Artist Hope Gangloff captures the personalities of her friends and family in brightly colored large-scale portraits. Gangloff’s acrylic and collage paintings show her subjects in intimate settings—often domestic interiors—in poses of relaxation or quiet focus. Source: Portraits of friends and family, paintings by Hope Gangloff AdvertisementsRead More →


“Common sense and conventional practice prohibit the evolution of architecture.” This is the first quote you find reading Tom Ngo’s Master’s thesis: The Dinner Address, A Venture into Architectural Absurdity. And it’s also the starting point of his artistic work, paintings and drawings, which search nothing but different frameworks ofRead More →

Lindsay Stripling is a San Francisco based artist and illustrator I really admire and whose work I’ve really enjoyed watching develop as she also made the transition to full-time illustrator. I admire is that Lindsay has stayed true to her own style and originality. Source: Lindsay StriplingRead More →

“Birds Dialogue 2,” Mixed media on paper Vorja Sánchez ( previously ) combines imaginative interpretations of birds, wolves, and hybrid creatures into surreal paintings and mixed media works that are diverse in both style and form. Source: Layers of Realistic and Invented Winged Creatures Combine in Surreal Illustrations by VorjaRead More →

One of the most popular artists in Canada, Richard Savoie, draws pictures that are literally full of feelings of winter. His works are in many private collections all around the world. Richard didn’t plan to draw pictures professionally until he tried it and loved it. Source: Canadian Artist Draws PicturesRead More →

Superheroes are people too. Wait, that’s not right. Superheroes are extraordinary characters with greater than human abilities. It’s for this reason that we don’t typically think of these characters doing ordinary things in everyday circumstances. Source: 8 superheroes doing ordinary things. Wait… Batman brushes his teeth?Read More →

Welcome back to our International Artist Series. Today, we’re catching up with five incredible artists from Costa Rica, a beautiful Central American country with incredible sights and creative artistry. I asked each artist how their country and culture influenced their work, and they delivered great Source: International Artist Feature: CostaRead More →

‘Cracked Portraits’ is an ongoing series of illustrations by Japanese artist Taisuke Mohri. The realistic hand-drawn portraits are overlaid with a pane of cracked glass, which contributes to the ethereal, surrealistic aspect of these artworks. Source: Cracked Portraits by Taisuke MohriRead More →

Ram Han is a Korean Illustrator and her work has been featured on It’s Nice That.  The latest illustrations by Ram explore the idea of personal space seen in bedrooms and objects. Source: Ram Han’s work continues to rekindle images of childhood nostalgiaRead More →

This sporty and fun illustration is from the loish blog.  Inspirational blog some great process shots a revealing insight into behind the scenes of a digital artist.Read More →

Patternbank recently discovered the beautiful work of Anisa Makhoul and thought we’d share some of her gorgeous illustrations. Anisa is the daughter of a Lebanese beekeeper, after graduating from Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a degree in Printmaking, she launched her own clothing label, Makool. Source: Anisa MakhoulRead More →

Let’s look at Ladislas Chachignot ‘s work, which is an illustrator, digital painter and creator of the Jungle Illustration Series citizens. What’s this? Well, it is a series of portraits that illustrate our lost connection to today’s strong resistance to technology and our initial primitive ” wilderness. ” Inspirational postRead More →

The public library of Yokohama City has taken a great initiative and digitised six ancient books dating back to the 19th century. These six books illustrate firework designs by Jinta Hirayama, a master at the time of this art. We have selected some designs here, the complete books can beRead More →

Dániel Taylor is a Hungarian artist that has created his own challenge in October, called « Inktober ». « I kind of participated in my own Inktober challenge which had one rule: don’t use any colours. I also had a lot of fun with some halftone textures », he says.Read More →

Illustration Magical Illustrations by Xuan Loc Xuan Source: Magical Illustrations by Xuan Loc XuanRead More →

A selection of drawings and animations by Philadelphia-based illustrator Kees Holterman. Each week our members share their work with us and we highlight the best of these submissions as  Editors’ Picks. If you have work to share, you can learn more about becoming a member. Source: Illustrator Spotlight: Kees HoltermanRead More →

Kate Peggy Cronk is an illustrator and calligrapher based in London. She founded Peggy & Kate back in 2014 to combine her love of colour, painting and nature. Inspired by the things around her from her family home to the historic architecture of London, she’s created a collection of prints,Read More →

The man born Stanley Lieber published his first comic book under the pseudonym Stan Lee in 1941– Captain America Comics #3 –and he never looked back. He went on to create some of the most memorable, beloved, pivotal characters in all of comics–among them, Spider-Man, Black Panther and The Avengers–andRead More →

Steeven Salvat applies a hatching technique to create his artworks, using black ink, Rotring pens, a number of intricate lines and hundreds of hours. More illustration inspiration via Behance Art Illustration Posted on November 9, 2018 Source: Intricate Animal Drawings by Steeven SalvatRead More →

Renowned French visual artist Jean Jullien has captured a range of bad dog habits, from stealing and chasing to begging and biting, in his illustrations for a new card game, Dodgy Dogs. Fast-paced and family-friendly, it features an array of mischievous mutts and has been created in collaboration with aRead More →