Detailed oil on canvas paintings of oranges, watermelons , and other fruits . Realistic fruit paintings by talented American artist Dennis Wojtkiewicz . Also check out: Food Carvings Source: Realistic Fruit Paintings AdvertisementsRead More →


If you have the new issue of Revolver featuring Ghost’s Cardinal Copia across multiple collectible covers, then you’ve seen the gorgeous and grotesque illustration by visual artist Marald van Haasteren on the last page of the magazine. Source: Ghost: The Story Behind Revolver’s Insane Cardinal Copia IllustrationRead More →

Beautiful Biology: Illustrations by Katie Scott London-based artist Katie Scott creates intricate artworks inspired by vintage Japanese medical illustrations and the work of German biologist Ernst Haeckel . More illustrations via FormFiftyFive Art Illustration Posted on June 19, 2018 Source: Beautiful Biology: Illustrations by Katie ScottRead More →

Project Name: Alice into the rabbit hole Exhibition MD Exhibition Organizer: Media and Art Project Management: Go Eun Kim Art Directing: Pinawakens, Sue Young Kang Product Designer: Go Eun Kim, Sue Young Kang, MZ 2017 © Pinawakens All rights reserved Pinawakens: website / behance Related PostsArt of Charles Santoso: illustrationRead More →

Peruse some intergallactic real estate in this fantastic series by artist and neuroscientist Al Mefer from Alicante, Spain. See more from “Alien Architecture” below. Source: Artist Spotlight: Al MeferRead More →

A collection of new watercolour paintings from Seattle-born, Los Angeles-based artist Stacey Rozich (previously featured here ). Continuing to build her own surrealistic mythology, Rozich’s behind-the-scenes vignettes are filled with a mix of lush detail, dream-like absurdity and pop culture references. Source: “Constellation Applebee’s” by Artist Stacey RozichRead More →

The rising Korean star lets us into his alien world like no other. The world of Sangho Bang is an instantly recognizable one. Or should that be worlds? The South Korean artist has an unwavering vision throughout his work, of distant planets dotted by orbs that are themselves dotted withRead More →

I’m Connor Murphy , a designer at InVision who works on landing pages, marketing campaigns, email design, event collateral, and everything in between. I’m inspired by music, film, and TV, and I often design for fun on the side to improve my skills. Source: 9 Animated Illustrations InVision’s Connor MurphyRead More →

Watercolour is an incredible medium that, with the right art techniques can be used to make the most magical and unique images. It can create anything, from helping you with how to draw landscapes such as a bright sunny day as well as a deep dark night, or even withRead More →

Digital illustrations are one of the hot trends for the last couple of years in design. You may see them in web and mobile interfaces, advertising, posters and tutorials, they are used in infographics, manuals, and books. What is the reason for their success? Source: Graphic Design: 24 Elaborate FlatRead More →

Abril Salas The Trump administration Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has recently ruled not to grant asylum to immigrants who have cited domestic abuse as a threat to their safety. “The mere fact that a country may have problems effectively policing certain crimes — such as domestic violence or gang violenceRead More →

Stuart McReath ’s high contrast illustrations employ stark shadows that lend an almost three-dimensional quality to his imagined scenes. McReath also uses dramatic juxtapositions of scale and visual metaphors like a doctor determining the “wellness” of a school with a stethoscope. Source: Stark Editorial Illustrations by Stuart McReath Examine Society’sRead More →

Cadillac Mural & Typographic Illustration by Mark van Leeuwen AoiroStudio Jun 18, 2018 I’ve been following the work of Mark van Leeuwen for years, especially on his Instagram . His stylish works in lettering and type clearly made a difference in our day-to-day with typography. Source: Cadillac Mural & TypographicRead More →

After having been a gift products designer for over a decade, American visual artist Jessica Phoenix decided to explore what she craves the most: the infinite possibilities provided by vivid colours and flowers offering us warm and stunning works to discover. «I wanted a way to create incredibly bright andRead More →

Booooooom: We get a clear sense of your characters day-to-day, especially Calvin Wrobel, as we follow his shifts at work, mental health surveys, and web searches before bed. What’s your own daily routine like? Nick Drnaso: I work infrequently at a job doing menial labor, and most of the remainingRead More →

Aries “This design was intended to be a grown-up version of Virgo — I wanted to portray a more mature version of the attitude in that poster. I also tried to give her a more wild, witch-like feel, taking the soft fall glow of Virgo and leveling it up withRead More →

Oska is a graphic designer and illustrator from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He has developped an original style of surreal-futuristic compositions that may take you on a mind-blowing trip to some other dimension where life is geometrical or conceptual. Source: Surreal futuristic illustrations by OskaRead More →

summer in the city by Carlo Prearo residential district architecture in a minimal summer concept. A balloon and a beach umbrella come out from the top of a city building Carlo Prearo: Photos Source: summer in the city by Carlo PrearoRead More →

A Twitter user’s childhood drawing has taken Twitter by storm, and frankly it’s really not hard to see why. The oddly-spellbinding illustration was created by Dorothy, a 19-year-old from New York who goes by the name Tali online and found the picture in an old sketchbook – having been drawnRead More →

[By Murray Dewhurst in Auckland] The old beast failed it’s latest Warrant . We have this thing called a ‘Warrant of Fitness’, it’s a basic test of road worthiness, they check your lights and brakes are working, your seat belts work, that kind of thing. Source: New KingpinRead More →