How to draw a man exercising

How to draw a man exercising – 4 steps

How to draw a man exercising in four easy steps. It is just curves and lines.

sailor moon

How to Draw Sailor Moon in Adobe Illustrator by Diana Toma (Reblog)

Learn how to draw "Sailor Moon" - "Sailor Moon," a blond ponytailed teenager, and her girlfriends are on the way to combat evil and sexism — and sell as many dolls, trinkets and toys as possible.  The Japanese creators of the Sailor Moon cartoon attribute its immense popularity in Japan to the casting of strong females as central characters.  The American version will retain female empowerment as a frequent theme.

collection of cool illustrations

Cool Monday Illustrations

Monday the 5th of February 2018. Some of the best-curated content on the web. Today we have a cool and eclectic selection of illustrators and their illustrations.

Sunday Comics

Sunday Sun Comics – 1953

Sunday comics bring back the joy of my childhood.  No fictional stories delight and held the interest and loyalty of so many people for so long week after week, 52 times a year.You may not consider the comics great literature, but they must have something to hold so many people for so long.

inspirational illustrations

7 Inspirational Illustration Collections

Enjoy an eclectic array of international illustrators.  Check out their work published for use in digital and print media.  A collection of illustrations for posters, flyers, magazines, books, animations and video games. 

16 travel illustrations from the 1960’s

I created these illustrations from a number of old newspapers from the 1960's.  The images have been isolated from travel sections of newspapers.  They are lovely and clean when viewed on their own.

Beautiful hand drawn birds from the nineteenth century

These beautiful hand-drawn birds were taken from two books by Mary and Elizabeth Kirby; Beautiful Birds in Far-off Lands and Birds of Gay Plumage. 

Ansel Adams – attention to detail is everything

Ansel Adams Born February 20, 1902 Known for Photography Ansel Adams was one of the great photographers of the 20th century. Ansel Adams was born in San Francisco, and he began to take photographs in the High Sierra and Yosemite National Park, with which much of his name is permanently associated, he became a professional … Continue reading Ansel Adams – attention to detail is everything

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This is so true

This Simple Comic Perfectly Explains Privilege

Privilege is not a simple concept, but as Auckland-based illustrator Toby Morris proves, it can be explained perfectly even in a short thought-provoking comic strip. When we say privileged, we’re not necessarily talking about the people who were born into royalty so. Source: This Simple Comic Perfectly Explains Privilege