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With the belief that “life’s too short to get a real job.” Italian designer, illustrator Elia Colombo (aka Gebe) creates below thought-provoking conceptual illustrations which combine his graphic skill and interest in philosophy. Source: Thought-provoking Illustrations About Modern SocietyRead More →

New Illustrations by Tierra Connor Recent work by talented Canadian illustrator and designer Tierra Connor. More illustrations via Behance Art Illustration Posted on February 6, 2019 Source: New Illustrations by Tierra ConnorRead More →

From thought-provoking imagery to boundary-pushing designs, these illustrators combine art and technology to convey their messages clearly and effectively. Their work is bold in colour and often inspired by modern trends, cultural history and personal memories. Source: 6 of South Africa’s best up-and-coming illustratorsRead More →

Deciding what tattoo to get is a life-changing decision – after all, without expensive and painful removal surgery, they’re going to last forever. And while getting an important name or date etched on your skin will likely remain poignant for years to come, if you’re going to get creative there areRead More →

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For more than three years, Eye on Design has been an online destination for readers who want to take a deeper look at the issues, trends, and ideas coming out of the design community. Now, with Eye on Design’s print magazine, it has a tangible new forum for exploring thoughtfulRead More →

“I like to focus on the quiet things that I feel deserve attention,” says illustrator Anna Roberts about her hyperreal artworks. From a bag of juicy oranges so real you can almost hear the plastic rustle to light shining through a glass of water with perfect precision, her artworks areRead More →

A series of illustrations by Alex Petrowsky who says, “I like expressing quick, unimportant, sometimes mundane moments in life, that when put together shape a very rudimentary story. The way that real life works. We don’t live our days in a three-act structure, with a satisfying story arc, and aRead More →

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“An illustration is a fundamental form of visual communication”, says Tokyo-based illustrator Hiroki Nishiyama. “I believe that the meaning and appeal of ‘expression’ is to act as a trigger to connect people and things, as well as people and people.” This is evident in the illustrator’s sweeping lines and boldRead More →

こんにちは、日本のファンの皆さん! 私のアートブック『The Art of Loish』の日本語版が発売されます! My first artbook is now available in Japanese! It’s such an honor to have my book available in this language. You can find it here – Source: こんにちは、日本のファンの皆さん! 私のアートブック『The Art of Loish』の日本語版が発売されます!My…Read More →

Spending hours, if not days, drawing millions of tiny dots seems bad for your mental health – but for Swedish illustrator Josefine Svärd, it actually has the opposite effect. The Gothenburg-based artist eases her anxiety by creating whimsical illustrations from stippling art. Source: This artist makes illustrations from millions ofRead More →

Victoria Semykina was born in Moscow where she studied painting for six years at the Art Accademy. She likes travelling around the world and is currently living in sunny Bologna, Italy (where she also has graduated from Bologna Academy of Arts). Source: Drawings and sketches by Victoria SemykinaRead More →

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Recent paintings by artist Drea Cofield. Interested in the way myths create a sense of distance that allows us to engage directly with events or desires we might otherwise find too painful or uncomfortable, Cofield’s colourful nudes align the use of mythic language to the history of painting as aRead More →

Long before Dr. Woo , JonBoy , and their A-list clientele made dainty white dots and tiny crosses mainstream news, tattoos were already deeply ingrained in the fabric of history, discovered on the bodies of Egyptian mummies and an Austrian-Italian iceman now known as Ötzi . Source: 7 Tattoo TrendsRead More →

Tokugawa Iemitsu was the 3 rd Shogun of the Tokugawa dynasty. As grandson of Tokugawa Ieyasu, he ruled Japan from 1623 – 1651 and was known as a ruthless commander who crucified Christians, forced his younger brother to commit suicide, expelled Europeans and closed off Japan from the rest ofRead More →

Ben Rubin is a Brooklyn-based artist and a creative director at The Mint Farm . When not busy with his day job, the artist embraces his alter ego – a hairy, horned three-eyed beast, called Subway Doodle. The artist began drawing various furry monsters on his iPad back in 2011Read More →

A selection of recent work by Vietnam-born, Georgia-based artist and illustrator Tran Nguyen (previously featured here ). See more images below. Source: Artist Spotlight: Tran NguyenRead More →