Bread and lettuce attached to tree in winter

Turns out there’s an online community on Reddit with almost 68,000 active members that spend their days stapling bread to trees and sharing their experience online. We truly live in an amazing time! More info: Reddit (h/t: sadanduseless ) The post There’s An Online Community About Stapling Bread To TreesRead More →

Dalmatian puppy with nose in the shape of a heart

On this day all around the world, people are giving their hearts to their significant other for Valentine’s Day. Not so for Wiley the Dalmatian, who wears his heart on his sleeve – well more like his nose. The now one-year-old pup rose to internet fame for his unique heart-shapedRead More →

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase, My Modern Met may earn an affiliate commission. Please read our disclosure for more info. Are you familiar with the meme “If it fits, I sits” (which plays on how cats are prone to squeezing into awkward places)? Well, Russian artistRead More →

There is an interesting belief that people are either dog people or cat people. But any general animal lover knows the more the merrier! Why limit yourself to just one species when you can appreciate them all? However, some people do tend to stay away from cats for a somewhatRead More →

Sarcastic quote example in white letter tiles

Square Sayings creates funny quotes written on squares in which it is easy to recognize oneself. Becoming more and more popular on the internet, and especially on Instagram where this ironic artistic project has more than 60K subscribers, followers of these funny little sentences can also purchase their favourite «mantra».Read More →

I’m Retiring to This Sloth Retirement Home

Some personal news: I no longer plan to spend my golden years tending a kooky olive oil shop in Arizona, as was the plan last week. Instead, I will be retiring to this sloth retirement home in Wales. Source: I’m Retiring to This Sloth Retirement HomeRead More →

Ben Rubin is a Brooklyn-based artist and a creative director at The Mint Farm . When not busy with his day job, the artist embraces his alter ego – a hairy, horned three-eyed beast, called Subway Doodle. The artist began drawing various furry monsters on his iPad back in 2011Read More →

Tired of cable news talking heads screaming at each other about the border wall crisis and the government shutdown? Overwhelmed by the fusillade of administration lies? Unsure about the real facts? Well, we’ve got a handy guide to all the falsehoods you’ll likely hear tonight in President Trump’s big immigrationRead More →

On show at the GX Gallery in Camberwell London, this February, Sylvia Libedinsky: The Art of the Absurd brings together a remarkable body of work by an artist whose wry humour and distinctive 2D and 3D graphic art defies categorisation. Source: Remarkable, witty artworks by Sylvia Libedinsky that understand life’sRead More →

As someone who works so closely with ad agencies and marketers, I feel a little jaded when it comes to being a consumer. I’ve gotten so good at blocking out the noise of typical day-to-day ads. That’s why I’m excited to share these 10 ads that really stood out toRead More →

Famous Faces Selfies

Portrait Of An Unknown Woman – Ivan Kramskoy, 1883 In “Classicool” the subjects of the paintings abandon their classical pose and take over the canvas to literally “paint themselves”. Some of the most famous classical portraits and self-portraits in the world are reborn within the digital ecosystem of social networks.Read More →

Sculptor gets laughs in New York with monuments to fake tragedies

A sculpture by artist Joseph Reginella depicts the Staten Island Ferry Octopus Disaster of 1963, during which one of the borough’s famous orange boats was dragged below the East River’s surface by an enormous, tentacled beast. (AFP pic) NEW YORK: It all started in 2016 with a bronze statue commemoratingRead More →

Most people enjoy a nice classical painting – like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Rembrandt’s Night Watch. But you know what else most of us enjoy? Memes. Bored Panda has compiled a list of the best classical memes out there and we’re sure they’ll make even the biggest art snobRead More →

Let’s face it – most kids are just not that good at spelling. And while most mistakes don’t result in anything more than a few laughs, some mistakes are bigger than others. Like this girl sending a letter to Satan instead of Santa. Source: Hilarious Christmas Short In Which ARead More →

Two salad bowls: Aren't you dressing up?

Freelance designer and illustrator Teo Zirinis ( previous ) is the one behind all things comic and funny @handsoffmydinosaur who started to draw and doodle as long as he can remember. For him, illustration helps to take his mind off things and it was a great way to express himself.Read More →

Just in case you didn’t know, deaf people like to swear like the rest of us. The only difference is, they do it in sign language! To prove how much they like to swear, the channel Cut posted a video where 7 deaf people show us how to say allRead More →

Great! The {{categories}} Newsletter{{quantity_prefix}} will be hitting your inbox soon. Source: 21 Adorable Animal Tweets That’ll Distract You From This Hell World For 5 MinutesRead More →

System32Comics is a comic series that is based on computer humor. Don’t worry, you don’t need a master degree in computer science to understand their comics… they are all based off everyday experiences of using a computer. Scroll down to see them all and don’t forget to upvote and commentRead More →

city tree bokeh christmas

Don’t like fake Christmas trees and think it’s wrong to chop a tree just to keep it in your living room for a few weeks? Turns out anything can become a Christmas tree – you just have to get creative! From trees made of vegetables, lab flasks and even bacteriaRead More →

NYC based street artist Tom Bob has been running amok on the streets of New York and Massachusetts for quite a while and left lots of clever and witty street art. By creating street art on common objects in the urban landscape, he’s perfectly personalizing his boring surroundings. Source: WittyRead More →