Artist Matti Senju Horimatsu Sandberg has chosen the form of Shunga (japanese Edo period pornographic drawings, prints and paintings) to be the starting point for exploring and showing his personal fantasies and desires. Source: Shunga x Matti Senju Horimatsu Sandberg AdvertisementsRead More →


  A discussion in the press between an artist and critics amplifies the weak points of Second-wave feminism. Source: An Illustrator Revisits His Fifth-Grade SketchbookRead More →

A selection of recent work by artist Ben Bauchau , based in Brussels, Belgium (couldn’t pass up that opportunity for alliteration). Each week our members share their work with us and we highlight the best of these submissions as Editors’ Picks . Source: Artist Spotlight: Ben BauchauRead More →

Cool illustration for a fantastic movie! It’s Big Lebowski btw. via Pavlov Visuals Source: The Dude AbidesRead More →

Now Reading: Abstract Compositions Illustrated by Peter Tarka Abstract Compositions Illustrated by Peter Tarka Source: Abstract Compositions Illustrated by Peter TarkaRead More →

Skulls have been used for artistic decoration right from early primitive civilisations. Whether they’re used to embellish your battle gear or the latest heavy metal album cover design, skulls are a symbol of death and evil that makes them the perfect imagery for certain aesthetics. Source: 40 Magnificently Morbid ArtRead More →

Brian Coldrick is an Irish illustrator along with the artist behind a series of spooky comic series called “Behind You: One-Shot Horror Stories.” Bear in mind that the artist does not require many panels to scare you — he only needs one. Source: An Irish Illustrator Creates Horror Stories ThatRead More →

Beautiful 3D illustration by Nuria Madrid from Barcelona, for the CNRS (The French National Center for Scientific Research) scientific journal. Source: Scientific Journal in 3DRead More →

A new series of illustrations reminds us that summer is more than just stickiness and heatwaves. Though the current heatwave is supposedly on its way out, we can take comfort in the knowledge that some projects will forever keep that feeling of summer joy, whilst also recognising that the season is moreRead More →

“I actually tried to create something more close to linocut digitally, but I believe there are much similarities between the two (sgraffito and linocut) in technique. I mean basically in the common concept of which artist deal with dark areas, to reveal the whites underneath. Source: Just cats! Digital artRead More →

wonderful work ! She’s beautiful ! Her eyes are gorgeous ! Source: Girl and fishesRead More →

Source: Stroyboard Artist Marty Cooper Inserts Cartoons Into Real-World SituationsRead More →

Diadora x 5 days in Italy. Source: Conceptual Color Stories by Joey BenedettoRead More →

Its first episode aired in November 1963 and ever since then Doctor Who has garnered a massive army of ‘Who-ligans. ’ The title role has been donned by over 12 different actors over the years, but who would’ve thought that they would transition so well into dogs? Source: 13 fittingRead More →

‘Good Morning Neighbour’ written by Davide Cali and illustrated by Maria Dek  is a wonderful story of community, cooperation and kindness. Mouse needs an egg to make a cake but blackbird only has flour, and so begins a chain of conversation and meetings that takes us through this beautiful book gatheringRead More →

Daiana Ruiz combines figurative and abstract elements to create harmonious illustrations of strong and diverse women. “I have always been aware of the lack of representation of real women in the media”, she tells us. “That’s why I would like to represent us as we are, with different body types”.Read More →

Camilo Medina’s illustrations are wacky, weird and we love them. They remind us of the 1940’s Walt Disney film Fantasia , surreal, but also a little bit frightening. Camilo is influenced by artists who use “a unique gloopy style”, his words we promise, and his work includes shapes that droop,Read More →

Some might say that modern society has slipped into a void which it might not come out. With a world characterized by increased human slavery to technology and a rampant ignorance towards humanity, the planet is in a bit of a state of flux. Source: Illustrations By Marco Melgrati ThatRead More →

Double Light, Oil on Canvas, 36″X48″ © Hiroshi Sato Geometric design principles from the Old Masters always come into play with Hiroshi Sato ‘s stunning oil paintings. Featured previously , the Japanese artist focuses on contemporary realism and draws influence from past and present artists such as Vermeer, Degas, AndrewRead More →

A selection of recent work by Lucas Lasnier aka Parbo, born in  Mar del   Plata   and raised in   Buenos   Aires, Argentina. Each week we highlight the best work sent to us by our members as  Editors’ Picks . You can learn more about  becoming a memberRead More →