , the ten-foot-tall sculpture created by Brooklyn-based artist Elliott ArkinRead More →

To throw the hottest party of the summer, you’ll need to be on-trend. Make the most of your outdoor event by playing up the biggest trends of the season: 1. Transitional furniture. Blend your outdoor and indoor event design seamlessly by using sophisticated furnishings that look like interior styles. Source:Read More →

Pet photographer Grace Chon took to the Internet to share an absolutely adorable series titled, “HAIRY,” and you’d better be glad she did. The photos showcase the cutest dogs before and after a haircut. So, need I say more? Or are you about to burst with excitement already? Source: TheseRead More →

Adulting, as it has recently been termed, is hard. As we showed you the other day, there’s a hot/crazy matrix you have to navigate through just to find a partner. No longer can you get away with the nonsense you used to as a kid, and the responsibilities are muchRead More →

Last week, Hyperallergic sat down with former mayor Mitch Landrieu to talk about the lessons he had learned in the process of removing Confederate monuments from New Orleans. Source: Everyone Has Questions for Comics ArtistsRead More →

Ever wondered what Superman or the Joker might look like in the xx century? Sacha Goldberger did, so embarked on a two year project called Super Flemish . Several actors were asked to endure hours upon hours of costume fitting, makeup and photography to get each shot ‘just right’. Source:Read More →

The cast of Ocean’s 8 is basically a who’s-who of talented women: Rihanna , Sandra Bullock, Mindy Kaling , Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Helena Bonham Carter, Cate Blanchett, and Anne Hathaway as a villain with ostentatious French-tipped nails ( more on that here ). Following the formula of previous, male-centric Ocean’sRead More →

Colorado-based artist Arna Miller uses vintage style packaging, advertising, and illustrations as inspiration for her goofy creations. The serious historical aesthetic and matter-of-fact text subtly ridiculous, finding humor in imagining animals experiencing human emotions, ambitions, and failures. Source: Hilarious Matchboxes Depict Cats Making Questionable DecisionsRead More →

Ariane, known on the internet as ari_stocrate is a 24-year-old illustrator from Paris, France. She creates hilarious comics on her Instagram page and the internet loves them! Source: 20+ Hilarious Comics By French Vegan Artist Ari_StocrateRead More →

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season nine of RuPaul’s Drag Race ended with one of the most gag-worthy moments in Drag Race her-story. While Whitney Houston’s So Emotional played, Sasha Velour literally snatched her own wig, causing dozens of roses she’d hidden underneath to cascade down her signature bald noggin. Source: LivingRead More →

Mona Lisa 2018 by Alex Gross . Source: MonaRead More →

This photo of Katie Sokoler as a human sized balloon bouquet made me smile. Source: Human Sized Balloon BouquetRead More →